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The Sonic movie was legitimately great! I had a dumb smile on my face the whole time. Best Ace Ventura movie in years too.

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Matty! ()

The Sonic movie continues to baffle me, but I’m disappointed that it wasn’t Mario Bros. levels of baffling.


we did it we saw the sonic movie at 10 pm on Valentine’s Day

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CosmicPainter - YEAR OF ACNH 🎈 ()

#SonicMovie was a very welcome surprise!! I liked it a lot more than I thought I would! Sonic was so precious and I dont feel it overstayed its welcome. Any complaints I may have about it is pretty much overshadowed by the joy that a new generation of kids will love sonic like me

Cake 🍕 ()

Going to see Sonic tomorrow. Looking forward to the electric chair 😂

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Swσrdч ⚔️ ()

All of us are gonna have to talk about the Sonic movie tomorrow That was wow I fucking LOVED IT

Diego Olea ()

How the fuck was the Sonic movie actually insanely good, god I love this movie so much

Jawn Cena ()

Sonic the Hedgehog was ehh. Jim Carrey and the end credits were the only real highlights of the film.

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Paige Alyssa ()

As a stan that’s super critical of the Sonic franchise, they did the #SonicMovie perfectly. I have zero complaints

⸎ wheatley ⸎ ()


Natalie ()

i didn’t like the movie the end, but tails is cool, the bucket list was cute, sonic flossing and being obnoxious the whole time was fun, the doctor vibing to his playlist was a whole wave, yeah it was ok

Natalie ()

my bullshit self is saying “the sonic movie would’ve felt better if the soundtrack for the action scenes weren’t wet poop”

Brandon ()

@elonmusk Solid Black Model S with the black & white carbon fiber interior, 21 Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels, ludicrous mode, autopilot, with full-self driving capabilities and free unlimited supercharging!?!?! Sign me up.

Star Cinemas Me ()

Sonic tries to explore the planet earth and while doing so, he meets a man named Tom Wachowski👨‍⚕️ They both soon find out that an evil doctor is trying to capture sonic for his powers to dominate the world🌍 Book your tickets at #StarCinemasME #StarCinemas

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Wonder-Echo Orcool / 3 days till my Birthday ()

I just heard Chris-Chan apparently liked the Sonic Movie. Oh My God. What kind of beast is this movie, man? How did this go from unifying the fanbase in hatred to unifying the fanbase in love? This is the biggest U-Turn of the century.

Life is exhausting ()

@GaijinGoombah @mayhem_crimson Given that the Sonic redesign was partially responsible for the studio working on it getting shut down, safe to assume that Detective Pikachu was just an exception to the curse.

Amos white ()

@DNdamagi I wanna see some of that Sonic fanfic hit the big screen. And a cameo from the classic sonic fankid that says frick all the time.

Mermista ()

I need someone to reanimate the entire sonic the hedgehog movie with the old design so I can see how horrific it would be

Sᴄʀᴜ̈ᴇɢɢS ()

You might be alone on Valentine’s Day but take solace in the fact that some guy is taking a girl to the Sonic The Hedgehog movie tonight and totally getting laid afterwards.

Chris liked the Sonic Movie ()

...Darling in the FranXX Games: Sonic 3&K, Sonic Adventure 1&2, Fire Emblem Awakening, KHII:FM, Pokemon Generation V Movies: Spongebob Movie, the Spider-Man Trilogy, Sonic OVA, Tarzan, Little Mermaid, Wallace and Grommit

Anthony(MCR is back)Passaretti ()

The last shot of Sonic got a bigger reaction in my theater than anything I’ve seen in a theater since the end of Endgame

✩ 𝕒𝕡𝕣𝕚𝕝 ✩ ()

this kid at work asked me if i was going for a Sonic the Hedgehog because my hair is

Puddinpap! 💖✨ ()

I bought tickets for Cody and I to see Sonic on V-Day and I accidentally selected FRONT ROW SEATS because the funky theater layout got me all fucked up 😔😭💀

4realfan4life ()

@Calico_Kai Only happened maybe twice but it has me literally nervous about seeing a 3d movie wearing glasses again. Watched a 3rd movie in 3d with glasses though (Detective Pikachu), I was fine. Stick around for the credits I was happy being a die hard Sonic fan. XD

CreamBRabbit ()

Just finished watching the Sonic movie and OMG I LOVED IT!!! Please let there be a sequel!!!!

Casey Nugent ()

Walking into JFK and immediately being greeting by an ad for the Sonic Movie is like walking home to an open hug from an old friend

Dilip Radhakrishnan ()

With a 65% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 98 reviews, Sonic is currently the third-highest rated video game adaptation, but as more reviews pour in, it seems the Sega-inspired film suffers from the same pitfalls as its predecessors. #game

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ばか ()

Saw the Sonic movie today and the entire time I was thinking how badly I wanted to see the original version.

AggronWarrior99 @RAILGUN T SZN ()

seeing the general public talk about sonic in a positive light makes me so damn happy

Panda-hamm ()

shoutout to the moment in the sonic movie where they showed his feet and my brother’s nails sunk six inches into my forearm

Jacksepticeye ()

The Sonic movie was legitimately great! I had a dumb smile on my face the whole time. Best Ace Ventura movie in years too.

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