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Clean slate tonight. ⚡️ #TBLvsTOR:.

#TBLvsTOR Photo,#TBLvsTOR Photo by Tampa Bay Lightning,Tampa Bay Lightning on twitter tweets #TBLvsTOR Photo

Back at it in Toronto tonight. ⚡️ #TBLvsTOR:.

#TBLvsTOR Photo,#TBLvsTOR Photo by Tampa Bay Lightning,Tampa Bay Lightning on twitter tweets #TBLvsTOR Photo

“We are standing here on the cusp of greatness. Why the hell wouldn’t we charge through that door? Let’s go get this. Let’s attack this.” #TBLvsTOR.

You can only focus on one game at a time, one shift at a time … every shift’s important in the playoffs and you gotta make sure you’re doing the right things and playing hard and I think we have those guys in the room that know and understand. #TBLvsTOR.

With the leadership in the dressing room and the big opportunity standing in front of them, Cooper has the utmost faith that his team will be ready to go come 7:30 on Tuesday night. @Chris_Krenn has your #TBLvsTOR Game 5 preview. ⤵️.

You have to make it personal … create an anger inside and a want to, whether your want is to win or your want is not to lose, either one. And that was the mindset we had going into tonight. #TBLvsTOR.

All class from #Bolts Cooper when asked about TOR: “I’ve been behind a bench with Morgan Reilly. I’ve been behind a bench with Mitch Marner. I’ve been behind a bench with Auston Matthews. If those guys became available, I would be first in line to put them on my team.” #TBLvsTOR.

#Bolts head coach Jon Cooper: “We’re here to win a series. We lost a game tonight. We let this one slip away. That’s on us, but we haven’t let this series slip away. We let a game slip away. That’s how you look at it. You’ve got to play it game by game.” #TBLvsTOR.

#Bolts Cooper on facing the Panthers: “I think people, especially in Florida, have been begging for the two teams to be contenders and go at it. I think last year, many people said that might have been the series of the playoffs…It should be a ton of fun.” #TBLvsTOR.

#TBLvsTOR Maybe all of the bad karma for Toronto is not the Maple Leaf’s team, but their hateful fans. The tweets to “hurt” other team’s players & booing the national anthem shows they’re the problem. Who wants to play on a team with that kind of fan base? You get what you give!.

#Bolts Cooper: “When Pointer got hurt, it seemed to lock the entire team in and I don’t think we looked back after that. I don’t think you have done what we’ve done the last couple years unless you have players that can respond the way they did.” #TBLvsTOR.

#Bolts HC Jon Cooper on not losing two straight: “It takes character. You have to have that in your room. They’re aware of situations. You’ve got to tip your hat to those guys. They lose a playoff game and then the next night go in and say we’re not losing this one.” #TBLvsTOR.

Gonna watch this one over and over and over and over again #TBLvsTOR The highlights from a victorious Game 7 in Toronto, as called by @DaveMishkin and @PhilEspo7.

#Bolts Ross Colton: We try to not get fazed by big situations like this. We knew the crowd was going to be just goes to show that we have such great leaders in the room that are vocal and bring us together in situations like this. #TBLvsTOR.

More #Bolts Cooper: “Like I said, this wasn’t a 4-0 sweep. We were down 3-2 in a series & found a way, but it was as close as it can be. I personally answered the same questions that they’re going to answer now, three years ago…They gave us everything we could handle.” #TBLvsTOR.

#Bolts Hedman on TOR: “Unbelievable team. Tough fought series. Close games, maybe not on the scoreboard every time, but it was a close-fought series. They have some unbelievable players & they were fighting hard. It was a close game today. It could’ve gone either way.” #TBLvsTOR.

#Bolts HC Jon Cooper: “It’s been odd that there’s been so much, whether it’s 5-on-4, 5-on-3, 4-on-4 - I’ve never seen that before in the playoffs. Please do not think this is an excuse. It’s not, by any means. It’s just different than what we’re used to.” #TBLvsTOR.

#Bolts defenseman Ryan McDonagh: “We just trust each other. We believe in our group. We believe in our plan and we want to win. We want to keep having success here. We’ve just got to put our minds to it here, work as a group, and it’ll go our way.” #TBLvsTOR.

#Bolts Cooper: “Whether it’s Heddy or Cernak or Mac or Sergachev - Bogo and Foote were great. You’ve got to make life hard on teams when they come around your net and I thought we’ve done a good job with that. Pretty fortunate to have some of those players back there.” #TBLvsTOR.

#Bolts Hedman on Point: “He was back there cheering us on and that goes a long way. It says everything about our group. We’re a close-knit group. We’ve been through a lot together and that’s a great feeling coming out on top.” #TBLvsTOR.

For his game 5 hit on Sergachev, The Tampa Bay Lightning have suspended Austin Matthews for the next 5 months. #GoBolts #TBLvsTOR.

Felt like a matter of time before Brayden Point scored tonight. He’s been all over the ice for the #Bolts. #TBLvsTOR.

Cooper: “In our run here, we’ve had 1 elimination game. What was the tell-tale sign of that elimination game? We didn’t give up any goals. I’m not saying you have to do that again, but that’s got to be a mindset of ours that, at times tonight, I think got away from us.” #TBLvsTOR.

Great takeaway by Ondrej Palat in the neutral zone and he springs Nick Paul on a breakaway, but Jack Campbell makes a big save. 4:42 left in the second period. Andrei Vasilevskiy the MVP of this period for the #Bolts, without question. #TBLvsTOR.

No piling on the Leafs No complaining about the refs No potshots at the Lightning Just straight up great journalism This story is a perfect reason why Chris is one of the best in the business. Good to see you in Tampa my guy, keep up the great work. #TBLvsTOR #NHL.

#Bolts McDonagh: “We can hang our heads about it or we can turn the page and get ready for a big Game 6 and that’s what we’re going to do.” #TBLvsTOR.

Where are all the leaf fans tonight?! I can’t hear you👂🏼😂 #TBLvsTOR LFG back to back champs and y’all actually had nonsense to say after ONE win on Monday LMAO! Put some respect on the name… let’s go LIGHTNING!! ⚡️.

Some great options to choose from tonight #TBLvsTOR The Lightning Radio Game Two Call of the Game is this sensational pass by Hedman to set up Perry. 🎙 @DaveMishkin and @PhilEspo7.

Great job by Andrei Vasilevskiy to swallow up a slap shot from Mitch Marner and get a whistle. 6:20 left in the second period. #TBLvsTOR.

Ryan Patrick McDonagh, PSB. Professional Shot Blocker #GoBolts #TBLvsTOR @953WDAE.

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