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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 09:42 PM IST

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Isles fans thinking a Beauvillier trade starts with either Suzuki or Caufield might be some of the most delusional stuff I’ve seen on hockey twitter in the past while. And that’s saying something.

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@MarkVoutier I think Drouin Suzuki Caufield would get eaten alive in the defensive zone. Suzuki and Caufield need to play with a good puck retrieval guy.

Drouin being back is GREAT news. I thought he wouldn’t return. He has a good opportunity here. I can’t even imagine the damage he can do while playing with Suzuki and Caufield. Those are going to be his best linemates since his time in Tampa. No, Fraud MaxPac doesn’t count 😂

@DanHudgin I’d throw Drouin on with Suzuki and Caufield…JD has always been better as a “pass first” guy. I’d prefer to put Armia with Kk and have Andersen on one of the top two lines to see if he could increase his point production, maybe make some space for the smaller forwards.

@BWildeMTL Saad 100%! He is the kind of LW that can fit anywhere in the line-up, can play on the PP and on the PK. Could be an option to play with Suzuki and Caufield if there’s no other options or with KK and Toffoli if Anderson is staying with 14-22 I’ve always liked him as a player

@SpezNc @jkamckenzie I would definitely want to see what he can do with Suzuki and Caufield. Drouin is an elite playmaker

@EricEngels Drouin has been my favourite Hab to watch the past few seasons. Happy he’s back. Excited to see what he can do with Suzuki and Caufield

@GJH62158763 @HabsChronicle Drouin and caufield have never played together. Suzuki also has a contract coming up and the cap is not projected to go up. The need for top D is to great. Spend the money properly

Jo Drouin gonna come in, tear it up with Suzuki and Caufield, and win the Bill Masterton next year 🔥

@EricEngels Now let’s just imagine that jo is back and better than never ! Drouin Suzuki Caufield would be insaaaaane

Even when Toffoli Suzuki and Caufield were playing well together, I still thought Drouin would be a better for than Toffo. He is a pass first player. He can feed Caufield. Where as Toffo and Caufield were both shooters. Also he is a left hand shot. Just a more natural combo

Drouin-Suzuki-Caufield. It has to happenDrouin has speed and is really good at finding open spaces & slow down the play. And we saw the best of him with Suzuki in the bubble.

Really hope we get to see a line of Drouin, Suzuki and Caufield. I think that line would have instant chemistry. #GoHabsGo

@Freshhprince2 @HabsChronicle Again, another person massively underrates how good caufield is. Suzuki was on pace for 60 points, next year he’s projected for 65-70 and Caufield is scoring AT LEAST 30 goals next year, and that’s at the very least. Put an elite winger on that line and you’ve got your wildcard

@leeress278 @HabsChronicle Price aside, one of the reasons kids like Suzuki and Caufield were able to thrive so much is because guys like Weber and Danault carried that defensive weight on their shoulders from them. And again, Habs don’t play the Canucks 9 times anymore Toffoli not scoring 28 in 56 again

@BlainPotvin_THW @HabsUnfiltered With news like this I don’t see the need for Hoffman. Sign Armia and Lehky (KK to obv) and we have a top 9. Drouin-Suzuki-Caufield toffoli-KK-Anderson Armia-evans-gally Perry-?-lehky/byron. Gotta think D is the major target.

@HabsChronicle Everyone who said he would be bought out or traded can just fuck off now. Cant understand that no one wanted Drouin on the roster will be amazing with Suzuki and Caufield

@kohlerk08 @chrisefaw Caufield had an extra year of development though. And almost two full seasons at that. Suzuki is three years older than Jarvis. Development takes time and it’s okay if a player isn’t ready a year or two after the draft.

People need to stop shoving everyone on Suzuki and Caufield’s left wing. Armia and Anderson both worked there because they were the player that would dig for the puck along the boards and get it to the other two. Or make space for them. Hoffman/Drouin… else can’t do that

@BWildeMTL Could you imagine Landeskog making space and grinding in the offensive zone on that line with Suzuki and Caufield???

@ffsPrice It could be if we stop asking Drouin to score 50 goals a year and just let him feed Caufield and Suzuki all year

I really don’t know why Jo gets so much hate. He’s like Kessel. Not a primary player but very valuable. With Suzuki and Caufield driving the bus next season I see Jo becoming even more valuable in a secondary roll. He’s welcome on my team. #GoHabsGo

So, so far we got, Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield ?-?-Gallagher Byron Kotkaneimi-Anderson Lehkonen-Evans-? Chairot-(Weber?) Edmonson-Petry Kulak-Romanov Price/Allen UFA:Danault,Perry,Armia,Merrill,Gustaffsson who do you want to return and who do you want to try and sign through FA?

Also, really happy Drouin ain’t gone. If you put that guy on a line with Suzuki and Caufield, that would be dangerous.

@theLUCASTDS @SeanWarren234 Yep. 10 million to pump up Caufield and Suzuki offer lol! What goes around comes

@eyesonislesFS @TLOMitch And then speaking of goal scoring. That is all Caufield has done at every level he has ever played at. Considered the best goal scorer of his draft year. You would have to add something on top of Beauvilier to get Caufield or Suzuki. More realistic

@eyesonislesFS @TLOMitch The irony is that is where it would end too. No way Suzuki or Caufield would be involved in a Beauvilier trade. Sure Anthony can score goals and has good upside but Suzuki who is 2 years younger has already shown to be a better hockey player at a much desired center position.

@EllersDad I think he would have been amazing next to suzuki and Caufield. Finally an elite shooter he can play with.

@CriticalHabsFan @Puck_Tough We’re going to trade Suzuki and Caufield for Eichel and the 1OA pick!!!!!

@HabsChronicle Lol, Suzuki and Caufield are untouchable for the Habs, I doubt they even give up one of them in a potential trade for a big name player (like Eichel for example)! Beauvillier is a good player maybe a Drouin vs Beauvillier could work if Jo returns to playing hockey.

Isles fans thinking a Beauvillier trade starts with either Suzuki or Caufield might be some of the most delusional stuff I’ve seen on hockey twitter in the past while. And that’s saying something.

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