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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 18 May 2018, 20:07 PM IST

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  • Who survives the inferno? The stakes are the higher than ever on the season finale of #Station19 TOMORROW!.


  • See you back at the Station next season. #Season2 #Station19.

  • Montgomery you CANNOT die. You hear me?!?! You stay with us! Damn it. @jayhayden00 #Station19.

  • Better late than never! #Station19.

  • Hey #Station19 fans I have 1x10 episode REPLY to THIS and FOLLOW me so I can DM U!! #TGIT.

  • #Station19 - so many good times, like rehearsing with @barrett_doss @jayhayden00 @GreyDamon @D_SAVRE @JasonWGeorge @JainaLeeOrtiz @sipijungleboy @OakSmash @babsamiga.

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  • I always try to bring the sparkle where ever I go. That’s why they call me ParisSparkley. #Station19.

  • This is everything. ❤️ y’all. #station19 @D_SAVRE @barrett_doss.

  • This ep was directed by @Harparbar and his directing philosophy #station19 #GreysAnatomy #tgit.

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  • @JasonWGeorge @GreysABC @Station19 It helps when y’all are acting the hell out of it too!!! 😘.

  • Guten *scrollt vorsichtig durch die TL, um keine #GreysAnatomy & #Station19 Spoiler zu lesen*.

  • We have SO many questions after this finale! #Station19.

  • Now what am I going to do with my Thursday nights??? Minus working. I was very fortunate that my boss gave me off every Thursday since September! I’m guessing next week I will work Thursday. #TGIT #Station19 #GreysAnantomy.

  • Every moment takes many moments of planning #Station19.

  • Some random BTS pics of our awesome crew figuring out and rehearsing this vent crushing stunt. #station19 #GreysAnatomy #tgit @JainaLeeOrtiz @thejeespot.

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  • @Station19 @shondarhimes @GreysABC ok so not fair I have everyone getting married on #GreysAnatomy then u got everyone dying on #STATION19 what man and I have to wait until fall omg man omg!!!.

  • @Harparbar @Station19 😘😘😘 thank YOU, Sparkle..

  • All I have to say is thank goodness #Station19 got picked up for Season 2 bc after that finale I would’ve never gotten over it!! They’re about to kill off the entire cast y’all!!! @Station19.

  • Been there from the gonna be there till the but please keep them alive 😭 #Station19.

  • Yesssss!!! @VanessaMarano is so freakin’ good in this episode! Just wait, y’all. Such a little badass! #Station19.

  • @JainaLeeOrtiz was it hard shooting that elevator scene with @GreyDamon #Station19.

  • Sitting in my living room silently crying my eyes out to #Station19 How can you just leave us in the dark like this?! 😩.

  • I’m beyond ready for season two of @Station19 already, @JainaLeeOrtiz @GreyDamon their characters are amazing together! #station19 #tgit.

  • @blynnhilgeman @Station19 @BrettTucker26 @JasonWGeorge @jamieizskye @Candyrose_BTV @fifiring I see your busy with that!! This show is on it’s @BrettTucker26 of course it’s cast!!! #TGIT.

  • Ok one final thought. Since Jack confessed that he didn’t regret anything with Andy, does this make her change her mind? Can she please go back to Jack now? A girl can dream right?!...#Station19.

  • 😱 OMG 😱 Station 19 got call. #Station19.

  • Warren extremely excited driving. #Station19.

  • V cool camera snaking @Harparbar #technicalterm #Station19.

  • @D_SAVRE @Station19 @shondarhimes @JainaLeeOrtiz @jayhayden00 @JasonWGeorge @GreyDamon @sipijungleboy @barrett_doss @OakSmash @VanessaMarano Yes! You all did a great job with season one and the set up for season two will be great. So many questions I can’t wait to see get answered. #STATION19.

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