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“I love you, but I would love you more,” Ted Nugent tells the audience at Trump’s rally, “if you went out and just went berserk on the skulls of the Democrats and the marxists and the communists.” “Evil” must be “stamped out.”.

Ted Nugent, former NRA Board member, to Donald Trump today during a rally that took place as a mass shooting by a white supremacist and conspiracy theorist unfolded at a grocery store in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo. When will we hold the GOP accountable for this hate speech?.

@DrOz trump: Twice-impeached seditious loser Hannity: Fox propagandist, client #3 Ted Nugent: Wrote song Jailbait 🤮 Mehmet Oz: still votes in Turkey elections, close ties with dictator Erdogan. Unelectable..

Don’t forget to RSVP to join my Tele-Town Hall tomorrow night with Ted Nugent at 7:00 PM!.

Ted Nugent has assaulted Americans with his horrid singing for years, now he’s getting more violent. Violent radical right.

MAGA and the Republicans have turned a portion of our country into savages. Reminder: Ted Nugent was a degenerate draft dodger before he was a MAGA degenerate. @migop @TedNugent.

Ted Nugent? A complete psycho? Who could have seen that coming? Oh, everyone? Oh. Okay. Yeah..

Thank you Ted Nugent for rocking the house at the #AmericanFreedomTour! 🇺🇸 📷 ©2022 Jonathan D. Williams & Ellen Ferrell-.

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Ted Nugent just asked his followers to berserk on Democrats and coincidentally some dude just shot up a supermarket in Buffalo..

@cd_hooks @allender_ann Yep, a real dedicated Trump ass kisser is old Ted Nugent. Telling other people to go out and do violence and suffer the consequences. He will just sit back and laugh..

this and the Ted Nugent thing going around both seem to think that these were unintended consequences. Dylann Roofs and Kyle Rittenhouses and this guys are the goal, not a side effect.

Dr. Memet Oz has been endorsed by Ted Nugent in his Senate run in PA. His opponent, meanwhile, is hoping to level the playing field by getting an endorsement by the guy who played Dwayne on What’s Happening..

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@jrhennessy Who could they have booked to do the other song? My best guess is Ted Nugent or Skrewdriver.

@Marmel You know you’re in trouble when you have to use Ted Nugent as a reference… for anything..

@DrOz Ted Nugent????????????? a leader???? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮.


@truby_80 He gets an actual VIP cell in a fixed building with Ted Nugent, and honey badgers..

@YallRCrazy @cd_hooks Ironic, since Ted Nugent literally shit his pants to get out of the Vietnam draft..

@MOJOCHEFJEFF The ONLY person I can think of would be Ted Nugent himself. The rest of the planet, not so much..

@thehill You have main stream Democratic politicians calling for unrest. You have a main stream Democratic politician telling supporters to kick Republicans. You have have a active shooter going after Republican politicians but Ted Nugent is the problem? Oj then,👍.

@AnnieAndrewsMD @kelly2277 The idea of Oz holding a gun rights town hall meeting with guest gun night Ted Nugent, clearly defines what a retrograde extremist Oz has become. To hold such a rally in the aftermath of a mass casualty event, is an obscenity. Gun violence remains a public health crisis..

@mehdirhasan Clearly Ted Nugent has no respect for the rule of law or the rights of people who believe differently than he does. The people who his calling out are not criminals. They are US citizens who have rights. He, however, is inciting violence, which is indeed a crime..

@caslernoel @DrOz Ted Nugent sings? I thought what he did was bleat atonally to badly played guitar..

@dukewindsor388 Ted Nugent pooed his pants to dodge the kind of leader dump and oz appreciate.

@DrOz Ted Nugent? You’re an awful person. Even worse than I thought when you were on television..

Leaders like Ted Nugent, a pedophile who shit his pants to avoid military service. #PASen #supportthetroops.


I love @joanjett She’s still relevant and Ted Nugent is a washed up has been..

I salute our leaders Sean Hannity and Ted Nugent. 💪🇺🇸.

@DrOz leaders like Ted Nugent???????? Bwaaahaaahaaahaaahaa!! And even HE is not the most ridiculous name on your list!! 😆 🤣.

@NickAdamsinUSA These are the words of a terrorist:“I love you, but I would love you more,” Ted Nugent tells the audience at Trump’s rally, “if you went out and just went berserk on the skulls of the Democrats and the marxists and the communists.” He is a POS and so are you..

@ananavarro One inspired by Trump. The other inspired by Tucker Carlson. And today, Ted Nugent urged everyone at an Austin rally for Trump to go out and bash some Democrat skulls. Anyone surprised?.

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