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Kawhi Leonard has nine 30-point games this #NBAPlayoffs - two more than he had in his entire Spurs tenure. #TORvsMIL 📊 .

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Kawhi Leonard has nine 30-point games this #NBAPlayoffs - two more than he had in his entire Spurs tenure. #TORvsMIL 📊 .

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2016 ECF: Cleveland Cavaliers took first two games at home. Raptors won the next two at home and were two games away from NBA Finals. 2019 ECF: Milwaukee Bucks take 2-0 series lead winning two games at home. Let’s hope Raptors repeat history of 2016. #WeTheNorth #TORvsMIL.

Devant la rediff de #TORvsMIL et les 20 premières minutes de Raptors sont terribles. Ils ont donné une leçon..

Why is Gasol on the floor for 40 min and Serge Ibaka only 17min? Let the veteran get some rest coach! #WeTheNorth #TORvsMIL.

Game 1 was rough. Lopez was a pain in the ass. Gasol & Green need a miracle to land their shots. Lowry was a beast. Looking forward to Game 2. #TORvsMIL.

A big Kyle Lowry game gone to waste. Here’s some immediate Game 1 reaction coming at you. #TORvsMIL.

#Bucks Win! Brook Lopez explaining the win and clapping. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #TORvsMIL.

#FearTheDeer won a playoff game where their center shot 11 3s that’s bananas #TORvsMIL.

Kenny Smith on the Raptors: “This is a game they’re gonna look back on and ask: ‘How did we lose?’” #TORvsMIL.

Brook Lopez led the Bucks with a playoff career-high 29 points and added 11 boards in a come-from-behind ECF Game 1 win. #TORvsMIL #FearTheDeer 📊 .

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The Raptors love ending quarters at the buzzer. Pascal Siakam’s three at the buzzer closes out the third quarter with Toronto up seven on Milwaukee. #WeTheNorth #TORvsMIL.

The pinch post bully ball game Kawhi went to a few plays back is way underutilized. On another still not many flat ball screens being ran by Milwaukee for Giannis. Kawhi is going to it nearly every possession. Maybe MIL knows something the rest of us don’t. #TORvsMIL.

Siakam needs to shoot 500 shots a day whenever his season ends. Dude is getting wide open looks #TORvsMIL.

Dear NBA commentators, STOP favoring the Bucks everytime they score or go for a shot!! Give some excitement when the Raptors score as well!!! #TORvsMIL.

Marv: Happy 79th to Don Nelson, the one time Milwaukee Buck Head Coach, who is somewhere in Hawaii, let’s say, very relaxed. Reggie: And former coach of this Bucks team as well. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #TORvsMIL.

A air ball for you, a air ball for you, air balls for #TORvsMIL #Game1.

You knew the Bucks would get going eventually. Milwaukee goes on a 9-2 run and are now down five points to the Raptors. Time for Toronto to put their starting five on the court. #WeTheNorth #TORvsMIL.

You know what doesn’t Fear Deer Raptors do not fear deer #TORvsMIL.

Think MVP votes like always should be based on end of how can a MVP outta playoffs be most Valuable ??? #TORvsMIL.

If this ends up a 2 point game remember that shot clock violation #TORvsMIL #WeTheNorth.

Son: Dad, what’s perimeter defense? Dad: I don’t know son, we’re a Bucks fans. #TORvsMIL.

#TORvsMIL I think if Milwaukee slows down a little bit and starts going for more high percentage shots instead of trying to take all those threes they will get right back into the game.

Raptors leading Bucks 40-28 with 8:43 left in the 2nd Quarter as Norman Powell hits another triple #TORvsMIL #NBAPlayoffs.

must feel good to have Brogdon back for Milwaukee Norman Powell shooting the ball tonight for Toronto #TORvsMIL.

The Raptors defense has been superb, holding Milwaukee to 34 percent. Toronto is currently shooting 44 percent from beyond the arc. Unreal start. #WeTheNorth #TORvsMIL.

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