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Pretty sure he has not rehearsed it . The man never forgets his steps and his loyal fans ! So happy to see you happy @SilambarasanTR_ ! #PathuThala.

@BrandonGonu @UKCheeseheads The middle rounds have been a struggle but early has been pretty good, Rashan has been a stud and so is Jaire we can’t count the injury against gutey. Stokes is promising and Darnell has one more chance to salvage things. Latter rounds have been good with slaton and MVS..

@AqsaPervaiz69 anyday i vote for you, u r so pretty and amazing. may u always be happy.

Project High Council is pretty cool but back then we dont have hot emo kitchen lady, so its not really accurate.

@Deltawhitexxx You are so pretty as you were when I first saw you many many years ago..

This girl working at mcd melaka mall looks like winter aespa malay version holy sheet so pretty for what gurl.

a game that was still pretty great mind you, and now its lost all the respect and commitment it deserved. I think this is totally on Activision tho, not the actual Devs. They put easy profit above anything else so Zombies, a game mode that fundamentally requires creativity and.

$CS probably open at $ -87% $SBNY investors pretty much wiped out too. So my question, how much will banks be down Monday? -20 to -40% 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ risky times to own a ban stock imo $JPM $WFC $BAC $PNC $ZION $USB $RF $TFSL $PACW $MTB $KEY $HBAN $FITB.

@21five_public @snehalantani Lol! Yes, because Cali cares so much if you are there Pretty sure if you can prove you are there illegally you can get some free cash, healthcare, phones, clothes, gift cards, voter cards, probably new watch, fresh needles, fentynal pills, maybe hammer to break glass.

The Cherry Blossoms are out in in DC. So pretty, man 😍😍😍😍.

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e it. She was so pretty, Heather, and so clinging, and s #推特号批发 8.


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So disability is the new norm, and we should all relax & get covid a lot & switch to hoping somebody finds a treatment for LC someday? They’ve had DECADES to find treatments for MECFS and POTS (very similar to LC) and gotten pretty much nowhere. Yeah. No..

hi ate barbie kiligon jud ko icompliment kids pls lng kay kids dont lie diba so pretty jud guro ko 😭.

@HumansNoContext O thought it was a pretty common knowledge that you can’t microwave any kind of metal otherwise it can explode or so..

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