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If you don’t know @EdmontonJack you need to. 10/10 call right here.

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Adam McCa11um ()

@kevinlucky40 @timandsid Honestly after watching you play at the alumni Squires game, you are better than the Leafs goalies currently! #LuckyStillGotIt

Adam McCa11um ()

@kevinlucky40 @timandsid Hahahahaha well played my friend! Well fucking played!!!#FACTS

Nathan Kopec ()

@timandsid “After last night, Leafs fans are now thinking about cheering for the Habs.”

Sportsnet Stats ()

Earlier on @timandsid, #Oilers Leon Draisaitl is on pace to having the highest points per game in a season in the post-lockout era

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HabsLinks ()

Elliotte Friedman on @timandsid this afternoon talking #Habs: “I think they’re going to try and re-sign Petry as soon as July 1st. I think their plan was to keep Tatar but some of these prices might make (Bergevin) think a little bit. Kovalchuk we all know about ...(cont’d)”

Richard Boyd ()

@JeffLongLeafs @timandsid It’s crazy. I watched games in Montreal, Florida and Tampa. I enjoy throwing on the radio and listening to what they have to say before games. All positive. Well not all the time in Montreal but you get my point. Absolutely disgusting how they talk about Toronto in Toronto.

Wray Perkin ()

this is the best callback to the best gag in Canadian TV history #Kirby

Ethan ()

@grootchris @timandsid The joke is when ever he predicts something the team does the opposite

Jeff Lopes ()

Love it, proud 🇨🇦 and future @baseballhall paying respect for a @BlueJays legend.

Chris Groot ()

@timandsid I agree I do not think they know what it takes to win the tough games, they think there talent is enough, they need toughness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CheckRaiseFold ()

@timandsid @Sportsnet HOW MUCH (if at all) DID THE HAT TRICK IN COLORADO IMPACT TOFFOLI’S VALUE? Regardless, what a f’n time for a hatty.

Mactheknife73 ()

@timandsid 4 games. That was a push off not a kick, he pulled his skate out from around Arch and pushed off. Now, if this happens again for heaven help him. Guys with a reputation around the league should be given the benefit of the doubt, Parros should know this

@timandsid if you are going to talk about the bachelor at least get the names right. It’s VICTORIA not Veronica 🤦🏻‍♀️

Scott MacDonald ()

@timandsid Dream scenario: #Yankees sign Mike Bolsinger to a 1 day contract. Name him the Opener for their first game against the #Astros. He gets to pop their first three batters, then retires, and real starter comes

Chaz ()

How does Sid Sixeiro have a sports job? Pitching and throwing are the same thing! Shit up you buffoon. #bluejays #TimandSid

Rieley ()

@timandsid Hey Sid Irregarless is not a word it’s regardless !! Sounded bad brother but lovin the show tn

Chaz ()

Sorry @timandsid the #Astros can’t play the heel when they’ve got their Daddy Manfred telling other teams not to pick on them.

Charlie nelthorpe ()

playing a black hat only works if youre an actual villian, not a bunch of punk cheaters who are incredulous about what they did, theres no fun in that. #timandsid

Sportsnet ()

Bring on the trades, here we go. @JeffMarek joined @timandsid to breakdown a busy trade day in the NHL. #SNTrade

Phil ()

@timandsid baseball fans should boycott games when the Astros come to their home stadium and refuse to watch those cheaters.

Brandon Vecero ()

@timandsid what do the @astros need to do this year to quiet all of this, win 100 games, or will it haunt them even if they win again this year without it? #TimandSid

KamikazeRL ()

@Sportsnet @timandsid Trade him for whatever pick you can, but i’d rather trade price>weber since weber contract is the more problematic

S Engles ()

@timandsid wouldn’t banning them from the playoffs for the next season or two settle the problem? And why is no one talking about this? #AstrosCheated

The Scotty Powers ()

@timandsid Manfred should only have one choice of these : let Pete Rose FINALLY be inducted to the Hall. Or force the Cheat-stros to forfeit the “piece of metal” won in 2017. If Carlos Correa wants everyone to “know the facts, or shut the [email protected]&k up”? We should know the facts.

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Earlier in @timandsid, newest #Canucks addition Tyler Toffoli has been a model of consistency

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G ()

. 1. Vacate title, mvp 2. Forfeit all salaries for players caught (determined on a balance of probability) donate their salary to youth programs around country. @jonmorosi @timandsid

Charlie nelthorpe ()

@timandsid that hat is salty as hell, doubt he wears it on purpose, the juxtaposition between the bit with Crosby and the Leafs hipsters walking in was telling

Tim and Sid ()

The @Canes Twitter has no time for fake trade trolls. 😂 #HockeyTwitter

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Tim and Sid ()

“Get home before you screw up the team any more than you have already” 😂 Pat Gillick’s wife was not happy when she heard he had traded Tony Fernandez… He shared the story on the show as we honoured the Blue Jays legend.

Tim and Sid ()

If you don’t know @EdmontonJack you need to. 10/10 call right here.

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