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Texans trading WR Brandin Cooks to Cowboys for 2023 5th round pick + 2024 6th round pick. (via @rapsheet).

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Sources: The #Texans are trading WR Brandin Cooks to the #Cowboys for a 5th this year and 6th next year. A big-play threat for Dallas..

FA DB Lonnie Johnson Jr. is signing a one-year deal with the #Saints, sources tell @theScore. In seven starts for the #Texans in 2021, Johnson had 3 INTs and 6 PBUs. The versatile CB/Safety is a former 2nd-round pick, who I’m told had three different suitors in free agency..

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DeMeco has to take the #Texans team to see this at the Right?.

It was a really strong several days for the #Texans. Upgraded at right guard, interior defensive line, safety, running back and tight end. And then they have the draft picks to consider. Hard to imagine it not being a better, more competitive and watchable product this year..

🚨🚨BREAKING🚨🚨 BIDEN LOSES AGAIN Judge Jeffrey Brown ruled that the so-called Waters of the United States rule announced by the EPA in late December poses irreparable harm to residents of Texas and Idaho. The unlawful rule would have saddled Texans across the state with….

Former Bills running back Devin Singletary is reportedly expected to sign with the Texans on a one-year deal.

Former Bills RB Devin Singletary signs one-year contract with Houston Texans.

AFC Notes: Colts, Gardner Minshew, Laremy Tunsil, Texans, Titans.

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Someone in the building read my RB breakdown #DevinS - wrote this back in early February. Love it and his juice is much, MUCH needed..

@TapaNava Piezas van, piezas vienen, pero en el tablero del ajedrez el que corona es el rey. Esperemos sea una buena adhesión para Texans, Carlos. Y concuerdo, es buen jugador..

Breaking: Former Dallas Cowboys TE Dalton Schultz is signing a one-year, $9 million deal with the Houston Texans, sources tell ESPN, first reported by NFL Network..

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@mhinds23 both those rbs hit or texans will be humbled the first time pierce and singletary decide to suck at the same time 🤣.

@TexansCanada As Packers fan it’s crazy how Amari Rodgers become another player when Texans claimed him.

The Texans are making the playoffs this season. They’ll have a top 16 offense and defense. Thinking 9-8, 10-7. 2024 will be more of the same. 2025 is when I expect the fun to really start..

Le rappeur PnB Rock assassiné après avoir été localisé sur Instagram #Texans.

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So, Sources: Texans add TE Schultz, RB Singletary.

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Sources: Texans add TE Schultz, RB Singletary Read more.

@oscar_barkis @Texans_Thoughts Cant help but think Meco brang a ton of knowledge and competency in the building..

@PsicologoFA Free agency dos Texans ta bacana. Se conseguirem um starter pra defesa ou um WR1 na segunda pick de first round deles, esse time começa a tomar forma..

If the #Texans get CJ Stroud and JSN they’ll officially be my second favorite team in the NFL.

@BroadisonAve @Cowboys_FanTalk You can check the receipts on almost any cowboys fans’ Twitter page. We didn’t like him even before he signed with the Texans.

Dalton Schultz signs with the #Texans! Schultz will be one of the top targets on this rebuilding offense. We expect Schultz to finish in the TE 10-12 range..


@JaMarrJungle idk if ur from houston but yeah yall would root for anyone over the texans 😭.

@BigE_Houston Exactly! Texans fans so toxic they just think we didn’t sign these people so it’s his fault. Man a lot plays into it..

I know this isn’t saying a lot but the Texans will be a significantly better team next season than they were last season.

🚨BREAKING: Houston Texans sign RB Devin Singletary to a 1-year deal. Congrats 🎉 @houstontexans @motor_singletary5.

O Houston Texans também assinou contrato com o RB Devin Singletary. Será um contrato de um ano no valor máximo de US$ 3,75 milhões. Em 2022 pelo Buffalo Bills ele teve 177 corridas para 819 jardas e 5 touchdowns além de receber 38 passes para 280 jardas e 1 touchdown..

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Really pleased with the Texans roster moves so far. We’ve still got a long way to go but this is a solid foundation..

New Threads: Dalton Schultz➡️ #Texans 🔥 🎨: @swipagfx.

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