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Yikes, #TheFilmWasBetter is the number two trending topic after trending all day. I am mad with power..

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Jaws. The film cut out the book’s unpleasant & dull tangent of the chief’s failing marriage & made it all about the shark. #TheFilmWasBetter.

@GailSimone The Shawshank Redemption Glengarry Glen Ross The Two Towers Civil War #TheFilmWasBetter.

@FondaJLee I’m gonna be a real jerk, but I honestly mean this and I’m not trolling: Lord of the Rings #TheFilmWasBetter.

The absolute only time that #TheFilmWasBetter was when the movie came before the pathetic novelized book version. So let it be said, so let it be done..

#TheFilmWasBetter Watchmen Now dry your eyes let’s go home.

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The World According to Garp. Director George Roy Hill cut enormous amounts of extraneous detail and imposed a discipline on the story the novel lacked, while nonetheless being faithful to the source material. #thefilmwasbetter.

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#TheFilmWasBetter The Shawshank Redemption actually expanded the elements from the source material in a way that made the the themes all the more effective. Especially with characters like Brooks (who was only briefly mentioned in the original story)..

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yes however, he told the story better the second time round therefore #TheFilmWasBetter.

Carrie the classic one not that terrible remake that came out in 2013 #TheFilmWasBetter.

Jaws The Godfather Psycho Planet of the Apes The Princess Bride Fight Club Jurassic Park #TheFilmWasBetter.

#TheFilmWasBetter Paddington. So much more engaging than the original rail timetable..

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Yikes, #TheFilmWasBetter is the number two trending topic after trending all day. I am mad with power..

#TheFilmWasBetter #TheCrow. Glad the comic inspired it but the movie is still one of my favorites of all time..

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#TheFilmWasBetter The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh I’m sorry, I really tried. Could not do it with a straight face. Idk, Ready Player One? It didn’t make me watch Tye Sheridan masturbate for 15 minutes..

Avengers: Infinity War was and still is, the darkest and most epic crossover over event of century. Thanos ALONE proves that #TheFilmWasBetter.

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I’ve never read IT but I DO know the movie does NOT contain a groupsex scene featuring children so on that note I would say #TheFilmWasBetter.

The Wizard of Oz Psycho Jaws 13 Reasons Why Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Kickass Hannibal (movie still not great) Disclosure (ditto) #TheFilmWasBetter.

@GailSimone Misery James Caan and Kathy Bates brought life to characters I did much care about, which (until then) was unusual for me when reading Stephen King novels. #TheFilmWasBetter.


Examples of adaptations better than the source book : Jaws The Godfather The Princess Bride The Shawshank Redemption Goodfellas American Psycho @GailSimone #TheFilmWasBetter.

Maybe not better as such but solid in its own right- Shawshank Redemption #TheFilmWasBetter.

@GailSimone ‘Blade Runner’ is superior to ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ in every way, despite the book being bonkers good #TheFilmWasBetter.

John Dies at the End. The book went on a bit longer than I would have liked and the movie condensed it really well. And it has Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown. #TheFilmWasBetter.

Lord of the Rings, the Peter Jackson trilogy. Streamlined in mostly the right ways. We did not need 45 minutes of Tom Bombadil, and Aragorn in the novels is a bit of a wet blanket. #TheFilmWasBetter #heresy.

@GailSimone Hunger Games #TheFilmWasBetter Because they expanded the worldbuilding and we could SEE what a mess everything was. We could SEE the undercurrents of discord and revolution well before everything got crazy. The book was enjoyable but I liked the film Best..

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