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This week, a Russian couple living in Sweden for the past 20 years were arrested, with the husband detained under suspicion of working for the Russian intelligence services. @christogrozev did some digging and made some interesting discoveries about their neighbours in Moscow..

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Following a 9 month investigation with @wearefaircop, a serving police officer has been arrested on suspicion of stalking. Only when we threatened to put the Chief Constable of @leicspolice in the dock did they act. The officer identifies as a woman..

I do suspect that the vaccines made it difficult for people to properly develop immunity after infection but that’s just my suspicion. The government claimed I would be a burden and should be treated as a second class citizen yet I’m the one over here playing nurse and helper..

This process must be transparent. We expect @GOPChairwoman to publicly state every promise she has made to one of the 168 GOP electors to obtain or keep their vote for the This will eliminate any suspicion or accusations of buying votes. 2/.

German officials arrest 25 suspected far-right extremists on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government.


POLICE OFFICER ARRESTED IN MACHAKOS ON SUSPICION OF SHOOTING VARSITY STUDENT A police officer is currently in custody at Machakos police station on suspicion of shooting and seriously injuring a university student. Police Corporal Michael Mulwa, is suspected to have shot one.

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Sunday: Police officer arrested on suspicion of conducting a 9 month stalking campaign. Monday: Police officer back on duty. Nothing to see here. @DCCLeicsPolice.

Woman, son killed her husband over suspicion that he was eyeing her daughter, daughter-in law: Police on Pandav Nagar case.

Its actually very creepy bc 99% of the time i can gear dogs in the neighborhood barking or crickets or traffic from the busy street i live on but its literally silent rn. Horrifying and growing suspicion that im the only thing left alive on the planet.

@JuliaDavisNews Having personally travelled to Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, I can say with absolute certainty that the people I interacted with there want nothing to do with Russia and view them with little other than suspicion. Russia is not welcome by these people..

Suspicion Island Cosmopolitan, May 1953 Illustration by Richard Ott.

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SMC educational twitter content is just taking an ICT concept renaming it to some shit that means a similar thing and then changing the definition(not to remove suspicion or sm shit but because they themselves dont understand the concept but they really want to reach 5k fws).

I have a sneaking suspicion that once I rewatch all my supposed favorites next year, quite a few of them are gonna be moved down and Kaguya could very well get close to my Top 5.

Yesterday Pd Bonnie and handler spotted a stolen car in Dunstable that failed to stop for them. After a decamp one occupant of the car was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply and theft of motor vehicle. Enquiries ongoing..

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Sky News
Sky News

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of the murders of two boys following fatal stabbings in southeast London.

A socially-inept Twitter bot developer is found on a spike in the middle of Causton. Suspicion falls on Midsomer Holm’s duck-call society, frightened that marmalade might threaten fixed-odds betting terminals..

One person has been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, gross vehicular manslaughter, and other charges after allegedly hitting and killing two pedestrians in Bloomington..

Remember this. I have a sneaky suspicion it is going to be the blueprint for some serious fuckery..

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A fourth teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murder after Kyle Hackland, 17, was fatally stabbed in Manchester..

Setting my Banquet on the hood of my shitbox to move my machete off of my back seat to get to my tattoo kit to give my father a permanent wedding ring has confirmed a suspicion of mine for awhile; I am indeed a pretty cool guy.

Men who are but agents of Satan are praised and flattered, and even looked upon as martyrs, while those who should be respected and sustained for their fidelity to God, are left to stand alone, under suspicion and distrust. GC.

An elderly Batman fan is found pummelled by cricket balls. Suspicion falls on Great Snoring’s owl club, deeply concerned that musical innovation might threaten the medieval false teeth society..

Good morning. I have the sneaking suspicion this is going to be “one of those Mondays” again. 🙄.

So he’s basically saying the murderer is a male in his early 20’s and doesn’t want to arouse suspicion against half the student population. What’s your take on it?.

Acute chest most often develops 1-3 days after onset of vasoocclusive crisis. Imaging (any infiltrate) lags so keep high clinical suspicion in the ED: chest pain, fever, leukocytosis are suggestive. A topic so crucial we have 2 podcasts on it! Ep 76 & 31.

No harm to Carlow just had to pick somewhere to be regarded with suspicion and have little access to public transport.

@TheRyanLion @pronewchaos Probably straight after the tweet was posted in the discord. Maybe direct the suspicion at the teams who got massive $luna builder allocations and have done nothing, rather than a team who got nothing and have done lots? ;).

MilitaryCouncil arrested more than 300 Rakhine people for suspicion to contact with #Rakhine Army in last 2 months,said AA spokesperson Khaing Thukha. He said at press conference of ULA/AA held November 28 & also said 324 innocent people have been arrested between Oct & November..

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ED will now have access to confidential financial information shared by companies with Competition Commission. Dangerous trend to cast suspicion and criminalize business Competition Commission mandated to share info with Enforcement Directorate under PMLA.

@FredSmith914 This confirms my long-held suspicion: If they made the film 20 years later, The Rock would be in it and it would be worse..

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