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#NP # @youngthug @YSLRecords💯🔥🤘🏽.

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Aye @youngthug you was in yo bag on this one 💯💯 #somuchfun.

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This Thug is REALLY FUCKING GOOD! I hope it charts and sells well because it deserves it! #somuchfun.

Due to the fact Thug the GOAT, if you see me with my AirPods in my ear don’t come up to me 😎 #SoMuchFun.


Did I dream Thug had album of the year and he was trending and people were loving him?????? #somuchfun.

L’album à Young Thug #somuchfun j’suis déçu perso 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️.

Young Thug and Juice Wrld leaving the studio after recording “mannequin Challenge” #somuchfun.

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Thug remade that Future & Travis Scott “First Off” song on #SoMuchFun 🔥.

Definitely not gonna be surprised if an Atlanta nigga makes a dance to this #somuchfun #Atlanta @youngthug.

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Young Thug says “had to wear the dress cause I had a stick” You don’t have to come up with excuses my guy, just own your shit. You wanted to wear the dress because you thought it was a beautiful garment. Besides, who are you rolling up on in that dress? #SoMuchFun.

But it’s Thugger day and I’m not gonna lose my joy. #SoMuchFun 🙌🏾🙌🏾.

King Slime @youngthug #SoMuchFun Yeah Yeah Ya Dig That Album Dripping 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍.

No llevo ni 4 rolas del nuevo álbum de Thug, y ya es mi álbum favorito de él. #SoMuchFun.

Girls wanna have fun - Successful women KNOW how to have fun! Leadership and Supervisory Skills Programme #somuchfun.

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Young thug has done it once again. He’s the GOAT. No one compares 🙌🏼👑 @youngthug #somuchfun.

Any time someone shares an a white guy says meme they owe Dave Chappelle a dollar cause were all reading it in his white guy voice #somuchfun.

I haven’t taken my headphones out once. Been wearing a hoodie all night and just nodding to people as they talk lmao #somuchfun.

Treat today like Sunday n go listen to the Bible #somuchfun.

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Meme pas a la moitié de l’album on est déjà sur un 9/10 🔥🥶🥰 #SoMuchFun 🐍💚.

@youngthug 💚 Young Thug - So Much Fun @alextumay #SoMuchFun #YoungThug Listening again!! Lovely incredible range of sound and feeling. Futuristic melodic rap of the future 🏄‍♀️.

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I’m hooked on this one 😍 @youngthug 👌🏽 the album is fire crack 🔥🔥 My ears have been longing for such sound for too long 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #somuchfun 👌🏽.

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7 songs in On this Thugga #somuchfun Album and its gonna be lit on our next road trip! 🔥🔥 Hot Hot Hot!!! “bad bad bad bad” 💧💧🤾🏾‍♂️🤾🏾‍♂️.

This ain’t the album to take Thug to a next level in his career. Don’t know what about it makes it debut album 🤔 it’s not bad like Chance fake debut tho #SoMuchFun.

This is Young Thug’s best album yet. It’s on some Slime Season shit, every song is a hit. Press play and let that nigga take you on a ride #SoMuchFun 🔥.

#NP # @youngthug @YSLRecords💯🔥🤘🏽.

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