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  • Remember to look up to the stars. #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • RIP Stephen Hawking 🌠🌌🖤 #StephenHawking #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • What a week only wednesday and so far #KenDoddRIP #StephenHawkingRIP and #JimBowenRIP RIP.

  • Beautiful piece from Melbourne artist Mitchell Toy #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • The tribute to the late Stephen Hawking is underway. A colossal mind and a wonderful spirit, you will be truly missed. RIP. #tweetfleet #streamfleet #EVEOnline #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • @keksloo @CSteveSimms @EdKrassen @BarackObama I have watched so many so called religious leaders through the years sell their soul to the devil in exchange for wealth and power. #StephenHawkingRIP.

  • #StephenHawkingRIP billboard in Brandon FL. Hope there are many more out there.

  • “Me he dado cuenta que incluso las personas que dicen que todo está predestinado y que no podemos hacer nada para cambiar nuestro destino, siguen mirando a ambos lados antes de cruzar la calle". #StephenHawking #StephenHawkingRIP #StephenHawkingDEP.

  • R.I.P. Stephen Hawking (8 January 1942 - 14 March 2018) "My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all." #StephenHawking #RIP #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • Rest in your own cosmic reality, Stephen! Let the torch be passed to others around the world that can also inspire meaningful change no matter what their physical body looks like! #StephenHawking #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • "Without imperfection, you or I would not exist." A truly great man whose legacy will last throughout time.... #StephenHawkingRIP.

  • My bro had a lecture from #StephenHawkingRIP at university. Apparently someone asked a long question & it took two minutes for him to type his response which was Yes. There were no more questions so as not to trouble him, tho that could have been thinking time thinking about it..

  • Your legacy will live with us forever #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • RIP to one of the greatest minds ever. #StephenHawkingRIP.

  • News reporting is getting worse! Reporter speaking about Steven Hawking said “For many he was considered a modern day genius” He was a Modern Day Genius! #StephenHawkingRIP.

  • #Hawking #StephenHawking #RIPStephenHawking #StephenHawkingRIP #

  • Never give up!! #StephenHawkingRIP such a role model!!.

  • RIP Pr Stephen Hawkings #StephenHawkingRIP.

  • Stephen Hawking was an incredible human being. The miracle man was a genius and proved he had a wonderful sense of humour in The Simpsons & The Big Bang Theory. What a Legend #stephenhawkingrip.

  • #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • Feel fortunate to have walked the planet at the same time as the humbling and inspiring Stephen Hawking. Let’s do our best to bring out the best in each other #StephenHawkingRIP

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • #StephenHawkingRIP One of the greatest theoretical scientists of all time. What an inspiration considering the difficulties he had to overcome. For my generation another loss after Feynman and Sagan..

  • #StephenHawkingRIP What a great man he was, always bright, great mind, powerful mind. A massive influence on those who give up. You will be missed, you lived your life, and so will us all, you will be missed R. I. P.

  • @APC_Laboratory rend hommage @StephenHawking8 un grand homme, par sa science et par sa force, présent lors de l’inauguration du laboratoire #StephenHawkingRIP

  • I’m not really a confident person but I do have a lot to say when I do speak up. Stephen Hawking has proven that no matter how big/small/ or physical ability’s , you’re capable of becoming something incredible #StephenHawkingRIP 👼🏼💔.

  • Lo siento pero emocionalmente sentí más la muerte de Juan Gabriel, es que yo solo ví la peli! Ja #StephenHawking #StephenHawkingRIP.

  • #StephenHawkingRIP You did us all proud, and taught the whole world countless beautiful things...

  • Today the world lost a phenomenal mind. RIP Stephen Hawking. Your tireless work to progress our understanding of the origins of our Universe will probably never be truly apprciated within our lifetime. #StephenHawkingRIP.

  • #StephenHawkingRIP #WiseWords

    #StephenHawkingRIP twitter.
  • #StephenHawkingRIP

  • #StephenHawkingRIP you were the greatest 🙌🏿.

  • #StephenHawkingRIP #GlobalGoals Global Goals Message from Professor Stephen Hawking

  • so, DEATH rides up on Binky & collects Stephen Hawking to join Terry Pratchett & continue the Science of Discworld.....& the Turtle swims on...😓 #StephenHawkingRIP #terrypratchett.

  • #StephenHawkingRIP muchas gracias por tu gran aporte cientifico a la humanidad.