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I think that the core value of a winning culture is pushing yourself to the limit and pushing the guy next to you. #Sens captain Brady Tkachuk on what he has seen on the ice so far in training camp. #GoSensGo.

Matthew Tkachuk on his first camp with the Panthers: “I’m having fun bringing the intensity and that’s a recipe for success.”.

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Sam Bennett on playing with Matthew Tkachuk: “It’s fun, you can see how much he gets under guys’ skin. He’s a pain out there but for us to play with him it’s a lot of fun.”.

Tkachuk Photo,Tkachuk Photo by Florida Panthers,Florida Panthers on twitter tweets Tkachuk Photo

@andystrickland Almost as stupid as you saying Tkachuk will be a Blue for the last how many years now?.

Darryl when being asked what’s the comparison between Toffoli and Tkachuk:.

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You said “Tkachuk to St Louis is a done deal” how many times???.

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The same Andy Strickland who “guaranteed” Tkachuk will be a Blue and that “he wants to be there”.

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@andystrickland Should secure your seat at the annual tkachuk family bbq. Nothing inaccurate said, and why does the coach have to reach out to him?.

You would be the only coach who would rather have Tyler tiffoli over Matthew tkachuk you dense fuck.

I’m not sure you can call this “destroying him” when all Tkachuk needs to say is “well, I was playing in Calgary which kind of explains the lack of playoff experience.”.

@andystrickland Why should Sutter contact Tkachuk? What do you want him to say? Please come back?! Tkachuk should be thanking him for the career year. Have you started on your valentine cards to the Tkachuk family yet?.

@P_Beshears @andystrickland even the moment Tkachuk was drafted by Calgary, he started saying it.

Why didn’t Darryl send Matthew Tkachuk an Edible Arrangements basket after he said he didn’t want to be a Flame anymore? Or maybe a singing telegram? Sutter’s a monster..

@nitwitschool I know this is just a theory, and I have nothing to back it up but what if Darryl did not think Matt Tkachuk has what it takes to win. Please note, I am could be completely wrong. I am not holding onto any theories just a random thought on the bird app..

Projected lines for tomorrow’s 7pm Pre Season game against Toronto: Tkachuk Norris Batherson Motte Pinto Joseph Crookshank Daoust Boucher Reinhardt Kastelic Sabourin Chartier Chabot Zub Larsson Thompson Donovan Bernard-Docker Roger.


@altACKY I really don’t know why the flames and their fans are so salty at tkachuk. He gave them the heads up he wanted to leave, and got them a haul as a result. He could’ve tavares’d them, and that’s prob what they deserved by the response.


I like M. Tkachuk as a player honestly. But HATED him as a flame. Now I can enjoy his game in peace as he’s a panther. Very happy about this.

CPC senator tells truckers to “roll over ever Lib” and 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗. An independent journo makes a clearly lame joke (no one was incited to do anything) about a CPC MP’s performance and the suddenly fearful Cons want protection from insensitive criticism..

@andystrickland Why would he contact Tkachuk during the trade process? Lol And they complained to you about that? Man, I’ve lost respect for the Tkachuk clan..

@miikkakiprusoff @andystrickland So. You actually think Toffoli is better than Tkachuk? Now that’s a loser mentality..

@ProducerDrew_ Sutter was a very hard-nosed, team-first player. He knows that Tkachuk can be effective, but in his heart, he is and will always be a “look at me” player. #goodriddance.

Vidéo: Darryl Sutter a DÉTRUIT Matthew Tkachuk devant les médias de Calgary!!!.

@andystrickland Almost as stupid as you for all the tkachuk rumours that came out of nowhere?.

Debrincat, Stützle, Giroux in Game 1. Tkachuk, Norris, Batherson in Game 2..

@andystrickland Agreed. Not one knowledgable hockey person would ever trade Tkachuk for Toffoli. Unnecessary and irrelevant comment from Sutter..

Офіційно: Олександр Дичук та Андрій Ткачук дозаявлені за «Ураган» через @Футзальний портал "5х5".

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For reference to some manipulative MPs & some clueless commentators, this is what a threat sounds like. If anyone does what he creepily suggests, he should be booted out of the Senate. Just before being sued..

@andrewjulio Darryl was asked to compare Toffoli & Tkachuk for some reason. He replied that Toffoli has won cups. St. Louis area reporter Strickland took exception and claimed (probably straight from Matthew) that Darryl never called MT before or after trade. As if that has any relevance..

“i’m not here to wear flip flops and swim in the ocean, i’m here to win.” - matthew tkachuk while wearing flip flops and being interviewed by the ocean.

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