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Shawn Michaels and Triple H delivered a classic at #SummerSlam 2002 (via @WWE).

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I’m an army but I also like: -red velvet -blackpink -exo -wanna one(basically everyone from that season) -gfriend -bigbang -nct -stray kids -got7 -ikon -txt -nu’est -the boyz -zico -chungha -heize -sunmi -triple h -twice #kpopfriendship.

Triple H consolidates Gargano following Takeover on Saturday. Great pic..

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i saw triple h trending and i got super excited and then i realized what it was about. canada is really clowning me today. just send me to the circus.

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triple h was trending in canada and like the clown i am i clicked on it but it was not what i expected.

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Triple H was trending I was so scared thought it was Hyuna’s gang of methheads having a comeback.

Watching wrestling was all fun & games till your mother caught you spirting water out your mouth like triple H..

Dilson Herrera sigue demostrando toda su ofensiva en Triple A con @SyracuseMets ya son cinco juegos consecutivos conectando hits. #PeloterosColombia🇨🇴 #LigasMenoresColombia @Dilson_H.

i saw triple h trending i thought yo aint it just h now 😭✋🏽.

really thought triple h was trending cuz they’re having a reunion.

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seeing triple h trending knowing damn well its the wrestler and not the group but checking it anyways.

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I liked all these matches except the Triple H match. I thought it was terrible..

ever smoke a doink up in amish and then message our lord and savior triple h about if they ever had whataburger before.

Added a few more. Triple H won #KingOfTheRing as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, so added the network spotlight fig. Any other @Mattel Elites that could fit the KOTR category? #FigLife.

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Made a Triple H Custom cuz why not? Thanks to @WWESCResources for the template! #WWESuperCard.

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Triple H was trending in the UK and @MKosylo scores his first for Fylde. Coincidence? I think not. #TheGame.

me waiting for all the angry middle aged wrestling fans to get pressed at a bunch of teenagers over the kpop group triple h :.

omg i saw triple h trending and thought they were coming back 🥺🥺 talk about false hope.

State of twitter *Triple H (The wrestler) trends* *Kpop fans think its bout a pop group * *I look and see why HHH is trending* *The mentions are now full of K pop fans wondering why its not their fav music grop trending* *I never find out why HHH trended in the first place*.

triple h is trending and i thought they were coming back. do not scare me like that again istg !.

omg triple h trending BRING THEM BACK OR I HAVE AN EVENT PLANNED!!!!!.

not @ how triple h is trending in the its about the wrestler not the group, katy.

triple h is trending and me, a 🤡, actually thought it was about hui, hyojong and hyuna.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka Triple H.

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What is it about Triple H you enjoy so much? — I love people who have power and control..

Shawn Michaels and Triple H delivered a classic at #SummerSlam 2002 (via @WWE).

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