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“i don’t know which car to drive today😖😖” #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

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This bitch in my school didn’t know what an apartment was 🤣🤣🤣 #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

#CelebFC founder Karin found this HILARIOUS! #SpoiledKidsComplaints 🤣🤣🤣.

#SpoiledKidsComplaints *Daughter passes drivers test* Mom I want a car Mom: Okay *Gives 2020 Tesla model S Daughter I WANTED A GOD DAMN MODEL X DO YOU THINK IM SOME HOMELESS PERSON? Mom: Gives model X Daughter I wanted a damn PINK ONE WHY IS IT RED?.

“i don’t know which car to drive today😖😖” #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

“My father gave me a small loan of 1 million dollars” - Donald Dump #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

Mom and dad won’t YouTube me going into toys r us and buying everything I want. ...seriously, kids are seeing this. #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

#SpoiledKidsComplaints me:“daddy, I’m gonna buy this game, is that okay?” dad:“okay sweetie.” *gives the game to the cashier to scan* dad:“honey, keep your money, I’ll buy it for you.” me:“oh, okay! thanks daddy! ☺️” dad:“save your money sweetie. just don’t tell your mother.”.

“OMG my parentsare the worst, they bought me the iPhone X when I wanted the XR. My life is the worst!!” #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

“My dad is not buying me the whole f1 paddock club so that I could hang out with my partial driver friends, how dares he” #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

The bus!? What do you mean the bus?! Why can’t you give me a lift mum!? #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

I only want pink coloured pocket money mummy! You know pinks my favouritest colour #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

#SpoiledKidsComplaints How tf did I get put on a list for doing a good deed? 😭🍭♥️.

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The Zoo keeper won’t let me shoot an elephant. #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

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Trump: Bibi, I dont like muslim, women. Dont let them in your country. #spoiledkidscomplaints.

#SpoiledKidsComplaints - I said a wanted a f___ ing Jaguar..

Him: I wanted Yeezys but my mum only got me Air Maxes and Kobes. Me: *looks down at wooden sandals from AD 89* Must be pretty tough. #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

Ronald McDonald is wearing white face I’m #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

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#SpoiledKidsComplaints is halfway accurate. Some of y’all hyperbolizing RICH kids problems. With that being said, I am a spoiled child and do advocate to some of these complaints lol.

But mooooommmmm I cant take my iPhone 8 plus to school I need the XS MAX #spoiledkidscomplaints.

I identify my gender as unknown why don’t people know #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

“What has capitalism done for ME?!” Everything, you miserable mewling brat. #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

#SpoiledKidsComplaints Do I really have to invite public school kids to my birthday party.

Our house only has 5 bedrooms ugh i wish we had 10 like the next door neighbors #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

#SpoiledKidsComplaints I have to associate with poor people when I leave our gated community..

Our cookware pieces are too heavy. #SpoiledKidsComplaints.

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