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Updated: November 26th, 2021 06:42 AM IST

Peaceful protests are ALWAYS welcome and encouraged. Riots are to be met with Swift action and justice moving forward. Zero tolerance.

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thankful for my grandma’s stuffing, our health, cabernet sauvignon, my hairstylist, library systems, group chats, taylor swift, apple pie, and marcus foligno bear-hugging mats zuccarello every time they come off the ice

@fantasyfreezer So you are having as miserable of a Thanksgiving as I am, sounds like? lol Swift and Gallup owner here.

Taylor Swift fue el Artista en general mas escuchado en Spotify el día de ayer con de Streams

Swift Photo,Swift Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

OLHA A PROMOÇÃO Taylor Swift: Ariana Grande: Katy Perry: Harry Styles: Tem um monte aqui:

Swift Photo,Swift Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Can someone release a new album so I don’t need to hear Adele or T Swift on the radio every time I get in the car?

Mas estou trabalhando nisso, sempre que sou vítima de mais um casal tento me policiar e lembrar das músicas profundas da taylor swift q falam de relacionamentos q duraram uns 70 dias

@MGutierrezNFL Yo igual pero brinco al pop culture y ni modo a aprenderle jaja, pues yo ando en las mismas con dos equipos con Swift espero que Zeke la rompa

taylor swift showing us everything she’s cooked in the last couple of years implies to me that she is currently cooking something else

@bobaparfait please take your time and i hope you have a swift treatment & recovery!! nothing is more important than your own health and well being ☺️

@GMoanki nope i have a anti dandre swift agenda. that fanbase been speaking on clyde edwards helaire too much

Awesome when you pick Swift to go the over on rushing yards and he gets knocked out of the game in the first half #BearsLions

i give myself 7 minutes of not bringing up taylor swift or politics at the thanksgiving table

the screen sharing thing on zoom wasn’t working and my screen recording froze and my student was like “i can only see taylor swift”

Finally my Rimworld colony is coming together, managed to raid some ruins and secured multiple Vanometric power cells and we researched survival meals so I can ACTUALLY TRADE with people who arent right next to me! GODS PUNISHMENT WILL BE SWIFT AND FAST FOR MY FORTUNE AND HUBRIS!


Chrishell is annoying as fuck she reminds me of Taylor swift annoying valley girl all innocent but a bitch deep down #sellingsunset

A estas alturas, lo único que quiero lograr en la vida, es ver en vivo a Taylor Swift y Little Mix.

#CHIvsDET Most likely A/C joint sprain for RB D’Andre Swift. Worse case scenario is a fractured clavicle. X-rays will be done in the back. If he escapes w/ an A/C joint sprain he is likely to return.

Consolidando seu status de maior, Taylor Swift se torna a primeira artista na HISTÓRIA a alcançar o topo dos 7 principais charts da Billboard, incluindo Hot 100, Billboard 200, Produtores, Compositores e Artistas.

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spoiler: the Number One song on this list is now 10 minutes long. now fully updated for Red (Taylor’s Version): all the songs by the ultimate songwriter & heart-maimer, Taylor Swift. all 206 of the tunes that break my Brooklyn skin & bones. long live.

bir sır gibi saklarım seni,bir yemin bir gizli düş gibi -Sezen Aksu - 6 Eylül 1984 You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath -Taylor Swift - 22 Ekim 2012/12 Kasım 2021

primeira vez que uma música da taylor swift conversa perfeitamente comigo

Justice Manifest Now Holy Spirit Almighty Power Y H W H Please Expose And Bring Swift Justice To Law Enforcement Officers Who Have Paid Others To Willingly Commit Crimes Here And Now

@_angyfork_ Take care Forkie beloved, here’s to a swift recovery, we love and miss you each day /p <33

@PrideOfDetroit Dan Campbell is looser. He said he would not settle but make bold decisions but he does not when the game is on the line. Today when he had a chance to go for it on 4 and 1 he took a field goal which lost him the game. Should have put it in the hands Swift

cuál es vuestro último logro? yo creo que estoy metiendo a clara en taylor swift

Mis playlist sim una mezcla de Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Mamma Mia, Oliva Rodrigo y Ariana grande

Peaceful protests are ALWAYS welcome and encouraged. Riots are to be met with swift action and justice moving forward. Zero tolerance.

Taylor Swift ultrapassou 1 BILHÃO de streams no Spotify somente no mês de novembro. Ela é a quarta artista feminina na história a alcançar essa marca!

Swift Photo,Swift Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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