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Arright arright lemme do this. Johnsson-Mathews-Marner Moore-Nylander-Kapanen Mikheyev-Kerfoot-Spezza Timashov/Petan-Shore-Goat.

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[email protected] joins @OverDrive1050 and weighs in on the opportunity Spezza has with Tavares out. VIDEO:.

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@Sean_M_Ashley @JeffVeillette Spezza is barely a 4 C. Suggesting he should go 1c is insane..

I remember when Jason Spezza was on my flight waaaaaaay back when. He had a sweet black Movado watch on. @MapleLeafs #randomtweet #hockeyrandomness.

@Steve_Dangle Spezza straight replacement for Tavares. Don’t over think it. After 3 games of that not working out the Goat can slide in and still not make it work.

12) Ogni volta questa canzone mi spezza il cuore in mille pezzi, mi sento una deficiente non ce la sto proprio facendo #GoodVibes.

@AsTradition Johnsson-Matthew-Marner Moore-Nylander-Kapanen Kikheyev-Kerfoot-Spezza Timashov-Shore-Goat.

Magnifico difetto mi spezza completamente,mi sento completamente destabilizzata, la voce di Federico mi distrugge completamente. Non ce la faccio. Voto: 11 #GoodVibes.

6) Quando sei con me. Nonostante il testo sia nostalgico, malinconico e d’amore il ritmo latino mi spezza, è bellissimo che non sai se piangere, ballare, saltare, o urlare. #GoodVibes.

Most people do not realize that the world is a place of trial. Mulvaney Doral Paul Dano Pastor Wilson Paul Rudd Mick Energy Secretary Rick Perry Camp David Admiral McRaven The Riddler Jokic Luol Deng HBO Max Stacks Emoluments Clause Mulvaney Doral Spezza Paul Rudd Rick Perry.

@DKorolenchuk @reporterchris Kapanen hasn’t played on the Tavares line for 2 games now. It will likely be Moore - Spezza - Marner.

@iamToddyTickles @MapleLeafs Spezza as the captain and on the top line is a brutal take. You’re saying this to get a reaction and it worked 😂.

Not a fan of Kapanen with Matthews. Kappy is not a passer. Mango-Matthews-Moore Soupman-Nylander-Marner Timashov-Kerfoot-Kappy Shore-Goat-Spezza Would be my best guess.

@iamToddyTickles @MapleLeafs I was all for spezza, but Dude can’t make the lineup. Your whole captain idea is a little out there sir. You been hanging out with Adrian abrantes too much..

@iamToddyTickles @MapleLeafs Babcock obviously has no use for around a veteran guy from the Toronto area that still has I can’t defend the coach.

Everyone putting in name of Nylander or Kerfoot as 2C. You do realize that it is going to Spezza, right? #babcock.

Spezza should be the captain and in the top line. @MapleLeafs - watch them play more consistently with this move. Which won’t be done. 😉.

@elioseyes mi spezza il cuore saperti così, se mai ti servisse qualcosa o qualcuno con cui parlare, i miei dm e il mio insta sono aperti per te.

@Steve_Dangle Why put Spezza on the wing? Am I wrong or is he very good in the faceoff circle?.

@AsTradition Should be imo: Nylander-Matthews-Marner Johnsson-Kerfoot-Kapanen Mikheyev-Shore-Moore Timashov-Goat-Spezza Babcock reasons: Johnsson-Matthews-Nylander Mikheyev-Kerfoot-Marner.

@38HabsMan @CapFriendly Leafs have 2 extra forwards on the roster, dipshit! Tavares being out for 2 weeks is not some major catastrophic cap disaster. So, Spezza fills in for this tweet is just some bullshot in order to get comments from uninformed losers like you.

Johnsson - Matthews - Marner Mikheyev - Kerfoot - Moore Timashov - Spezza - Kapanen Gauther - Shore - Nylander These are the forward lines I want to see with Tavares and Hyman out.

Spezza braccio a poliziotto, immigrato scarcerato nel giorno dei funerali dei 2 agenti.

My lines without Tavares Johnsson-Matthews-Marner Mikheyev-Kerfoot-Nylander Moore-Spezza-Kapanen Timashov-Goat-Shore Rielly Ceci Muzzin Barrie Gravel Holl.


Arright arright lemme do this. Johnsson-Mathews-Marner Moore-Nylander-Kapanen Mikheyev-Kerfoot-Spezza Timashov/Petan-Shore-Goat.

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