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LOL, I bet the Maple Leafs wished they still had Garrett Sparks. #TORvsCHI #Blackhawks.

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Looked like we were gonna have a repeat of last year. Is this a typical #TORvsCHI now? #blackhawks win..

The three stars for the game are - ⭐️: Patrick Kane (CHI) ⭐️⭐️: Robin Lehner (CHI) ⭐️⭐️⭐️: William Nylander (TOR) #TORvsCHI.

Man I know we lost but Willy and Auston were freaking fantastic in this game. If there was some better goal tending it would have been a totally different game. #TORvsCHI.

41 seconds to 2 juicy pts. Lehner deserves a Star ⭐️ tonight. #Blackhawks #TORvsCHI.

Pucks in/Pucks Out Hockey 🏒 for the remainder of the game. #Blackhawks #TORvsCHI.

Erik Gustafsson takes a 2-minute minor penalty for hooking and heads to the penalty box with 07:23 left in the 3rd period. Maple Leafs are headed to the power play! Blackhawks PK: (18th) Maple Leafs PP: (21st) #TORvsCHI.

Well this period ain’t starting off right. Leafs on the power play. #Blackhawks #TORvsCHI.

Toronto Maple Leafs GOAL! 🚨🚨 With his 2nd goal of the game, William Nylander scores (7th) on a wrist shot from 16 feet away with 17:33 left in the 3rd period! Give the assist to Auston Matthews (10)! Score - Maple Leafs: 2 / Blackhawks: 4 #LeafsForever #TORvsCHI.

40 minutes in the hamper. #Blackhawks with the 3 goal lead. Lehner has been solid. SOG’s 31-27 Toronto #TORvsCHI.

This period has been rediculous. And we still got 2 more to go 🙂 #blackhawks #TORvsCHI.

Kirby being a scratch last night in Pittsburgh has motivated his play tonight. Colliton doing a good job managing his minutes. See the game from a different perspective. #TORvsCHI.

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This team is embarrassing! Hutchinson sucks! Might be one of the worst backup goalies ever! Babcock needs to go to this team just doesn’t like him and who can blame them! He’s an asshole who can’t make good decisions to save his life! Looks what he’s done to Spezza! #TORvsCHI.

Best period of the season. Kane with Dach and Toews gets tallies. #Blackhawks win the faceoff battle. 40 mins to play though. SOG 14-12 Toronto #TORvsCHI.

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LOL, I bet the Maple Leafs wished they still had Garrett Sparks. #TORvsCHI #Blackhawks.

#TORvsCHI This has been a very disappointing season for the Toronto Maple Leafs I blame the coaches Starting with Mike Babcock Hear there is a great candidate waiting to be called up as the new coach he is with the Marlies Lots of teams get injuries it is not a good excuse.

I give this guy a lot of credit for buying a Ceci jersey - maybe they’re brothers? I’ve bought some bad ones myself .. many #TORvsCHI.

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I wonder if Babcock was thinking about McDavid’s usage when he drew up this D scheme. #TORvsCHI.

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A look at the all situations shotmap after the 1st period. #TORvsCHI.

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The 1st period of #TORvsCHI comes to an end. When trailing after the 1st period, the Maple Leafs are 3-3-1..

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I think maybe i’m starting to come around to this whole coaching change idea #TORvsCHI.

The Leafs would be better off putting two traffic cones in their net for the rest of the game. #TORvsCHI.

If Babs would have pulled Hutch after 2, maybe 3 we would have a shot at this game BUT .. nope #TORvsCHI.

@NHLNetwork when the home team is in US and their feed is available, please show it for the US viewers! #TORvsCHI.

Honestly, looking at the replay, that looked like a dive. I could be wrong though #LeafsForever #TORvsCHI.

Chicago Blackhawks scored. 👎👎👎👎 Jonathan Toews (3rd) - 02:32 left in the 1st period. Score - Maple Leafs: 1 / Blackhawks: 4 #TORvsCHI.

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