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this is now a Gregory the Gargoyle fan club 📺 THE SANDMAN.

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enter the Dreaming with THE SANDMAN: DREAMCAST the limited audio series allows you to relax and rest alongside beloved characters, with author Neil Gaiman available wherever you get your podcasts and.

The way he went from battling Lucifer in Hell to being defeated by a baguette #TheSandman.

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For more than two decades, attempts to turn Neil Gaiman’s epic comic-book series into a film failed. But Netflix’s new adaptation of “The Sandman” is magnificent.

i’m not ashamed to say i’m sticking with the sandman only for the tom sturridge asmr.

The Sandman es de las mejores series que podrán ver en la vida. Hace una exploración sobre la vida, la muerte y el cambio con personajes rarísimos e historias geniales autoconclusivas. Podría durar otras 4 temporadas pero si es la única funciona tmb <3 es perfecta.

If one actually goes back and reads THE SANDMAN, it’s pretty astonishing how much of the @netflix series is scrupulously faithful to the comics run. I’ve now watched it twice, and it’s clearly one of the greatest comic adaptations EVER. No. REALLY..

enquanto o fandom de the sandman tá espumando em cima do Lucifer do tom o Neil tá assim; a thread.

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I’ve loved @neilhimself’s Sandman for literally decades now. I think it’s an extraordinary feat of imagining, to create a modern mythology that belongs to entirely to now and also extends back to traditions that are millennia old. The Netflix adaptation is glorious [1/2].

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Netflix’s #TheSandman is a hugely faithful adaptation of the comic book series by Neil Gaiman..

The menace and horror of the original Sandman comics might have largely vanished in this adaptation, however to me this makes sense as more people will be able to enjoy it..

Had to leave the room during the “Sound of her wings”. I was already tearing up but the baby was too much to bear, even though I knew it was coming. #Sandman.

Watching the sandman omg, the dream is saur hawt likeeee 🥵.

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It’s so strange seeing people talk about how the Sandman’s characters’ genders and race being different than those in the graphic novel misses the point of the original story when the literal author is executive producing and writing the show..

serasa kosong abis nonton the sandman bagus banget ga bisa move on mvs.

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THE SANDMAN É ARTE,acabei agr e to sem palavras pqp que serie FODA.

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I don’t watch tv much anymore, only show I’ve watched since Trinkets is Ted Lasso, but Sandman is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, just utterly, absolutely fantastic If you like the comic, watch the show. If you’ve never even heard of the comic, watch it anyway.

Me & my mom finished The Sandman and it was good. Though there were some parts that were a bit wrong & unnecessary, we had fun. My mom loved the comic book & it was a good adaptation for her. This was one of our favorite scene. Good thing nexflix uploaded it..

The Sandman ep with “we should totes hang out, I’ll see you in a hundred years” really speaks to me.

//Oh! I am watching the Sandman show. I really like it. And I welcome any from that verse to interact as well. Thank you all. 💜.

This dark, engrossing comic book adaptation is utterly lavish, and features an emotional depth that’s almost unheard of in fantasy epics. It should delight fans and newcomers alike..

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Atribuí nota 9 ao episódio 1x3 - Dream a Little Dream of Me de The Sandman #bancodeseries.

Trying not to binge all of #Sandman too fast but it’s so great and I’m very tempted. Epic and sprawling but also tight, fast-paced and the episodes are all distinctive chapters that tell a complete story (you know… like episodes of TV should be)..

Great quick trip to STL with the family. Super excited to have the “sandman” returning to UCC tomorrow after being absence of several weeks..

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@marcmcgaugh1975 Been binge watching The Sandman on Netflix /lol/ they did a fab job of adapting the stories for the screen..

Até iria assistir Sandman hoje, mas decidi dar o play em The Baby e Me pegou! Agora tô maratonando a temporada aqui..

@Moon_bunsie Ples tell me you saw her in the Sandman. I had to stop myself from drooling. That whole show was just my bi ass trying to hold my spit in. Help.😩🤌.

@conorsmurf That’s a relief then at least. Of all IPs they probably risked the most backlash by changing elements of Sandman, glad to hear they didn’t. A risky move I’m sure based on what I remember of it!.

📡 TRANSMISIÓN INICIADA 📡 ⌛️ The Sandman: Intro a los Eternos. 🗓️ Anuncios para Agosto. 🌌 Exploramos nuevos destinos. ¡Vamos! 🔴.

bringing back my Gaiman-approved twt amidst all the Sandman discourse because why not.

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