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We strongly condemn the crackdown on peaceful protests by the #French people. We call on the French government to respect #human_rights and avoid using force against its people who are pursuing their demands in a peaceful manner..

The French Photo,The French Photo by Iran Foreign Ministry 🇮🇷,Iran Foreign Ministry 🇮🇷 on twitter tweets The French Photo

King Charles’s state visit to France has been postponed in light of protests planned next week over the French government’s controversial pension reforms..

The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind (French TV, 1967) 1080p HD via @YouTube.

@Europhobe We implore the intervention of the United Nations for France, the dictatorship that my French brothers and sisters are experiencing are unbearable and unacceptable. Russia come help us.

Can’t quite believe how much I admire the French people protesting their pension age rising. Meanwhile, here in England we just roll over and grumble a bit 🤷‍♀️.

Because of French air-traffic control strikes, we’re still sat on the runway awaiting our slot to enter French airspace 😣.

@amazingatheist The lil demon whispering in TJ’s ear: Chicken nuggets, pizza, double layered Oreos, ramen noodle, spaghetti, bacon, eggs, pop tarts, ice cream, Doritos, French fries, tacos, risotto, Swiss cheese, fried fish, sushi, mashed potatoes with gravy, cheeseburgers, dumplings, pie, saus-.

@ConstantinStHe1 Our cops are NEVER on the side of citizens like the French cops 💩.

Africa’s Middle Class is an interesting bunch, if Africans tried to do what the French are doing they’d be putting out a litany of Opinions condemning their own and taking the stance of the mainstream media. Right now they’re busy applauding the French for doing exactly the same..


@Loca_Sabooy Could 🥸( don’t know why but the emoji looks french to me for some reason so I added it).

Can you IMAGINE, what the French people would be doing right now, if they were going through what we are going through, in this Country!.

@JamesMelville Yes and I cheer the french citizens who get the guts to do what all other european citizens should also do instead of crying on themselves. Enough is enough. We are all sick of all our governments creepy decisions. Are we going back to live like in Middle Ages? 😡.

Feel free to choose the language you prefer: ◾ English: ◾Danish: ◾Dutch: ◾French: ◾German: ◾Greek:.

He should be tied to that door in Bordeaux. The French know EXACTLY what to do with parasite families..

#NowPlaying Off The Rip by French Montana, Chinx, on @TIDAL.

So I said, make me French now exempt from all that French language training since I’m doing all the editing. Oh no, we can’t do night it’s a one time selection. I meet all the requirements. They counted me a token [English] women. Pony riders got to count me four times..

@BBCBreaking Ah, the French, only need one French Housewife to find a Crooked Carrot and there will be a Tyre fire at the end of the road before the days out..

@PAMMYOS She makes Ivy a French carrot salad, one of the dishes Belle taught her how to make..

The French Photo,The French Photo by Harley Quinn de Beaumont,Harley Quinn de Beaumont on twitter tweets The French Photo

The French make all this mess because they retire at 60 and their government wants them to retire at 62; and we Italians who retire at 67, what should we say then?.

@DrLoupis This is why the French are The Republican party wants to do the same here..

@sussexsquad1982 @chrisshipitv You understand that protests are NOT against the King and the Queen? It’s against the French government!!.

@NileGardiner Talk about reversing the truth !!! The UK is the place that had turned into a 3rd World country !! These riots are about French Pension reform !! Nothing to do with the EU !!! Liar ..

@catturd2 I don’t think they’re going there for global warming northern border crosses up exponentially. The Canadian president taking their guns taking their land. And most of them are French which is a beautiful thing I love French women‼️.

@BeckettUnite Sometimes I wish the UK would be like France a little bit more. I’m french and lived in London for a while, understood our cultural/ historical background isnt the same but never truly understood british laxity.

Bordeaux city hall was set on fire amid nationwide protests against French pension changes | France | The Guardian.

French police should be violently beating Kaffirs across the country.

@NadineDorries When Charlie goes over can the French apply le Coup de Grâce 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇵🇪🇺.

The French Photo,The French Photo by Ronnie Allan,Ronnie Allan on twitter tweets The French Photo

France population 67 million ish US population 337 million ish If J6 really wanted the capital that day, instead of tours. Just be happy were more patient than the French..

@SkyNews Don’t think that would upset the French they are a republic and executed their royals centuries ago..

@disclosetv As James May once said: “The French are a bunch of land burning, work shy peasants.” “France is a country you have to drive through to get to Italy. That’s all that is there for.”.

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