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The Suns beat the Jazz in an OT slugfest atop the West ☀️ D-Book: 35 Pts CP3: 29 Pts Phoenix is only one game behind Utah for the best record in the league 👀

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Veyrs 🏆
Veyrs 🏆 ()

@6toHombreLATAM Particularmente pienso que suns es más que Hawks y Washington, bajaría a esos dos y pondría a suns uno más arriba, Nash hizo de ese equipo algo para recordar

Sᴜsᴀɴɴᴀ ()

aaa korci by obejrzeć Harrego, ale zasypiam na stojąco🙈🤍 no cóz pozostaje mi niestety isc spać, więc dobranoc suns!! Pamiętajcie, że jeszcze jutro mamy wolne i dobrze to wykorzystajcie🌹

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Rob Perez
Rob Perez ()

Wobvestigation: Gobert, CP3, and Contact Lenses. What went down at the end of Suns vs. Jazz.

Law Murray ✨
Law Murray ✨ ()

Paul George made more 3s tonight than the entire Suns team. What a difference a week very disappointing for some of you, I know 😆😆😆

Rappler Sports
Rappler Sports ()

The Clippers halt the Suns’ seven-game winning run as Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Rajon Rondo take over. #NBA #NBA

Azzie🌵 ()

@swanbrosia i really wouldnt recommend doing that, theyre absolutely in the wrong but I think that it would def be too far

WbLik ()

Suns look like they foreal. I told niggas that the play in the bubble wasn’t a fluke. Def after adding Cp3

Kait ()

@GajKesariYoga @Jyotishsadhana Garnet is warm on the index finger of the dominant hand. If you’re left handed; left hand. Same with right. Beneficial for Gemini risings/suns.

Thomas Delanore
Thomas Delanore ()

@__weesh__ The sun is the only star in our solar system. All those other stars are suns. How the heck can there not be!

The Crossover
The Crossover ()

Phoenix and Utah showed signs on Wednesday that they are not just regular season threats, writes @SIChrisMannix

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吉野至 (球団社長.監督.主将.プロアメフト選手)
吉野至 (球団社長.監督.主将.プロアメフト選手) ()

#アメフト @xl1996 @fukuoka_suns ①スポンサー企業様とのきっかけは本当に様々です。ご紹介の場合もありますし、テレアポして営業させて頂く場合もあります。生きていて出会う全ての事象が… 続きは質問箱へ #Peing #質問箱

Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷 | #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır
Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷 | #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır ()

@thuganomiccs iki büyük kahveyle zor ayakta dururken aklıma gelen ilk ismi yazdım çocuğu all-star olan adamla kıyaslıyorum yaranamıyoz size de ha

め ()

【滝沢歌舞伎ZERO 4/8 夜】 Wildfireをみる岩本さんの目つきが、thousand sunsみるときの滝沢さんの目つきと重なった…

Basket USA
Basket USA ()

Entre le Jazz et les Suns, un « match de playoffs » et des leçons à tirer pour les deux équipes

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EFE Deportes
EFE Deportes ()

🧐 Todos los resultados de la jornada NBA ⬇️ Pacers 141 - 137 Timberwolves Magic 116 - 131 Wizards Celtics 101 - 99 Knicks Nets 139 - 111 Pelicans Rockets 102 - 93 Mavs Hawks 113 - 131 Grizzlies Thunder 102 - 113 Hornets Nuggets 106 - 96 Spurs Suns 117 - 113 Jazz #NBA

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El Cartero de los Jazz
El Cartero de los Jazz ()

Récord de los Jazz cuando anotan 12 o menos triples: 6-7. Cuando anotan más: 32-6. Récord de los Jazz cuando su rival les supera en el rebote: 6-7. Cuando ganan el rebote: 32-6. Ayer ante @Suns anotaron 11 triples y fueron barridos en los tableros (61-45). #TakeNote

Coach ()

(🏀Live) feat. Suns Geek Jazz @ Suns Western Conference Showdown via @YouTube

Coach ()

@DeckTheCards Nah it’s all good. I understand the feeling, it’s annoying seeing Mitchell catch so much hate too when they’re both amazing. I don’t get why Booker and Mitchell fans go at it tbh, but what can you do? But Yeah I agree. I hope the jazz and Suns make it to the WCF too

Cody Hunt
Cody Hunt ()

BTW, even if the Suns lost every game the rest if the season, they would finish at .500.

Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷 | #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır
Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷 | #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır ()

Bu arada alay falan ediyoruz da sezonun en zevkli maçıydı. Jazz ile playoffta karşılaşmak isterim.


The Suns beat the Jazz in an OT slugfest atop the West ☀️ D-Book: 35 Pts CP3: 29 Pts Phoenix is only one game behind Utah for the best record in the league 👀

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Duane Rankin
Duane Rankin ()

Bogdanovic answers. Then Paul answers. #Suns still up two.

Jazz Nation 🇧🇷
Jazz Nation 🇧🇷 ()

Tá tendo muito switch (troca) na marcação, nosso big tá indo no guard deles e o resto do time não cobre o big. Bogey, Oneale e Ingles tem que cobrir melhor, box out, não estão fazendo e o Suns está pegando uma bacia de rebote ofensivo. #NBAnaESPN #TakeNote

Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷 | #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır
Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷 | #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır ()

@13urakHandan Savunmada da çok iyi iş çıkarıyor hücumda da gerçekten böyle oynaması çok güven veriyor. Nazar değ

Jazz Nation 🇧🇷
Jazz Nation 🇧🇷 ()

Intervalo Jazz 40 x 51 Suns Ataque do Jazz sofrendo pra pontuar, tá parecendo o time de duas temporadas atrás. Bolas de três não caem, mesmo as sem marcação. Assim fica complicado. Defesa não está deixando arremessarem de 3, mas abrem a porta pra bolas de 2 pontos.

GreatWhiteBets ()

Suns up 11 at half vs Jazz. Let’s see how this holds in the 2H

NBA ()

▪️ #1 in West UTA vs. #2 in West PHX ▪️ Suns seek 7th straight win ▪️ Jazz have won 9 of 10 @utahjazz vs. @Suns at 10 PM ET on ESPN!

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James Hansen
James Hansen ()

Here’s the thing, the Suns have been really impressive this season! Behind the incredible play of Chris Paul and Mikal Bridges they’ve got the 2nd best record in the WC!!

David Cruz
David Cruz ()

@SarahKezele I made a presentation on The Timeline in one of my college classes. Imagine getting up there to explain how Josh Jackson, Dragan Bender, and Marquese Chriss were going to bring the Suns back to relevancy.

Rip bozo
Rip bozo ()

@dbooksunszn Respectfully, Ima Celtics fan and I see how badly people disrespect dbook now more than ever since he got a championship squad, of course his stats are gonna go down to accommodate for a LITERAL MVP CANDIDATE In cp3 plus mikal and the young guys got better so the suns are legit👏🏽

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