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Que grandes los de Marvel llevando la versión de Statue World de Thor a la Velada. Un universo de pocas palabras..

Thor Photo,Thor Photo by 𐋀 QuidVacuo 𐋀 #MsMarvel #ThorLoveAndThunder,𐋀 QuidVacuo 𐋀 #MsMarvel #ThorLoveAndThunder on twitter tweets Thor Photo

Just as Doctor Strange 2 feels very Raimi, one of Thor Love & Thunder’s best qualities is that it’s pure Taika. He continues to be a one-of-a-kind voice that I can’t get enough of. The MCU is leaning especially hard into its directors’ styles, voices & visions and I’m loving it..

Mi hermano me pasó la rutina de hoy de bíceps y tríceps y estoy que me muero pero me siento como Mighty Thor.

updated marvel films ranking: black panther thor ragnarok dr strange & the multiverse.

Abaixo assinado pro Thor mudar o role de sexta pra sabado, os caras que trabalham no sabado estao chorando por isso!!!!.

thor 4 looking shit ain’t surprising because it’s just ragnarok and ragnarok was shit..


After Googling his character, Bale said he thought he would have to run around in a “G-string all the time.”.

nuovo shooting di tom hiddleston visibilmente in onore di thor 4 esattamente come prima di no way home sono usciti 156 shooting di andrew garfield e le regole non le faccio io.

tava assistindo record of ragnarok e taal, se é bom eu não sei, mas eu sei que o thor é lindao e eu precisava desenhar 😔 uaaa.

Thor Photo,Thor Photo by 𝐋𝗎𝖼𝖺 🍂 | happy pride month! 🏳️‍🌈,𝐋𝗎𝖼𝖺 🍂 | happy pride month! 🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets Thor Photo

@VICTORYSWRLD i mean i’m thor hive but i don’t think those leaks might be 100% real.

I cannot fathom reading any modern thor book and thinking they need to be campy soap operas when there are like a gazillion old thor books that are basically already campy soap operas you could adapt.

also if you want to hear ethereal vocals that are so beautiful they almost make you cry and give you goosebumps, listen to “Into Eternity” from Thor: The Dark World.

@ImWarzok Bah oui le film il est vraiment bon perso j’étais juste déçu à cause que je m’attendais à trop de choses + je suis allez le voir à la 2e semaine j’ai vue le 3/4 des surprises So j’étais pu hype pentoute. Vivement Thor 4 dans 2 semaines🥰.

@werhoernchen Kann mir das richtig gut vorstellen. Ja also schwarzer Thor also die müssen ja immer alles bekritzeln und leben im Ghetto, ne?.

Tramite Good Morning America, i #MarvelStudios hanno proposto una nuova scena tratta da Thor: Love and Thunder, al cinema dal 6.

@Spidey__Leo There is only one spiderman, peter parker, as theres only one superman, one batman , one thor, one captain america etc. These shitty rip offs are boring trash for fake fans.

@dano_cosmic @FirstIssueClub I gotta second Dano here. Unfortunately with the ball drop of Malekith in dark world, it would be hard to bring him back I think. I could see them adapting elements without him if we were to ever get a Thor 5..

ingressos em mãos 🥳🥳 pré-estréia de Thor: amor e trovão, aí vou eu 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻.

Thor: Amor e Trovão | Clipe mostra o herói formando seu time.

Thor Photo,Thor Photo by Salada,Salada on twitter tweets Thor Photo

#NewProfilePic Ra chi 9arassina dawliya l acc Yalah redito w bdelna chtaba b mter9a d Thor tanchekro @Vvvv11ww li 9leb 3la lmter9a w 3taha liya.

Thor Photo,Thor Photo by Waij ( yarebi yt3amel M3ah moss7i7 ),Waij ( yarebi yt3amel M3ah moss7i7 ) on twitter tweets Thor Photo

@berrysbok I don’t want to spoil, one way or another, so I won’t say if it’s the end to Hemsworth’s Thor. But I will say it’s an EXPANSION of the Thor world, and not the end to Thor movies..

@thor_4ever WWWWW, I was going to get the 7th but my brother couldn’t go that day, there were open spots but it’s all good.

@Rosa_Teta_ Avrei potuto dire anche molto ma molto di più ma il galateo mi impone Savoir-faire….. ma che fatica 😓 😂😂.

@Lokilovesyou_ Среда это маленькая пятница А четверг - препятница.

@Angel_redfiel95 A ver tengo muchas ganas de verla y disfrutarla, no pude ir ni al estreno por muchas cosas y ahora por fin puedo. Hay que ir preparándose para la próxima de Thor que tiene pintaza!.

i just remembered that the new thor movie is coming out on july 8th.

@hiromichi_photo @photo_taguchi 自由自在に作品をコントロールされているのがとても素敵ですね。.

@thor_benson That’s not energy independence! That’s be drunk on oil money! He needs AA meets.

consegui comprar 13 ingressos pra pré venda do thor bem no meio, graças a Deus vou ver os peitao dele bem de perto🙏🏻🙏🏻.

Best: Guardians Of The Galaxy Worst: toss up between Thor The Dark World (and i watched it like 5 times in theatres because i was at peak hiddleston brainrot) and Iron Man 3.

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