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Such incredibly sad news today. You’re not on your own in this @Louis_Tomlinson So many people are pulling for you and your family right now x.

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We love you @Louis_Tomlinson Stay strong She is in a better place with your mom #StayStrongLouis.

when louis tomlinson said When the day they took you, i wish it was me instead. I felt that :((.

#Celebridades || Hermana de Louis Tomlinson de One Direction muere a los 18 años ⚫️.

El exintegrante de la boy band One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, se encuentra devastado por la muerte de su hermana.

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11:11 los tomlinson recuperandose y saliendo adelante como la familia guerrera que son.

Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) : sa petite soeur retrouvée morte à 18 ans.

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Such incredibly sad news today. You’re not on your own in this @Louis_Tomlinson So many people are pulling for you and your family right now x.

Não marquem a família Tomlinson e nem subam tag. Por favor, respeito nesse momento..

Que injusta es la p*ta vida, me imagino como debe estar la familia Tomlinson 😭.

Louis, I am so, so sorry this had to happen. We are all with you, and devastated. I’m crying. This is why life isn’t fair. Everything is going well, and gets ripped away from you in a second. This almost seems impossible. Tomlinson’s, stay strong, you’ve got this..

It’s just not fair my prayers go out to the Tomlinson family I’m so sorry that you have to go through this no family should ever feel that much pain I just wish I could do something to help you get rid of that pain that you are feeling just remember that we are all here for you.

Felicite had so much left to experience in life, I can’t stop thinking about how young she really sending all of my love and prayers to the Tomlinson family in their time of recovery.

I think we should (including the press) to just give @Louis_Tomlinson and the rest of the family time to grieve and a break from the world while they all try to mend there broken hearts of the loss of the angel felicite 💔 mom and daughter together in heaven💔 may you both rip 💜.

Lpm, no nombren a ninguno de lxs Tomlinson, no entienden que esto les afecta? No hagan tendencia el nombre de F*zzy, por favor sean [email protected]

I feel so bad for louis tomlinson . oh god i cant believe this.

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A pior parte de ser fã de alguém é não poder ajudar ou estar próximo em momentos assim, queria ter o poder de impedir que qualquer mal acontecesse e que a fizzy estivesse bem Sinto muito família Tomlinson 😭.

only 18 years old, absolutely heartbreaking. may felicite rest in peace, my condolences to the tomlinson family.

that’s actually heartbreaking I feel horrible for the tomlinson family they’ve been through so much already.

meu imagina o sentimento horrivel que deve ser perder a mae e agora de uma hora pra outra perder a irma. espero de coraçao que toda a familia tomlinson fique unida e se apoiando.


Embarrassing and disgusting that you’re making jokes about Louis Tomlinson’s sister félicité. Can u just not be a complete piece of shit for like 1 day maybe?.

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson’s sister Felicite dies aged 18 ⁦@emmakennytv⁩ this is heartbreaking, she was so young 😢x.

@Louis_Tomlinson please remember there are a lot of people who love you and are always here for you. take a time to be around who makes you feel secure. I love you so much! we love you so much.

All my love and prayers are with the Tomlinson family and @Louis_Tomlinson at this sad time. Heaven gained another angel..

Cannot believe the news I’ve just just read 😪 my thoughts are with @Louis_Tomlinson and all the family. They’ve all been through so much. Absolutely heartbreaking 😪💔.

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