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Firefighter Barbie definitely upgraded from 💋🔥 @spampistefania #Station19

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Vitani6 ()

Wait no but it was Lucas who had the idea of ​​marrying Vic and when he spoke about it to Sully he was amazed by the way, why they lie all the time like that, why they hate Lucas 😭🤬 #Station19 #Vicley

CTV ()

What are your thoughts on #Station19 last night? In case you missed it, stream it here:

Berea Gibbons ()

“You’re worse than weak. You’re cruel.” Yes, Travis, please get Emmett together because that poor girl has no idea. #Station19

Berea Gibbons ()

Emmett’s girlfriend thinks Travis is his mentor 😂 oh he’s mentoring him alright. #Station19

Giò 🌈 ()

Potrebbe partire una ship di quelle pazzesche , ma la donna che voi sapete mi ha tolto ogni entusiasmo . #Station19

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Ellie ()

‘DAMN SHE’S SO FUCKING HOT’ 🤣😍 #Marina #Station19

Mikey ()

travis/emmett giving us everything tarlos failed to give yup yup #Station19

Auro|baci stellari ()

Andate tutti a vedere la diretta di Stefania Spampinato e Danielle Savre, è la cosa più bella, divertente e dolce che vedrete oggi. #GreysAnantomy #Station19

BDM ()

Maybe the reason O2tvseries is delaying today’s upload is because they want to upload money heist, can they just upload station19 lemme watch please

Latina com Latina 😏🌻❤️ ()

Só quero assistir #Station19 por causa delas! Real! Oficial!

𝑱𝒖́𝒍𝒊𝒂 ()

Carina havia dito que não tinha hábito de (concertar) pessoas quebradas, mas aí que está, com tudo o que ela passou com a família, ela sabe exatamente o que fazer para acalmar um pessoa nesse estado e aconselhar. Tudo o que a Maya precisa. #Station19


📹 HD Clips of @barrett_doss as #VicHughes on #Station19 ( No Days Off):

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𝕮𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖔𝖓 𝕸.𝕳𝖆𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗 🌈 ()

Chief breaking down ICE and Nazis on #Station19 was an issue that desperately needed to be addressed

Crane Gma ()

OH. NO. Andy shocked w Sullivan decision to transfer if Chief have problem w their relationship working together. #Station19

NewsBusters ()

ABC Drama #Station19: ICE Does Their Job “Like Nazis Did Their Job” via @penguinponders

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Rachael Hamilton ()

Did @Station19 really just equate detention centers with concentration camps? I knew @shondarhimes was a leftist moonbat, but this is a new low.

Luli ()

deje #Station19 hace varios capítulos pero acabo de ver qué algo la promo del próximo episodio ¿A cuántos más va a matar Shonda???

Andrea ()

@CloneNic It’s not bad enough he is on Grey’s they have to put him on #Station19 too!!!

Carlynn ✨/Ryan Tanner deserves better ()

“Next Thursday, one firefighter will fall” IT BETTER BE SULLIVAN OR ELSE BUT I KNOW IM NOT THAT LUCKY SO FML IT WILL EMMETT RIGHT 😭😭😭 #Station19

Danielle Savre ()

Firefighter Barbie definitely upgraded from 💋🔥 @spampistefania #Station19

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Ei psiu 🧚‍♀️🌟 ()

Eles dançando salsa aaaaa 🤧❤️ to shippando muito surrera affff #Station19

You GAY ? ()

Carina DeLuca please have mercy😳 #Station19 #GreysAnatomy

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Nettey Farol ()

@traciethoms @Station19 You were incredible. Lemme get a therapist that could crack me open like that.

Jaina ()

Maybe I’m bias but Dear father in heaven did my little baby @JainaLeeOrtiz kill this role tonight!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 amazing job!! And @KristaVernoff Bravo huneeeeey!!! #station19

Tracie Thoms ()

Thanks everyone for watching and tweeting with me! Thanks everyone at @Station19 for having me! Phew!! That was a lot! I need to go sit with my feelings. Meanwhile MY therapist just texted me like “Great job, Dr. turn.” 😬

Mille ()

Casal que eu não sabia que precisava até acontecer. Por que a Carina tem que ser tão shippavel com todo mundo? Inferno de mulher bonita. #Station19 #GreysAnantomy

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Symphonic Electronic♡ ()

This gym scene is really well done, I love the friendship Vic and Dean have. #Station19 #TGIT

Dyamond Johnson ()

I may have said this before but the people on this show are GORGROUS! All of them. #Station19

Shar jossell ()

Watching tonight’s #Station19 despite being about 2 episodes behind. Here because of @traciethoms!

Rafinha ()

@greysanatombei Nossa shippei muito com aquela mina de station19 na primeira vez que ela apareceu, não lembro o nome aaaaaaa

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