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Timeless Ageless #Stubborn as a prizefighter in the final round of a title bout No quarter exists to be given No wind blows in my sky Sweating words and twists of fate Always early never late as summer starts to die. #vss365.

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Dr Jones wiped the dust off his jacket and looked around the workshop. Pieces of scrap everywhere on the floor, walls, and even on the ceiling. I take it that your #stubborn refusal to reinforce the boiler is now over? Dr Walker looked up from the papers and nodded. #vss365.

You fell In Grace, From a mind Of beauteous Driftwood, Building shelter For The special Way, your Heart Speaks In bright hues, I would move Into Your Thoughts, If you placed A door, But There Is only a window, Where I sneak small Stubborn Glances, As it Remains locked #vss365.

Trying to eat before I go on this hike, but my stomach is so stubborn sometimes..

She spends hours in used bookstores. Skips meals, loses track of time. She’s stubborn like that. It’s because of her great love affair with words and books, two loves in her life that remain constant. -Melody Lee #vss365 #writingprompt Stubborn.

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I’m my own man I know what I’m doing don’t question me or question me if you will, your curiosity will be satisfied soon enough. I ain’t care of a single persons opinion on this Earth. I’m stubborn. I know what I want. And I’m gonna do everything in my power to achieve it..

Five months later I retract this lifelong hold belief/statement, I just want/choose to be happy for the rest of my life I am DONE being stubborn, bitter, angry whatever only good and healthy communication and great friendships from here on out!.

Theology 101: “Heresy”—the conscious, willful, and stubborn rejection of an essential article of the orthodox faith..

He awoke, his alarm #stubborn in its proclamation. Shit, it happened again. The gaps. The lost time. He was at the party, now in bed? Dude, turn on the TV. Another murder! Another? Johnathan blinked back exhaustion. Why are the sheets wet? Oh god. Blood. #vss365.

Ocean and Boulder argued. “Out of my way Boulder. This is mine.” “You are selfish Ocean. You have 97% of the world. This space is mine.” Eons of fighting, both #stubborn, both steadfast, till Ocean realized Boulder was gone. Sand whispered, “Now I have more than you do.” #vss365.

I’ve done so much to be rid of you. I’ve distanced myself from those we have in common. I hardened myself to triggers that remind me of you. Yet, still you persist. Anxiety, you are #stubborn; you worm your way in, take your stand & refuse to leave, but I still #Vss365.

so amazingly beautiful, smart, wholehearted, great sense of humor, very stubborn, caring, friendly, spontaneous, devoted, sooo soo energetic, they spread love everywhere they go, everyone loves them. u can’t live without them. u need an aquarius in ur life. this is my soph💛..

SHE WALKS WITH HER morning shadow. After breakfast she opens the file named: The Untouchable Ceiling. She begins. The sky is made of timber and has many leaks. Rain is #stubborn and necessary. The timber is untouchable. She watches the rain obliterate on the window. #vss365.

James was a work horse. He cultivated the wheat field daily. Watered his lawn during breaks. Fixed up loose nails around the stable. He was fairer than a justice scale, treating his employees as he would his kids. But he was #stubborn. Signed up for war. Too prideful. #vss365.

wasted chances broken glances #stubborn stances #vss365.

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Timeless Ageless #Stubborn as a prizefighter in the final round of a title bout No quarter exists to be given No wind blows in my sky Sweating words and twists of fate Always early never late as summer starts to die. #vss365.

@jamon_gibbs i just distance myself from ppl like that bc they’re too stubborn & don’t care so i don’t try anymore lol someone else will get to them..

@stubborn_ms @oyye_umer Hahahaha 😂... Wesy bacha to acha hay ye wali bat ghalt hay umer logo ki bati edhar udhar nh 😂.

Now drop daddy issues 2 video please stop being stubborn bro.

@stubborn_ms @undefined_here Me sharef or masoom sa keh chotay honne ka sub faida uthate hai😪😒.

@stubborn_ms @undefined_here 😂😂 me or bhi bohot kuch jaanta bolney ki himmat nai.

On that note. I go to bed. Ended the night playing a different game than Fortnite, since they are being stubborn about keeping shit items in their game. Never thought this day would arrive. 😳 #fortnite @FortniteGame.

See these stubborn children ehn. I am packing my load off this place.

Shattered, the windscreen of night, Web of silver spiders, dream scampering, My thoughts are caught now, with little hope, trapped in threads, my crash has made, On I drive, into further darkness, plagued by biting truths, I chose to shun, as yet I bleed, stubborn red. #vss365.

#Stubborn Stu staunchly stayed downstairs, staring strenuously at the striped walls. Stu stared until the stripes started to stick together, strangely stretching and distorting. The stripes stepped out of the wall and strangled startled Stu. #vss365.

@sheilaMol1 Awww stubborn boys😂❤️Zico was like i just wanted to play😔❤️poor fellow maja was a bad ass lady though😆.

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