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The Weeknd is one of the biggest stars in the world. After he found out a 3-year old girl with cancer wanted to meet him, he invited her to his concert. When they met, she did this..

🏆 TOP 50 | MELHORES FEATS 37 • Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd - Lust For Life.

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The Weeknd brings spectacle as he makes up for postponed Toronto stadium concert.


The Weeknd is back performing in Toronto after cancellations 🎶 @theweeknd @KrisReports #Toronto #TheWeeknd.

anon erkekler sesli mesajda helelelelele yapınca sapık orospu çocuğu the weeknd konserin ortasında yapınca abi mükemmel adam ya.

Nickelback - How you remind me Alligatoah - Nachbeben The Weeknd - Blinding Lights.

ฟังเพลงของ the weeknd ตอนกลางคืนเป็นอะไรที่🤤.

Dear self, Perhaps the biggest mistake you made was not loving yourself as much as you should. Know your worth. Don’t ask for it. Don’t depend on someone and expect from them to give you the love you need. You need it from yourself..

#Review: The Weeknd treated 45,000 loyal fans to a 100-minute bombardment of the senses in his first of two concerts at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, writes Nick Krewen..

naming our kids “bad bunny world’s hottest tour” and “the weeknd after hours til dawn tour”.

yesterday’s bereal was me looking for tickets to the weeknd and todays is gonna be me at the show 😭❤️‍🔥.

He usado Shazam para descubrir Blinding Lights (feat. Chromatics) [Chromatics Remix], de The Weeknd.

@BiggKingsley @gomezorgohome0 You said you knew her because of the calm down remix and that was it and now you’re saying it’s because of The Weeknd. What next, Bieber? It’s hard for you to keep up with all your lies.

Just an UPDATE The Weeknd is still my favorite artist just thought you guys should know 😁.

@ProvJacquee yeah i know, i was more expressing sympathy for the weeknd’s anger for not being nominated last year.

the weeknd in toronto was insane 😭😭😭 #AfterHoursTilDawn.

The Weeknd gives heartfelt shoutout to Toronto fans after his comeback.

Istan : Taylor swift Selena Gomez The Weeknd Tate mcrae Olivia Rodrigo Jungkook Like : Mariah Carey Sabrina carpenter Ariana Grande Post Malone Blackpink Nicki minaj Baby tate..

طوالع السرطان لو كانوا فنانين او كُتاب فاعمالهم تُخلد في انفس الناس لانها تلامس اعمق التحولات النفسيه ، مثلاً لو كانوا مغنين فتلاحظون الكلمات مؤثره تحمل مشاعر عميقه وفيديو الاغنيه يحمل طابع ظلامي قد يبدو مخيف او يحمل ايحائات جىْسيه ( مو شرط ) مثال : The Weeknd و Adele.

The Weeknd Photo,The Weeknd Photo by شهْده.,شهْده. on twitter tweets The Weeknd Photo

Dando aquela olhada básica na crítica gringa percebi que músicos pretos dominam artisticamente o mercado musical. Kanye West, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Michael Kiwanuka, The qualquer um desses produziu ao menos dois discos incontornáveis na última década..

quão nosso gosto musical é compatível? + 10% - cigarettes after sex + 10% - joji + 10% - chapéu de palha + 10% - legião urbana + 10% - baco + 10% - the weeknd + 10% - jão + 10% - mitski + 10% - keshi + 10% - Rita lee.


@scarborotweety I was at that show but I didn’t see that. But I actually saw the boy Phoenix and his father last night (the heartbroken boy whose picture was made viral and even got the attention of the weeknd and reached out to him)..

quiero ir a un concierto de the weeknd majagJahhaGhagahGahGHgahHhagagah&@@AAAAAAAA.


je ne cesserai de le répéter mais là performance de the weeknd sur Hurricane c’est masterclass (avec les voix gospel la ptn je bande).

So I’m selling 2 The Weeknd tickets for TN at the Rogers centre, anyone interested kindly send a direct message thank you! @theweeknd.

Se eu vejo o The Weeknd cantando Die for you (seja no show ou no Lolla) juro que choro de felicidade igual uma criança.


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O Proof é um álbum antológico, ou seja, ñ é um álbum de estúdio assim como o Between Us (little mix), The Highlights (The Weeknd) ou Greatest Far (Pink). Eles ñ são considerados álbuns por conter trabalhos de toda sua carreira e com um plus de algumas faixas exclusivas.

I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd ทำสาววายไม่ได้หลับได้นอนสินะ 😂.

right now the weeknd, aaliyah, drake, bryson tiller & JID.

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