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the game: 1-0 avs 2-0 avs 2-1 avs 2-2 3-2 VGK the series: 1-0 avs 2-0 avs 2-1 avs 2-2 3-2 VGK

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@9NEWS The Avs faced the black and gold and lost because of the black and white stripes. So many no calls and bad reffing. Kadri out for more games and other bullish players suspended for fewer games. Can’t beat multiple teams on the same ice

Agricultural Voices Syria
Agricultural Voices Syria ()

A meeting with AVS team in NW Syria including Dr. Shaher Abdullateef @ShaherAbdulla, discuss podcast topics and collect feedback for further episodes and podcast improvement. We celebrate at the end in a farm of one of AVS team.

The Avs Photo,The Avs Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
The Gilded Jester
The Gilded Jester ()

@AikmanCMU @insight702 hrm. i see jabbing and jabbing back but no reason why you two cant get along. chalk it up to the Avs causing stress and doing weird things to peeps.

Jack 🚬
Jack 🚬 ()

@BiasedJokicFan Counter to your counter to your counter + your mom left you + Jokic is BBQ Chicken to Mitch Rob + Knicks have two rings + Rangers will run hockey with Eichel + Avs losing in the first round + Teddy Bridgewater isn’t remotely close to Tannechad

p - AvsBurgundyReview
P - AvsBurgundyReview ()

Rantanen on the emotion in the #Avs locker room following the Game Six loss: I think you know. #GoAvsGo

Z - Mile High Pundit Podcast
Z - Mile High Pundit Podcast ()

In closing for this evening. New pod tomorrow. In a normal year, Avs don’t see Vegas until the WCF. Simple as that. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a different narrative. We’re all still Avs fans. Goodnight. And let’s go nuggets. They’re our last hope

Justin Emerson
Justin Emerson ()

You could watch hockey for 100 years and never again see flamingos and beach balls rain down on the ice. Welcome to a series-clinching game in the Entertainment Capital of the World #VegasBorn

p - Faster than Vegas
P - Faster than Vegas ()

Silver linings lol. Call it dumb luck that the Avs best team in a very long time just had to come together for the second shortened by COVID season.

𝓅𝓊𝓂𝓅𝓀𝒾𝓃 𝓂𝒶𝓂𝒾 🌙💛
𝓅𝓊𝓂𝓅𝓀𝒾𝓃 𝓂𝒶𝓂𝒾 🌙💛 ()

@nuggswrld The Nuggets have an excuse with all these injuries, the Avs did not! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Optimus Fine
Optimus Fine ()

Add the Avs leaving the playoffs to my list of shitty things that have happened this last week 😭😭😭😭 still love this team though

Game 6 connoisseur
Game 6 connoisseur ()

Still my favorite goalie of all time. Can’t hate the Avs…

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Big Delivery Sports🏀🏈⚽️⚾️🏒
Big Delivery Sports🏀🏈⚽️⚾️🏒 ()

2-1✅ Avs TT Ov. ()🔥💸 Jazz TT Ov. ()🔥💸 Jrue Holiday Assists OVER 🚫 Cash Another Max & Starting To See The Light Again 👀🤔

Mark Lazerus
Mark Lazerus ()

Third straight second-round exit for the Avs, who are so talented and so well-constructed with so many team-friendly contracts. Now you have to pay Makar and it gets harder. A reminder of just how magical — and fortunate — Chicago was to squeeze three Cups out of that window.

Paul Bissonnette
Paul Bissonnette ()

That’ll do it. Avs back end got exposed this series and they couldn’t get the save when they needed. Not sure why Byram didn’t get a sniff.

Vegas Golden Knights
Vegas Golden Knights ()

the game: 1-0 avs 2-0 avs 2-1 avs 2-2 3-2 VGK the series: 1-0 avs 2-0 avs 2-1 avs 2-2 3-2 VGK

slave trainee of AVS
Slave trainee of AVS ()

@AmalievonStein You possess the power Mistress. we are just little toys in Your presence for You to play and have pleasure with. At Your Feet my Mistress.

Dr Pradeep Mohan
Dr Pradeep Mohan ()

@avs_IND @Piyu_Nair Antibody levels still likely above thresholds conferring protection for most fully vaccinated individuals. The paper says so itself. 👇🏻

The Avs Photo,The Avs Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Dr Pradeep Mohan
Dr Pradeep Mohan ()

@avs_IND @Piyu_Nair Very misleading news that can create vaccine hesitancy. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Antibody neutralization is NOT the same as vaccine efficacy, as in a reduction in antibody neutralization does NOT mean the same thing for vaccine efficacy!

Mike Chambers
Mike Chambers ()

Schedules release and #Avs will practice Saturday ... because they need to fix things. #VegasBorn has earned the day off

Cory🍀⁶ ()

walked into an absolute shit show at work and the Avs lost. the welcoming back to reality is always crushing

Darren Baylis
Darren Baylis ()

Voice is starting to come back after yelling at the tv during that knights/avs what a game! #VGKvsCOL

Zach Grimes
Zach Grimes ()

@IM_PERIL Yeah the Avs lost tonight too, while I was playing no less. Dan pranked everyone apparently.

Lorenzo ()

We have outplayed the Avs in each of the two game Reaves was out for. *pretends to be shocked*

Jesse Merrick
Jesse Merrick ()

We get that third one and your ears are ringing. The Golden Knights snagged their first win of the series, beating the Avs 3-2 in game three thanks to late goals from Marchy and Patch #VegasBorn Watch the full post game press conference 👇🏼

Ali M.
Ali M. ()

The overreacting is funny to me. Imagine if Twitter was around the last time the Avs won the cup in 2001! People would’ve lost their minds when we went to seven games with the Kings after almost blowing a 3-1 series lead. They’ll bounce back on Sunday! #GoAvsGo

The Post Is An Avs Fan
The Post Is An Avs Fan ()

@gracos2011 @Avalanche Nah the avs weren’t that bad it’s just that the knights were too good

Shaquille OatMeal
Shaquille OatMeal ()

Putting the energy out Bednar lighting off Avs win Sunday 5-1 Mark this tweet too @AJHaefele

Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer ()

Game 5 between the Avs and Golden Knights will be at 7 (9 ET) on Tuesday in Denver. @CBSDenver #GoAvsGo

x-lisa dawn
X-lisa dawn ()

I have quality filters on my mentions and it means I usually miss any dumbass Avs/Wild fans trying to tweet at me. Like, hey, I don’t go to your shitty Twitter feed and bother you. GTFO. (When I do see them, it’s by accident and I refuse to give them the attention they want.)

p - Colorado Avalanche
P - Colorado Avalanche ()

Posey, the hospital dog for Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, wants to hear a “Let’s go Avs!” #GoAvsGo

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