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Updated: September 18th, 2021 06:42 PM IST

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ROSTER MOVES: 🔹 RHP Ross Stripling reinstated from 10-day IL 🔹 INF Kevin Smith optioned to Triple-A

Stripling Twitter

@KeeganMatheson Ryu has become the weak link in the chain of starters . Bad news . Good news is we have 4 other guys that can do the job . And Stripling who was very good before injured . We ll be alright

If it were up to me, I’m skipping Ryu’s next start, he just can’t go up against Tampa … they owned him even when he was pitching well. Im starting Stripling in his place…. Just can’t be giving away games at this point in the season.

@DJK77877238 @KeeganMatheson Dodgers didn’t resign him because they had a bunch of arms coming up, and he was a top 5 pitcher last year and carried the rotation early this year. He’s been terrible lately though no doubt. Wonder if Stripling doesn’t take his next start.

@s_win_smith I guess you just keep doing what you are doing, you have Stripling available in case he doesn’t have it but the leash is really tight at this point. Like…2 runs in an inning and yanked immediately type leash.

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Appreciate everybody who let me know Stripling was pulled due to a thumb issue/injury. I didn’t see when they showed the trainer looking at him, otherwise I wouldn’t have tweeted about him s being pulled too soon

@Bluejaysmemes Stripling had thumb issues. Pearson probably could have gone one more but even then small factor

@Bluejaysmemes Pretty sure Stripling had an injury, and it’s clear right now that Pearson is a 1 inning guy, hasn’t been stretched out since he got back from the IL.

I don’t come after Charlie often, but there’s absolutely 0 need for him to burn through the bullpen the way he has tonight. Stripling probably could have gone at least 1 more, and Nate also could have gone 1 more

Julian Merryweather comes in to work top6 after a solid three innings of long relief from Ross Stripling. #Bluejays down 6-3.

@BlueJays Ryu has turned into the teams 5th starter. I would take Matz and Stripling over Ryu now.

Stripling, get three up and three down, so our boys can get back up and score more runs.

Stripling settles in after that leadoff homer and #Bluejays give up just a five-spot in top3. Down 6-2 to the bottom.

Ryu and Stripling shitting the bed in less than 3 innings against the Minnesota Twins

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Woooooooow has this game gotten away from the Jays quickly. Real it in Stripling, Jays can come back.

Stripling came in relief last time when Ryu was terrible against Baltimore and only made it worse. So naturally, Charlie does the exact same thing again

Ross Stripling is trying to get the game back on track. Crowd still hopeful. Only down 4-runs. Jays can score those in their sleep!

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@Bluejaysuniver1 Jays might have been planning to use stripling as the starter for the second game there

@ScottyMacThinks If the Jay pull this off, Ryu, Stripling, and Montoyo should buy the hitters an extremely expensive dinner.

@SeverityEdits Yeah. Its weird. Stripling has only seen Baltimore once before this game….

The orioles are not stealing signs guys Ryu and stripling have just pitched like shit

@Wilnerness Still seems more likely that Ryu was still affected by arm soreness and Stripling has rust. But does have a weird feeling about it…

@lawandchocolate Merryweather was pitching well before he got hurt, too. Stripling got four outs in his rehab outing.

@Wilnerness Nonsense. Stripling was pitching well before he got hurt, and looked good in his rehab outing too.

That’s it. The @orioles do NOT suddenly become a slugging juggernaut like this. In my opinion they are tipping pitches. Maybe not a garbage can but it’s simply too dramatic a change to be explained by being “loose” or whatever. Ryu ok. Stripling maybe. Ray too? No. #BlueJays

#BlueJays 5 @ #Orioles 9 [Game 1, Bot 4th, 0 out, 🔸]: Ryan Mountcastle homers (27) on a fly ball to left center field. Hit: 383ft, 97mph, 35° Stripling: IP, 2 H, 2 R, 1 K, 2 Inherited (0 scored) [19 pitches, 12 strikes]

#BlueJays 5 @ #Orioles 9 [B4-0o]: Ryan Mountcastle homers (27): fly ball to LCF (solo) Hit: 383ft, 97mph, 35° Pitch: Changeup (RHP Ross Stripling, 21)

ROSTER MOVES: 🔹 RHP Ross Stripling reinstated from 10-day IL 🔹 INF Kevin Smith optioned to Triple-A

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Ross Stripling (oblique) tells @ShiDavidi @SNJeffBlair and me that he will pitch Tuesday in #Buffalo and meet the team in Baltimore next weekend. “Then, we should be ready to go.” - Stripling

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Ross Stripling (IL-oblique) throwing live BP to Cavan Biggio (IL-elbow) and Danny Jansen. #BlueJays

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