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I’m not allowed to have a private account???? LOL stop before you get ratioed

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🌲❄️Wintery ❄️☃️
🌲❄️Wintery ❄️☃️ ()

@WerewolfMoms Hmm they claim to be anti socialism and yet they let sonicfox live rent free in their heads

︎ ()

I love that SonicFox makes the most annoying jackasses on the planet angry by just existing

Ryan ()

@ChristinaTasty I have to agree. That and Sonicfox has been more of a drama queen recently than Anita.

Mr. ThunderCunt
Mr. ThunderCunt ()

So Sonicfox ran into a bar and yelled, “HELP HELP! My identity has been stolen!” Then the bartender asks, “Does that mean you’re straight?”

⬚ yoku ⬚
⬚ yoku ⬚ ()

blows my mind that there still people shitting themselves that sonicfox is in skullgirls training room is like . the worst stage in the game and ms victoria isnt even an interesting or appealing design. like. bruh. just play nmo arena or under the bridge bruh

God Emperor Daveth
God Emperor Daveth ()

Sonicfox is trending, did he say he was gay for the millionth time even though no one gives a fuck?

Bird CursedMaps
Bird CursedMaps ()

SonicFox is one of the funnier accounts on this site purely because his entire career is pissing people off and basically being a heel for them and then everyone consistently falling for it cause they are literal babies

Memes & Dying Dreams
Memes & Dying Dreams ()

@SonicFox You completely missed the joke, and the fact you’re continuing pointless discourse is exactly why people don’t like you as a representative for minorities. Of course, you have your Simps that will look at this and instantly assume I hate minorities because I dislike you.

SonicFox Photo,SonicFox Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Witch’s Hex 🧙‍♂️✨
Witch’s Hex 🧙‍♂️✨ ()

not to talk for him but I’m pretty sure he can live without the approval of a dog fucker

❄️Snowfron❄️ ()

@NewBeamu Sonicfox and some rando washed up gamergate dude getting into an oddly horny on main argument is a very 2020 thing to have happen

❄️Snowfron❄️ ()

Sonicfox and some rando washed up gamergate dude getting into an oddly horny on main argument is a very 2020 thing to have happen

Alex ()

I’m not sure why SonicFox is trending but I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and assume his sexuality/furryness is the center of it

Schnapps & Tiddies
Schnapps & Tiddies ()

SonicFox once again proving that just existing and succeeding will have people wanting you dead. People just hate seeing the queer, black, gay furry do well in life 😌😌

SuuSlime1 ()

@CroninStormy @SonicFox Cute and fUNNY is probably my favorite of the, like, 10 pictures that exist.

SonicFox ()

@cypheroftyr It’s always the WEEEEIRDEST people on the internet saying the wildest shit LOL AND IM SUPPOSED TO BE THE FURRY

carter! |• ◡•| 💕
Carter! |• ◡•| 💕 ()

@SonicFox sometimes it’s nice to have an idol to look up to and want to strive to become like!

Captain Novalin
Captain Novalin ()

@TxukasaVersus @SonicFox or I can continue to point out people find sonicfox annoying because hes annoying and not because hes gay or black like he keeps saying over and over to paint himself the victim

Fooly~🇨🇻 ()

@SonicFox Nah bro he hit you with the Seto Kaiba “third-rate duelist with a fourth-rate deck” ion know how your gonna come back from dat one😭😭😭😭😭

SonicFox ()

Bro I swear literally every discourse you needlessly involve yourself in ends in absolutely nobody liking you everytime LMAOOO

120lbs of lean cafebeef
120lbs of lean cafebeef ()

lmso, the sonicfox fans are still replying garbage to me cause i dared insult their vore-loving cult leader

TxukasaVersus ()

@DiabeetusSquad @SonicFox Or-oooor how about when someone has something good happen to them, yall just acknowledge (or not) and move the fk on with your lives. Why are you even here my guy? Seriously, move the fk on.


@SonicFox why are these bigots so fucking mad lmfao shit’s so weird, like in no way would they have ever gotten a free PS5 even if Sony HADN’T sent you one anyway LMAO

Captain Novalin
Captain Novalin ()

@SonicFox do you really not get that people can find you obnoxious and not have it relate to your sexuality or your race or is that beyond your scope

Lou ()

@dat1nigger daigo, justin, and sonicfox are def the goats. leffen is one of those cases where it’s like, yeah he has proved himself with games other than melee (dbfz/ultimate) but he also doesn’t care about fighting games enough to expand his horizons more than smash and one trad game.

AnnA🏳️‍⚧️ ()

@GaoRush @Krissy2Point5 seriously sonicfox is like the most positive influencer i know idk what the mass problem with him is

Minori McNuggets
Minori McNuggets ()

Skullgirls can cut the number of shit they’re getting if they never replace the hot teacher in the tutorial stage with sonicfox

Rosetai Zizou🍎
Rosetai Zizou🍎 ()

@Best_Lolicon SonicFox most likely smells like shit irl especially considering he’s from the FGC. I’d be more than happy to help Anita see what she’s missing out on and become based.

Salt Cliffracer
Salt Cliffracer ()

@SonicFox How is someone making a joke about how the PS5 you got has no games them being a bigot? Holy shit.

AnotherCanOfPepsi ()

Sonicfox is still relevant? God I try so hard to forget he exists

SonicFox ()

I’m not allowed to have a private account???? LOL stop before you get ratioed

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