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A10: You will most likely write a mission and vision statement for your #startup, I implore you to write your Cause - what you see your business doing in 150 years from now! Read more about that here: #StartupChats.

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@DellSmbCA tough as a startup w/ the focus on customer acquisition, brand awareness, product viability & financing. something as simple as identifying what data you collect, how & where it is stored is a start. Will help narrow the security focus & cost. #startupchats.

@Startup_Canada Thanks for the great conversation! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone 👋 #StartupChats.

Thank you to everyone for joining today’s #StartupChats with @awscloud on Are You Security Savvy?.

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Knowledge is power. Keep security on your mind and do your research on how your network can be breached. This will actually bring to mind strategies and processes you can implement to put security in place. No network is 100% secure, but you can make it safer #StartupChats.

@ireneplavcic So true, Irene. What are some first steps a small business can take to hiring these security professionals? #StartupChats.

@Startup_Canada Not just cybercrime but potentially espionage depending on your company and what the product / service offered is. I am not kidding. #StartupChats.

A10. Not a question but a caveat: small businesses are increasingly becoming targets of social engineering & security breaches. You are never “too small” to be a security target. It’s about numbers & ease of the target for fraudsters. #startupchats.

Thats why cyber breaches happen more often than before! #startupchats.

Another awesome #StartupChats :) Thanks @Startup_Canada and @ExportDevCanada for hosting this terrific discussion. Have a great day all!.

@Startup_Canada @ExportDevCanada A10 New entrepreneurs should be be ready to pivot at any moment & look at obstacles as opportunities but most important Find what makes you Happy & pursue that‼️ #StartupChats.

Join us and @awscloud on December 6th for the question Are You Security Savvy? #StartupChats.

@Startup_Canada @ExportDevCanada A11. Beta testing through the winter. Public launch late spring. Subscription drive through the summer. The goal is to get there more or less in one piece and to remember to breathe. #startupchats.

A11 - My goal is to write my first book in 2020. I have the topic pretty well thought through just need to figure out how to organize and action it. #startupchats.

Some light reading for yourself in 150 years #StartupChats.

A10: You will most likely write a mission and vision statement for your #startup, I implore you to write your Cause - what you see your business doing in 150 years from now! Read more about that here: #StartupChats.

A10. Prepare and plan ahead, but do not ne afraid to try. Trial and error is crucial! #StartupChats.

A8 I needed to pay a lot more attention to LinkedIn than I did in 2019. Changing that in 2020. Live and learn! #startupchats.

@Startup_Canada @SovInsurance Always a Terrific conversation have a Wonderful weekend everyone‼️ #StartupChats.

A10. Updates/review. How often? ✅ Bi-monthly feedback/ideas review. ✅ Quarterly policy review (schedule the updates, but do not update unless highly urgent). ✅ Yearly policy update. #StartupChats.

A9. Roll out ✅ Run pilot ✅ Plan feedback & follow-up ✅ Apply feedback for optimization ✅ Use anonymous platform to gather ideas eg. @ ideas portal ✅ Leadership commitment 100% ✅ Employees accountability ✅ Transparent communication ✅ Accessible info #StartupChats.

Join us December 4th when we talk about 2020: Learning For the Future with @ExportDevCanada #StartupChats.

But deciding when a scaling startup takes on a formalized HR policy is tricky with no set formula on when to activate. With employee #1? What criteria would you suggest triggers the need for HR Consulting in an early stage company? #StartupChats @SovInsurance @Startup_Canada.

Everything you communicate and action defines your culture. Take time and ensure that the policies and guidelines you put in place enable and foster the culture and people you want to grow your successful company. Happy policy writing! ^Tracy & ^Vicky #StartupChats.

[email protected] providing quality #StartupChats as usual! Hey Ludovica are you joining us for #VanStartupDrinks - HOLIDAY EDITION on Dec 5th?.

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@Startup_Canada @SovInsurance Q10: Training for management and other managers. A company-wide meeting to explain the system, managers holding meetings for their own staff, an internal domain where staff and new employees can access documents, explanation on line of communication. #startupchats.

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