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Its called THANKSGIVING about we look at each other with gratitude and NOT SHOOT THE STUFFING OUT OF EACH OTHER every damn day.

“All these Thanksgiving posts got me thinking about the time i was thankful for you. I was eating some turkey and it reminded me how i use to put my stuffing inside you. I was stirring some Mac n Cheese and the sound reminded of you. Tell ya Mama I miss her cooking…”.

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Sonia labors 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week kneeling on the damp earth to harvest the leeks we enjoyed in our #Thanksgiving stuffing. #WeFeedYou.

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Thanksgiving was fun and all… but that’s not what I meant by stuffing 😈😈 #buyingcontent #sellingcontent.

You had stuffing for thanksgiving, I got stuffed on thanksgiving We are not the same..

Last and best stuffing of the day 😘 Happy Thanksgiving 💦.

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey with the Stuffing! I sure See this and more at:.

@TimAlle97055825 Maple glazed Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, warm rolls, gravy and cranberry sauce..

Stuffing or dressing? Pumpkin or apple? These are questions we can answer. Today, let the other big decisions go – and have a Happy Thanksgiving..

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃 Did some cooking last night for today. Is this stuffing or dressing???? It’s dressing to me thanks to my mom’s recipe @WTOP Join me and @JohnAaronWTOP this am for all the Turkey day stories.

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It’s time to for stuffing and World Cup ⚽️⚽️🌶️.

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@Yolo360Swag I like when the guards were like “how do we address the situation with stuffing”.

This is the worst thanksgiving I’ve had ever but I promised @xer0IIlln id share my plate 😭 the mashed potatoes were a fucking 0/10 how do u mess them up that bad (My stuffing was top tier tho).

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happy holidays! i’m always happy to provide a good stuffing 🦃✨.

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LIBERAL THANKSGIVING: - THEY/THEM turkey - CRYBABY cranberry sauce - PRONOUN pumpkin pie - MOMMY MILKER mac n cheese - JOE BIDEN jreen bean casserole - STOP ASIAN HATE stuffing.

@KingCrouton22 It’s the day… a crouton… becomes stuffing. You’ve graduated, my friend..

@stargateship Every year my plate is: turkey, dressing/stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots, and a roll..

@cheribokki Sorry Cheri, Thanksgiving was months ago for me so you asked too late. You snooze you lose no stuffing for you.

Hope you had an AWESOME TURKEY DAY!!! Now TONIGHT 7pmET ONLY on NEXT LEVEL See ANOTHER TURKEY @tonybgunn pick the stip for our match at #OVWThanksgivingThunder! Then right after, watch me beat the stuffing out of TONY THE TURKEY on @FiteTV:.

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Thanksgiving dinner….green bean chicken casserole, mashed potatoes & sausage stuffing….yum!.

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1st year w no one by my side & right now i just want to be bent over like the turkey & stuffed like stuffing 😂😂😂.

@colonelj427 @JackRadley1 Love the stuffing in this video. 😈😈😈😘😘😘😍😍😍.

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@BowTiedOctopod Prepped stuffing w/homemade breadcrumbs, cranberry sauce, and have a pie currently in the oven to bring to my brothers for Thanksgiving in the AM.

This is gonna be me for the rest of my life. The stoned city aunt helping prep the stuffing on Thanksgiving Eve.

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so far i have made vegan mac and cheese, stuffing, gravy, green beans, yams, and vegan sweet potato pies! tomorrow morning all i have left to make is a vegan roast and mashed potatoes! 🧡🍁.

@LusciousLikeMe Smoking one turkey, roasting another. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, ya know the works.

@Andie00471 You are a years of being The One Who Cooks, this year I picked up an entire pre-cooked turkey dinner with stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes for 4-6 people at a local restaurant, and tomorrow, hubby and I will begin to eat it all, with apple pie, for ❤️.

Im gonna cook the cornbread for the stuffing tonight and let it cool. My mama is coming over tomorrow to teach me how to make the dressing we’ve had all my life but that I cant eyeball like she can. Desserts are ready to go for the most part. Cranberries too!.

Gonna be dreaming about the biggest plate of stuffing tonight. Y’all can have the turkey. I just want stuffing😋😋.

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