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@BillyM2k So maybe having police & arresting criminals wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

He would have wanted it bad to get into a Final. But there is absolutely no shame in this defeat. Hope he rediscover why he loves the game and why so many believe in him. Im Proud of him and there is nothing anyone can say to make me think otherwise..


@JazineG i can only play one at a time, i’m so bad at making decisions that if i have to pick between two games i’m currently playing, i will usually end up playing neither, and one or both will eventually be dropped.

@Adebayo64127568 @PoojaMedia Na u dey pray for am. No be ur wish make bad things dey happen to Nigeria so that you fools would be happy. You can do better than wishing urself bad things.

Hear me out: If all these companies want my browsing data so bad, why can’t I choose to write a document listing my personal interests, favorite websites, etc. and sell it to them directly? Not saying I’d do it but if the price was good I’d at least consider it 😂.

#AimOfSantRampalJi Corruption free world Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji tells that the harm of stealing, corruption, theft etc activities is that in doing so a person earns bad karma or in other words incurs sin..

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kak, i miss her so bad:( - mana mana sini tag orangnya! #tellonym.

@BryanLa83097342 Oh Bryan, you are so ill informed. I kinda feel bad for you. You are always so negative about everything..

Mpox couple shining through 😁 @profchloeorkin (I wanted to steal her coat so bad which will do at first moment she leaves it unattended 🤫 😂).

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Why am I so bad at talking to ppl w/o bringing in my mental illness goddamn maybe I should just. Stop.


chaewon really has such bad game sense she’s so clueless 🤣.

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Why would this young person just throw their life away? It’s so sad. This picture angers me even more that republicans are relentlessly spewing Trump propaganda, still. They could care less about people’s lives. Actions have consequences good or bad. Let’s end this ..

@hercalorie They act like they’re hurting us so bad like girl I’m out here wearing all the clothes you can’t chill.

Done locked my damn keys in my car! Wtf do I do to get so much bad luck🤦🏾‍♂️.

News is described by the receivers So the public or your close ones determine if it’s good or bad news to them Self love lads keep out of my composition, You literally afraid of dangers or risky of finding love.

“The world baseball classic is just useless exhibition games…” those takes are so bad man haha.

@mugendies We do understand that not all J JAM are bad behavior. But it makes me sad when I saw that tweet. T_T Thank you so much Ali san🥺🥺.

@angdicarlo I would be making all kinds of jokes, but my bracket is equally as bad, if not worse. Also off the record, so far my 6 year old is beating me.

@TBKingViper @Browns They created blackout uniform designs for every team in the NFL. We need a black alternative uniform so bad! And yes the Bengals were Paul Browns creation of the Browns. So of course we have similar colors..

@WilliamRBR It’s not worth they running with the “dream match” thing but even when they’ve brought other indie guys in & didn’t label it a “dream match” it was still “who’s this?, where’s video package?” They’re just so used to WWE only WWE only outsiders bad WWE only enhancement match.

ofc mingyu makes cutting his hair so cute and adorable i’m so down bad for this man.

@VigilantFox @RobertKennedyJr Wow, so vaccine kids back in the day that refused and everyone thought was bad for their community turned out to be based.

ok, Breaking Bad sempre foi foda desde o inicio. Só dropei mesmo por culpa da Skyler,pq ela é irritante pra carai(entendo as motivações dela, mas porra, n me desce).

@ask_aubry many dead giveaways but good grief the writing, it’s just so 80s lame-forum-submission bad.

this is so funny bc there are so many more typos than i originally noticed it’s literally so bad.

People advising Raila are so wrong,they misadvise him in a bad way. He just speaks fwaaa. #RaoWachaItumbi Tinga Wacha Itumbi @oleitumbi @RailaOdinga.

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finally finished this 😭❤️❤️ idk what to say gonna miss them so bad.

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I just can’t understand why these parents choose humiliation over proper discipline. Some of these parents aren’t stable at feel so bad for the kids.

Wondering what’s so bad about this video I’ve seen worse and actual verbal disrespect so I’m confused why ppl can’t post personal reviews lol.

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