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So, I watched 2 hours of #TheBachelor live to see Colton NOT jump over a wall?.

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really looking forward to my students not showing up for office hours today so I can watch #TheBachelor like a professional professional.

I haven’t watched an episode of #TheBachelor in years but last nights episode of adults dry humping made me realize how disturbing that really is @ABCNetwork WTF?.

Things got tense on #TheBachelor when Colton Underwood sent a contestant home after she said she intended to take his virginity..

cassie’s been my og since day 1 and if she gets sent home ill combust #TheBachelor.

NASAs Maven Spacecraft Is Shrinking Its Orbit In Order To Prepare For Mars 2020 Rover #TheBachelor #BLACKPINKonLSSC.

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One thing I’m loving about this season of #TheBachelor is that the girls are more willing to take charge and be like “I don’t see a future here” which is far more probable than 25 women all falling for one guy without anyone not liking him back..

#TheBachelor And You White Hoes Wonder what the problem is most of you have slept with 60 to 80 guys by the time you 25 tell me I am lying.

این توییتو فقط واسه این مینویسم چون از هشتگای ایموجی دار خوشم میاد. اصلنم نمیدونم قضیه ش چیه. احتمالا دیگه تمومه ماجرا. #TheBachelor.

So, I watched 2 hours of #TheBachelor live to see Colton NOT jump over a wall?.

Haha the final two women are going to be the last two people who didn’t walk out on Colton #thebachelor.

okay you know when Colton is smiling at the girls do y’all smile back at him or is that just me? @colton I mean c’mon, that is one hell of a smile! #TheBachelor.

Everyone this season is a total train-wreck and I’m all about it. #TheBachelor #BachelorNation.

The Hannah Bama/Demi friendship is the best relationship of this season #goals #thebachelor.

Have you ever seen so many people excited over a fence in your whole life?! 😳 #TheBachelor.

omg he better pick that girl with the red dress #TheBachelor.

Colton is such an idiot. Heather and Hannah B. are legit airheads. Katie is a real, genuine person. I think before this episode he said all of 10 words to Kirpa. Just absolute garbage. Go hop that fence already you clown. #TheBachelor.

So Sydney is getting a little “it’s now or never” ....doesn’t want to waste her time bc being a Knicks dancer is something to be proud of these days 🙄 #TheBachelor anyone not laughing please google the Knicks record this year! They’re almost as bad as Demi’s laugh.

I should also add that there is a VERY strong correlation between the amount of girls Colton lets leave outside of a rose ceremony and how much I like him. HE AINT PLAYIN 😂 #TheBachelor⁠ ⁠.

Important #TheBachelor⁠ ⁠side note: if you’re not following #HannahG on @instagram, you’re missing out. Girl’s social media game is ON POINT..

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I’ve always said Caelynn was the shady She’s just emotionally intelligent as hell and knows how to mask that shit. Mark my words! #TheBachelor.

The only time Hannah Gs top x bottom lip touch each other when they are attached to Coltons face #TheBachelor.

Why is Cassie crying in a car in the preview for next week’s episode though?! 😭😭😭😭 #teamcassie #TheBachelor.

Demi just got served the biggest piece of humble pie ever, and I am SO here for it. #TheBachelor “You’re not going to end up happy in the long run” ... so childish 👶🏼.

Catching up on #TheBachelor. Colton gets rid of Nicole and Onyeka during the rose ceremony. Sweet justice!.

Colton, you really think the never been kissed girl is ready for marriage OVER Katie ?! #TheBachelor.

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