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With how well Timashov has played, Leafs decision on who to waive next week gets tougher. Shore I guess?.

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🇸🇪NHL 🚨 öderberg🚨 🍏 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🍏 🚨 , 29/32, 🚨🍏 🍏 🍏🍏 örensen🚨 🚨Mål 🍏Assist.

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Dmytro Timashov had 9 hits vs. the Bruins. He has 17 hits in his 6 career NHL games. William Nylander had only 16 hits in 54 games last season. You saw the effect Timashov had on the game by throwing the body. Need more guys willing to do those kinds of things. #LeafsForever.

@EAJS44 Timashov Moore Shore and Gauthier hit every forecheck dump in and I mean everyone!!! I’m getting real excited for Hyman’s return!.

Leafs have skill, lack grit, Timashov with 9 hits tonite solved some of that problem, really stating to like that kid, skilled too!.

“It’s a dream come true. I scored my first goal. I didn’t think it was gonna come so soon, because I don’t score a lot of goals. I’m more of a passer, but I’m happy.” —Dmytro Timashov.

Final thoughts on tonight’s Leafs need to keep the pedal down all game, Timashov has a lot of new fans after that game, and the NHL needs to crack down on the neutral zone interference. Call the rulebook.

With how well Timashov has played, Leafs decision on who to waive next week gets tougher. Shore I guess?.

Timashov all kinds of grease and jam, and can skate n shoot. Whats not to like? 🌊.

I’ve always thought of Dmytro Timashov as one of those guys who would be better in the NHL. Sees the ice well and thinks the game at a high level, he benefits from playing with guys who can do the same..

DIMA “i don’t score goals only assists” TIMASHOV U ARE MY ONE AND ONLY BABY.

dmytro timashov has more points tonight than john tavares. really makes you think about the kind of production you expect to see from a captain :/.

Hockey morning in Canberra! Heaps of chances, big saves, awesome speed, @Bandreescu_, and goals to @mriles4 and 1st to Timashov! Happy days. SO hope to catch one live when there this winter 🙌🏼😃🤞🏼💙 #TMLTalk #LeafsForever.

Dmytro Timashov fires home the first of his @NHL career 🚨.

@Steve_Dangle Did Timashov’s performance surprise anyone else? I was happily proven wrong about him last night!.

I’d like to travel back in time to 1994 just to see the reaction from Leafs fans when I tell them that in 25 years, their two most physical forwards will be named Ilya Mikheyev and Dmytro Timashov..

Ilya Mikheyev, Dmytro Timashov and the importance of the Leafs’ newfound depth:.

The bottom six drove the bus as the Toronto Maple Leafs overcame another early deficit to pick up a much-needed bounce-back win over the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday night. 10pts on: Gauthier, Timashov, Shore, The PP, Johnsson, Slow starts, Hyman + more.

The Maple Leafs ended a three-game losing streak with a 5-2 win at the Red Wings. Ilya Mikheyev had a goal and an assist for Toronto, and Dmytro Timashov had two assists..

Sunday FTB: Leafs win! So stop complaining. via @circleboom.

Just like the third line, you can’t split up the fourth line. Timashov- Shore- Goat were fantastic last night. The way they played solidified the bottom six. They were quick, aggressive, on the scoresheet and provided the energy when they needed it. #LeafsForever.

Baigan and the Red Wings were no match for the Maple Leafs kids who were even willing to turn themselves to stone to win..

🇸🇪NHL 1(2) 🚨🍏 , 23/26, öm🚨 🍏 🚨 ärnkrok🍏 🍏 🍏 J. De La Rose🚨🍏 🍏 🍏🍏 🍏 , 30/33, öm🍏.

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@Ridz_Mystique All 3 on that line have been bad. Babs is meh at best. Swap Timashov and Kapanen to send a message. Reward a guy for a big night..

Just watched tonight’s Leaf game. My takeaways: Tavares and Marner don’t look like themselves at all. Mikheyev is the real deal; he might score 20. Timashov is an NHLer and I’m shocked. #LeafsForever.

@JeffVeillette That timashov & goat make the team after hyman returns & spez/Shore go bye bye.

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