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Futebol Inglês tá como? Man City: ganhou a PL Liverpool: Final da UCL Tottenham: Final da UCL Chelsea: Final da EL Arsenal: Final da EL Manchester: United.

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Hazard has ended the dreams of Tottenham(15-16) and Liverpool(18-19). What a baller. Enjoy Madrid king 👑.

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Akk tempat kerja aku ni dapat tiket Tottenham v Liverpool final 😭.. why not #AIAtakaful.

I will like to bring something to your attention. *The New scamming technique.* In every game, there are 9 possible outcomes in *HT/FT*. Now, the scammer will post on whatsapp that: *I HAVE FIXED MATCH, PAY AFTER WIN. INBOX ME FOR DETAILS.* Manchester Utd vs Tottenham.

Tottenham draws with Everton to finish 4th in Premier League.

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@nakablackksheep @Sheering_ You won it not so long ago but we don’t care about that. Would be nice to see Tottenham win it though 😏.

@FPL_Foreman 😂😂 Everton fans were class yesterday. “We’re all having a party, when Tottenham win the cup” 😂.

Man City done well to come back and win they were 3rd place at one point behind Tottenham.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend With that said, Good morning to all Tottenham hotspurs fans.

@gujorgodwill @Olusegunverdict Sure liverpool over Tottenham any day ....

Noel knows, Noel has spoken 💙 “Well they won’t with Champions League because Tottenham will the Champions on Tottenham you need to do it for British football”.

@SamueILFC Unfortunately for you City finished 26 more than Chelsea 27 more than Tottenham 28 more than Arsenal A great premier league battle but you lost it and finished 2nd. We finished 2nd to Leicester meant nothing to me. Just win the Champions League.

The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, May 13.

@nigelchanakira Where is Tottenham in all this, I think this information is was compiled by a Spurs fan!! Spurs should be in there much longer than Liverpool.

Aresenal dosent know how do play Liverpool man city man unites tottenham except for Chelsea.

STANDARD Premier League final table – LIVE! Man City Champions, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Man United news Manchester City reached a tally of 98 to pip Liverpool to the Premier League title..

@evertonspares There a cult them shit houses .. come on Tottenham do the football world a favour..

@Evertonblues2 @ColinAGrainger Always a pleasure to go to Goodison or welcome Everton fans. 2 proper football clubs and sets of fans.

@Venancetz Man U Bado wabovu Arsenal wana bajeti ndogo ya kuongeza wachezaji Tottenham wakishirikishwa UCL naona wataongeza wachezaji na Upinzani Man City & Liverpool Bado 🔥🔥 Timu sumbufu zitaongezeka hizi za kawaida.

Após empates, Tottenham e Chelsea garantem vaga na Champions | LANCE!.

Congrats to the ev, they won the European cup last year with Madrid an league this year with city an are in another European cup final with Tottenham #embarrassing.

Premier League termina com empates de Tottenham e Chelsea, vitória do Arsenal e outra derrota do United; veja tudo.

3h da manhã e eu assistindo: narração monstruosa de Jorge Iggor em Ajax x Tottenham; narração do game winner de Kawhi Leonard, daqui a 4h tenho prova de área kkkkkkkkkkk.

Ajax - Tottenham: Pochettino: “El fútbol ha perdido gente auténtica, parecemos actores” | Deportes | EL PAÍS.

@GoukaJohannes Vooral de veerkracht na Tottenham en de vroege 0-1 achterstand. Zo dik en dik verdiend deze titel met deze unieke groep spelers..

Futebol Inglês tá como? Man City: ganhou a PL Liverpool: Final da UCL Tottenham: Final da UCL Chelsea: Final da EL Arsenal: Final da EL Manchester: United.

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