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Nany gave the PERFECT on point description of Cara Maria! So glad to have Nany back! 👏 #TheChallenge33.

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Mattie is a bartender? She’s probably taller than the bouncer 😂 #TheChallenge33.

Me screaming at you to turn on #TheChallenge33 right now. 💥.

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At first it was said that Day eliminated Nany but now it’s Georgia. 👀 #TheChallenge33 I wonder if she was the one to eliminate Dee? Probably..

😂😂 Marie coming for Cara’s neck! #thechallenge33.

tbh the only reason why they even had a cliffhanger was bc they knew the ratings were gonna flop after this episode #thechallenge33.

@WestonBergmann is one sick individual. To say I’m impressed by his gameplay is a complete understatement. #TheChallenge33.

I love @MTVNanyCarmen so much 😊😍 I really hope she makes it out of this elimination next week 😢 @ChallengeMTV #TheChallenge33 #WarOfTheWorlds.

Let’s face facts, The Challenge is much better off with @WestonBergmann in it. It’s like watching a black widow spin its web #TheChallenge33.

I’ll take 8 million @WestonBergmann centered episodes of it means we never have to listen to a Paula or cara interview again. #thechallenge33.

Nany gave the PERFECT on point description of Cara Maria! So glad to have Nany back! 👏 #TheChallenge33.

@DiamonddBitchh @ChallengeMTV Pretty please with a cherry on are literally ruining my favorite show. #TheChallenge33.

Since my bear got kicked off the challenge my two i’m rooting for Turbo and Kyle, Mattie is still a favorite #TheChallenge33.

@kristin_1204 Kinda? 🤮🤮🤮 like full on projectile barf. He gets on the car “he’s so cute” 🙄🙄🙄 truth is he is actual not bad looking. Everything about his character & personality makes him disgusting.#TheChallenge33.

Turbo, Theo, Maddie & Dayvonne are my favorites. I would add Paulie if he wasn’t connected to Cara. I’m over Cara. #TheChallenge33.

So why do we see Hunter’s bags packed and him talking about leaving in the next episode. I’ve lost all respect for Hunter. He talks to the girls poorly and isn’t the competitor he use to be. #TheChallenge33.

#TheChallenge33 Prediction for next week: some iteration of Paulie/Cara and friends in tribunal, put up Wes, Hunter, and Kyle. Hunter is all talk and stays. Kyle goes in. Calls out Theo. idk who would go home from that.

My thoughts >>> Nany is going home because this looks like georgia in yet-to-be-seen airplane challenge. I guess it could just as easily be Nany tho. #thechallenge33.

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I am SO READY for a @WestonBergmann takeover. Like I’m always ready but this time it might actually happen?? #TheChallenge33.

I do think Cara still has feelings for Kyle. But, if you are friends or aligned with my ex (who wants to vote me into an elimination) you are not safe. Point, blank and period. #TheChallenge33.

I stayed up just to not see an elimination??? OH OKAY MTV 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 #THECHALLENGE33.

well imm glad everyone now sees the manipulative passive aggressive victim playing bitch that cara is. she’s disgustinqqqq and needs to be called out #TheChallenge33.

Cara Maria is not a bully for playing the game. There’s a lot to say about her, but trying to stay safe in the game doesn’t make her evil. #TheChallenge33.

Nany is just panicking cause she doesn’t have assurance from anyone that they’ll protect her and know that she is not partnered with Turbo, she is at risk. #TheChallenge33.

this episode seems so different without the presence of Bear #thechallenge33 @ChallengeMTV.

Not even I have gotten mad at friends for hanging with my exes. My #TheChallenge33.

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