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Can Disney just put whoever made Andor in charge of all of the Star Wars please?.

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Star Wars Theory is a clown. “Acting was great. Budget was great. Writing was good. But screws and bricks took me out of it.”.

#Andor : how a Star Wars deep cut became one of the best TV shows of the year.

The first season of ANDOR was not only a perfect season of TV, but it was also perfect Star Wars..

Disney purchased male-oriented properties like Star Wars and Marvel and made them female-oriented.

【ニュース】宇宙ドッグファイトゲーム『STAR WARS:スコードロン』PC版が期間限定で無料配布中。Epic Gamesストアにて.

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Everytime I see Star Wars Theory on the TL he says the stupidest thing imaginable Why are you complaining about BRICKS??? ☠️☠️💀☠️☠️.

« The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here. » -Qui-Gon Jinn Star Wars design #9✍🏻 I hope you’ll like it 🙏 💫.

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Star Wars | Empire Strikes Back | Rebel Base Action Scene | MPC Model Kits CAtalog 1982 | Retro Toys and Cartoons.

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Pues ahora que ha acabado,MUY bien Andor. Es de las series que menos esperaba y ha terminado siendo de las mejores de Star Wars.

O próximo ano da série promete! Segunda temporada de Andor abordará descoberta rebelde da Estrela da Morte. Evento é o pontapé da trama de Rogue One.

Direnişin başlangıcından Kaçıramayacağın bir isyanın hikayesi. Star Wars’tan #Andor tüm bölümleriyle şimdi Disney+’ta..

lots of welding and soldering in the star wars universe. not a lot of scenes featuring marketing coordinators.

the only notable thing this guy did was be the first star wars character to get shanked by a lesbian onscreen.

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🌟商品情報 🌟 2月17日(金)発売の プレミアムブースター / STAR WARS 商品情報を公開‼ 特別なフレームデザインのSP1種を先行公開✨ 🔽商品情報はこちら🔽 #スターウォーズ #WS.

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Eiichiro Oda est un fan de Star Wars donc je vote pour STAR WARS.

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Maybe it doesn’t to *you,* but I have been a Star Wars fan for so long I don’t even remember a life without it and it absolutely feels like Star Wars to me, just the parts of Star Wars where the Jedi and the chosen ones didn’t visit. Which is most of the Galaxy..

#Andor Fechou de forma incrível e emocionante. Uma boa história do universo de Star Wars sem precisar usar os Jedi/Sith como muleta narrativa ou apenas para gerar hype. Trilha sonora, fotografia, roteiro, tudo alinhado. Já estou ansioso pela segunda temporada..

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STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic (S) $ via eShop. (PCDD) $ (DRM: Steam) via Gamebillet..

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It’s been rough watching new Star Wars media without thinking about how nearly every movie or show since has been a reaction to THE LAST JEDI. Whether it is more fan service, more cameos, more Jedi. #Andor survived an entire season of television without any of that. It ruled..

I think one interesting difference between Star Wars and Star Trek is how they relate to the tech in their original texts decades later..

Finished Andor, took me a few episodes to really hook me but it was excellent. It felt so unlike everything else Star Wars and yet somehow the most Star Wars? An evergreen message of fighting fascism..

@HitlerPuncher most of the Star Wars fans just have this idea that hating all this new stuff is a substitute for having a personality.

#Andor is the finest star wars we have gotten in forever, kudos to Gilroy and the whole team for making me feel like a kid again, but more importantly, treating me as an adult that deserves better content.

Really kind of mad at #Andor for being like a real show. I can’t go back now to the other Star Wars.

#Andor: A beautiful finale, looking forward to the next season. Wait for the end of the credits. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, Andor is good sci fi and what I hope is the direction future shows take..

The sound effects for the all the star wars space battle scenes!.

@David_Leavitt The missing wars of Star Wars was always among the people of the empire, beaten and downtrodden. Too see them rise from the ashes like a pheonix is one of the greatest cinematic experiences of my life. #Andor finale 🙏.

My deep thoughts about #StarWars #Andor and stuff. Also, LEGO Star Wars is legit so therapeutic.

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I don’t care what anyone says, the Star Wars prequels are severely underrated Imagine liking The Last Jedi more than any of the prequel films, LMAO.

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