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@PhilipMauro1 @Steve_Dangle You should’ve set the bar higher a few years ago, now you should set the bar higher in the future..

@Steve_Dangle This one was CLEARLY different - the grit, hustle, fight etc…but still went this way. Does that make you more or less likely to want to see the core majorly shaken up?.

@xJDMMAx @Steve_Dangle Don’t do this to me don’t give me hope. I would do a lot of filthy things for Marner on the sabres.

@Sportsnet @Steve_Dangle Hey when you said you had a vision that the Leafs were going to win the cup?? Were you watching clips from 1967?? 🤣🤣🤣.

@JaysSeason @Steve_Dangle Honestly Steve, thanks for showing up every game. I’d be glad to keep following you into your podcast era. I think your passion and hockey sense is coming out a little more genuinely there. LFRs are exhausting. You can hang em up on an optimistic note..

@AdamWylde I was working a hockey rookie camp but was streaming Watch A Leafs Game With Steve Dangle.

@Sportsnet @Steve_Dangle He needs to stop doing these and they actually might make it to the 2nd round 🤣.

@Steve_Dangle After the season the leafs had, and the round 1 performance they had what do you think they could do different/better?.


@Steve_Dangle Man it might be time to just shake up the big 4. I mean really how long can you do this while being strapped in the salary game.

Thanks @Steve_Dangle for another season. Lots of fans will talk shit. But you are one of the best in the biz. All the best!.

@Steve_Dangle I’m gutted that leafs didn’t win this round. That being said this team is talented and the leafs have still made the playoffs the last 6 years, which is not something to be ashamed of. Not a great result that they have not made it past the 1st round but still contenders..

@Steve_Dangle Don’t be a refs apologist. Tight games like that can be dictated by just one bad call, especially a disallowed goal. Why doesn’t the NHL make the refs accountable? I want them available for a press conference after every game. Games 2, 6 and 7 objectively bad officiating..

@Steve_Dangle What’s the over under on the number of staff members getting fired and over under on number players getting traded out.

@Steve_Dangle I have a theory… Leafs were not supposed to win the Matthews draft lottery so as a punishment Gary B said no making it past the first round for 10 years… only 4 more years to go😢.

@Steve_Dangle Since we didn’t get to this on the livestream, were you wearing pants tonight?.

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