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テトリスで、バトルロイヤル。Nintendo Switch Online加入者限定特典、『TETRIS® 99』はこのダイレクト終了後に配信開始。 #NintendoDirectJP.

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tfw no boyfriend who calls me shit at tetris 99 and is verbally abusive not even as a joke just is fucking mean.

I really want to play Apex Legends, but after Tetris 99, do I really need any other battle royale game?.

tem algum tipo de lobby no tetris 99? e se eu quiser jogar com mais 98 amigos?????.

Tetris 99 añadirá al menos tres modos más en una actualización..

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@JogaSemprePT O Tetris 99 parece ser interessante, um battle Royal diferente!! 😉.

tetris 99 is godlike im just not used to playing tetris with a controller so it feels odd looool.

@TonyPizzaGuy Tetris 99 if you have the Switch Shadowgun Legends on mobile Rules of Survival on PC/Mobile.

Jeux vidéo. Avec Tetris 99, une Battle Royale pour empiler les briques.

Okay that was pretty short. Gonna play some Tetris 99 instead.

Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass mir ein Battle Royale Spaß machen wü Aber Tetris 99 ist schon geil!! <3.

It honestly amazes me that people are somehow completely disappointed with the recent #NintendoDirect. HUGE announcements, surprises, surprise dropped games that are being played by a massive number of people already (Tetris 99). #LinksAwakening!.

Holy Jesus, do not play Tetris 99 with a Pro the D-Pad cannot judge inputs correctly..

通称ドン勝テトリスはオンライン入ってる人ならタダでプレイできるよ  Nintendo Switch|ダウンロード購入|TETRIS® 99.

Aunque no lo creas, ¡el Battle Royale llegó a Tetris! Mira esta nueva edición de Tomando el Control donde probamos Tetris 99.

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Si me he hecho cuenta en el online de Switch para jugar al Tetris 99 (y no para el Smash) se dice y no pasa nada.

So next week will be 4 years of being a Partner ( 🤠 ) on @Twitch . -IF- I decide to celebrate it, what should we play? I have TONS of options and unplayed games, but only 4 choices on the Twitter Poll. Castlevania Marathon? Metal Gear Marathon? KH Marathon? RE2? Tetris 99?.

@Jome20 @nron10 But how are we supposed to catch up on other games when Nintendo stealth-releases Tetris 99 without prior warnings?.

Tetris 99: no tenia ni puta idea de que era gratis y me lo bajé porque jajaja tetris battle royale pero ayer me tire como 3 horas en el pipero con mosko jugando a esto super concentradisimos y la verdad es super divertido no va en broma.

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It is because of Tetris 99? The game is a battle royale (the same genre of Fortnite) in which every battle starts with 99 players..

@Rick_Lane For some reason I thought the first sentence was about Tetris 99 and I was confused that Tetris is a shooter now.

me, after losing at tetris 99: ah, so sad, that even tetris has been tainted by capitalism and become an individualistic competitive game of dominance. i am not mad..

🔥 Ayer me puse a probar el TETRIS 99 ( el Battle Royale) y me río de Fortnite y Apex Legends. A ver quién es el listo que sube una victoria por día 😂😂😂 Lo más difícil que he jugado en mi vida, y eso sí, viciante a más no poder, que ida de olla 🔥.

Me playing Tetris 99 when I hold an L block while already holding an L block..

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[任天堂HP]『TETRIS® 99(「Nintendo Switch Online」加入者限定特典)』公式サイトを公開しました。.

テトリスで、バトルロイヤル。Nintendo Switch Online加入者限定特典、『TETRIS® 99』はこのダイレクト終了後に配信開始。 #NintendoDirectJP.

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