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AM lines: Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak Hall-Krejci-Smith Ritchie-Coyle-Kuhlman Kuraly-Lazar-Wagner Frederic-DeBrusk Grzelcyk-McAvoy Reilly-Lauzon Tinordi-Clifton Zboril-Vaakanainen Swayman Halak

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Bucci Mane
Bucci Mane ()

I’d go 2 years10 mill on Krejci (36 next playoffs) Rask is tough call. 1 year at a time. 41-13-8 over last two seasons is nice but the Bruins are good and a number of NHL starters would have good numbers. 1 year million? Or go with Swayman and open up cap for DMan. Risky.


Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman reveals the biggest lessons he learned in his debut NHL season.

Perry ()

@HackswithHaggs This is good news today. He can work with Swayman like Thomas did for him in his early career.

The Bearded New Englander
The Bearded New Englander ()

@HackswithHaggs Any athlete dealing with injury is going to tell the coach they’re good to go no matter what. People thinking that Swayman or even Halak were better options clearly don’t watch hockey. Their defense couldn’t stop a toddler from scoring tonight

x - Nicole Shirman
X - Nicole Shirman ()

@TheNoseNY @stefen_rosner I simply can’t wrap my mind around why the hell Cassidy put an injured Rask in net when Swayman was available

x - Andrew is on the short shift
X - Andrew is on the short shift ()

Thread: things that need to happen in no particular order of importance: #NHLBruins Re-sign Hall Re-Sign Krejci Re-sign Rask Give Swayman the full time 1B Let Kase walk Let Miller walk Let Kuraly walk Trade Debrusk RFA sign Carlo & Ritchie. But leave Ritchie exposed in the draft

Manzotti Fashion
Manzotti Fashion ()

@HackswithHaggs Trotz out coached Cassidy. Swayman should have played because Rask was injured Bottom 6 did not score enough Frederic should have played

perfection line
Perfection line ()

@I_Hate_NHL_Refs @_TyAnderson Rask fucking blows ship him outta town can we take advantage of not having to pay Swayman yet and actually go all in next year? Or is Nick Ritchie’s fat fucking ass gonna stay on the third line…. Disgusting 🤢

Petrov McGuire
Petrov McGuire ()

Don’t know if this means he insisted on playing? Maybe he felt he had to try and prove something to either the team or the city, but hopefully he didn’t risk anymore damage. What a dilemma. It was risk Swayman behind that defense, or Halak who hadn’t been the same since Covid

Lauren ()

as an avid tuukka defender could he have been better tonight? yes, absolutely. but with that defense and the only two goals coming on the power play do they win with swayman in net? everyone should’ve been better tonight, not just an injured tuukka rask

Boston Bruins forever
Boston Bruins forever ()

@FlutoShinzawa This proves the bruins drafting , coaching , defense , and scoring were far behind the islanders organization. Congrats are deserved to the islanders. Time for rebuild bruins. Bye bye Tuukka. Hello swayman.

Reed Duthie
Reed Duthie ()

For all the negativity there’s positives ahead: Charlie McAvoy is a star! Brandon Carlo is a foundation piece! Patrice Bergeron & David Krejci have more in the tank. Taylor Hall is reborn, Brad Marchand & David Pastrnak are unreal. Jeremy Swayman is next up! #NHLBruins

Jared ()

@MikeFromWoburn Rask starting over Swayman takes the 4 slot. Not the difference maker but Rask was absolutely not the call.

Sportsfanatic71 ()

It’s time to put Swayman in for the last game. I’ve seen enough of Rask. It’s time to give this kid one last impression for Bruins Management and the fans to see what we are all missing. So nelson scored? Big deal. Look at the chance he had.


Bruce Cassidy explains decision to pull Tuukka Rask for Jeremy Swayman

Swayman Photo,Swayman Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Tuukka Rask pulled from Game 5, rookie Jeremy Swayman in net for Bruins

Kazimir ()

@NHLBruins Swayman needs to play. Injured Tuukka is obviously not good enough. Play sway and let tuukk get healthy

charles mullen
Charles mullen ()

@ETD51 If that is how Tuukka is going to play at less than 100%, than Ill take my chances with Swayman Game 6. You cant let multiple unscreened shots sail over your left shoulder in playoffs. This was Tuukka’s first real bad game this run

𝘿𝙪𝙗𝙯𝙮 🐮
𝘿𝙪𝙗𝙯𝙮 🐮 ()

On the bright side Boston Sports has so much elite young talent Tatum Brown Timelord Devers Verdugo Whitlock Pasta Mccavoy Swayman Jackson Uche Onwenu

Matt Bernier
Matt Bernier ()

I agree about the tough spot for Swayman - and firmly believe he’d be better with a clean slate if they go with him in Game 6

Jerry Langlois
Jerry Langlois ()

@HackswithHaggs Should’ve started Swayman then. Rask is so polarizing. Always some thing with him

Len Berkowitz
Len Berkowitz ()

@bostonradio2 I like Swayman. I also like Tuukka. If they go with Swayman in Game 6, we may never see Tuukka in black and gold again.

Brad Anderson
Brad Anderson ()

@MikeFromWoburn Of course contrarian Felger more interested in talking Swayman than the Kuraly slash

Trav Switz
Trav Switz ()

@DJ_Bean I take no issue with your Swayman assessment. But I reject the notion that a guy who allows 4 goals on 15 shots doesn’t deserve some blame for a loss.

BIG BAD Bruins Nation
BIG BAD Bruins Nation ()

Ok Bruce Cassidy, said Tuukka isn’t 100%… You have to go with Swayman then…#NHLBruins

Evan Marinofsky
Evan Marinofsky ()

David Pastrnak on Jeremy Swayman coming in: “Sway came, good for him, I think he did a good job.”

Curtis Larade
Curtis Larade ()

@TheDonSweeney Rask save percentage 75% Swayman save percentage 66% Should we continue cherry picking stats?

The Hockey Guy (THG)
The Hockey Guy (THG) ()

Swayman is now the goalie of record in this one. That hardly seems fair if the comeback falls

NHL on NBC Sports
NHL on NBC Sports ()

Brock 🦞. Brock Nelson puts it past Jeremy Swayman, and the @NYIslanders take a three-goal lead. #StanleyCup // NBCSN

Fluto Shinzawa
Fluto Shinzawa ()

AM lines: Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak Hall-Krejci-Smith Ritchie-Coyle-Kuhlman Kuraly-Lazar-Wagner Frederic-DeBrusk Grzelcyk-McAvoy Reilly-Lauzon Tinordi-Clifton Zboril-Vaakanainen Swayman Halak

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