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First up tonight, the Larry Cohen classic THE STUFF! #TheLastDriveIn.

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What kind of MPAA rating does 128 utterances of the word “f***” get ya? #TheLastDriveIn #StreetTrash.

“The Stuff” no real antagonist “Street Trash” no real protagonist #TheLastDriveIn @kinky_horror.

Like the vampires in THE LOST BOYS, no two hobos in STREET TRASH go out the same way. #TheLastDriveIn.

ACK, BOOB HORROR! *flashbacks to Linnea Quigley and the lipstick in Night of the Demons* #StreetTrash #TheLastDriveIn.

So that’s where the bone shanks come mean, it’s quite literally a shank fashioned shank. Too bad this was before Etsy. I bet he could’ve made a decent living. #TheLastDriveIn #StreetTrash.

Of course. @kinky_horror is hawking The Stuff, while @therealjoebob is trying to convince us to drink the Viper. #TheLastDrivein #StreetTrash.

Did he just walk in wearing a Micky Mouse tank top with a gun tucked into his pants? #StreetTrash #TheLastDriveIn.

Here’s a sloppy, goopy sketch for the 2nd film of #TheLastDrawIn during #TheLastDriveIn, Street Trash. Let’s throw some ink on @Shudder.

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Ah the old gag of the morgue attendant eating by the corpse. Tried and true #TheLastDriveIn.

“Show me a lawyer that isn’t arrogant and I’ll show you a buffalo that can use a pay telephone.” Who knew half of our current population would have no idea what to pay telephone was? #TheLastDriveIn @kinky_horror @therealjoebob.

Why is the hand and chain hanging up? How is this better than a table? #TheLastDrivein #StreetTrash @kinky_horror @Shudder.

Oddly, even though #StreetTrash was cheaply made, this record was one of the most expensive vinyl purchases I’ve ever made. Worth it, though. #TheLastDriveIn.

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i saw the night shifter at the drafthouse. it is worth checking out. glad the @shudder giving it some love so more people can peep it #thelastdrivein.

We achieved Peak Aesthetic in the ‘80s @kinky_horror @therealjoebob #TheLastDriveIn.

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Man, @kinky_horror is always hot but 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #TheLastDriveIn.

Time for the obligatory between-movies trailer, so I thought I’d share one of my own! Let me know what you think. #TheLastDriveIn @WretchMovie.

Enough is never of the Stuff! #TheLastDriveIn.

I made it in time before the second movie starts awesome! @kinky_horror @therealjoebob #TheLastDriveIn.

That trivia, @kinky_horror — is it TCM 2 and The Exorcist? Also we NEED The ‘Burbs on #TheLastDriveIn!.

What ARE the two horror movies Tom Hanks watches in The ‘Burbs? @Shudder @kinky_horror #TheLastDriveIn.

#thelastdrivein Tom Hanks watched 3 in the Burbs TCM2, The Exorcist, and Race with the Devil @therealjoebob.

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Never been on a plane like this but knows where a random hatch is. #TheLastDriveIn.

@rsmon77 If that isn’t a deleted scene from AIRPLANE, it really should have been. #TheLastDriveIn.

Joe Bob can’t sing, my heinie. Who can forget his rockin’ rendition of “Madman Marz?!” #TheLastDriveIn.

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First up tonight, the Larry Cohen classic THE STUFF! #TheLastDriveIn.

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