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I actually LOVE Tristan now like a brother FR! We totally bonded and worked through our issues and love him

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Cecilia Maquieira ()

No t creo los inconscientes pelotudos a pedal q están saliendo a correr x Pque Batlle ahora de noche cagándose en el otro en vez de quedarse en sus casas!Tristán Narvaja hoy repleta! A ésta altura no sé si prefiero cuarentena obligatoria o tiro en la frente y al río.

Valquiria de la dehesa en cuarentena ()

creo que voy a ponerme a leer el remake de Crepúsculo en la cama pq no me apetece mucho leer Tristán e isolda


Menomale che non lo conosce e non sa chi è #noneladurso ⚰️⚰️

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Oscar ()

@Tristan_MeyerH @Arezno Introduzca aquí “ “ el nombre de cualquier empresa que venda por internet. Mañana a currar. Triste y


Barbara: “che c’è Pietro?” Valeria Marini: “chi c’è dietro?” ⚰️⚰️ #noneladurso

Ángel Chatarra ()

@Tristan_MeyerH @Arezno Excepción 24 de 25 del anexo y el 25 es el genérico. Casualidad, pura casualidad.


L’unica certezza di Valeria Marini è che trova sempre il modo e l’occasione di pubblicizzare i suoi spettacoli. 😂😂 #noneladurso

Tristan Ctp ()

Moi je milite pour le service public Nous devrons continuer à nous battre pour leurs conditions de travail après cette crise et leur faire honneur. #ZoneInterdite

Carolin Whiteford ()

Gratitude: a walk by myself, sleeping in, peanut butter cookies aka goats droppings, WhatsApp voicemail, so much chat from Phine, Tristan having a nap, Max cooking dinner, yoga, love.

Matias Carri ()

@GranaTops @Centrojas No conozco sus últimas modificaciones: Atlanta, Almirante Brown, Ferro, Allboys, Talleres RE, Temperley. Mudadas solo a la nuestra. Después conocí muchas canchas ya renovadas, Mendoza, Tristán, Lanús, Banfield, instituto, Newells, Almagro, Martearena.

Tristan_in_Jax ()

Well if any supporters die of this virus, they can take solace in the fact your ratings are

Christian Di Candia ()

Continuamos con los operativos de control y salubridad en las ferias alimentarias de Montevideo.🍎🥦 Desde temprano nuestro equipo de Convivencia estuvo en Tristán Narvaja verificando el cumplimiento de las disposiciones, brindando todas las garantías sanitarias a la población.

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Tasman Mako ()

✅ All three try scorers came off the bench. Just goes to show that since day 1 of the Mako we have relied on our Sparkies 💥 Wasn’t quite enough to get the W on the day but a try right on full time by Tristan Moran was enough to earn a well deserved bonus point. #FinzUp 🦈

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Bryan! ()

@toptiergaspar @terrroristan tristan has taste so he’ll be streaming dua first ❤️

Gay Shea ()

I ADORE the Kardashian’s/Jenner’s but how are they actually gonna ruin Jordyn Wood’s name and make her look HORRENDOUS in the media but forgive Tristan and treat him like a ‘brother’ why do shitty cheating men get away with everything I SWEARRRR

R John Hayes ()

@JohnCleese Negative murders by firearms. Even better than Tristan da Cunha. Guns bring several dozen people back to life on the Easter Monday, I’ve heard.

Fred ()

this kid on Xbox was telling me a joke and Tristan was like “yeah keep flirting with her I bet she puts out” :(( so true

Sugar plum🇯🇲🇨🇦 ()

What irks me is that Tristan can get all the passes, maturity and forgiveness, yet its judgment if Kylie were to build back her bond with bestie Jordyn😒. #KUWTK @Debztm

Tristan Puig ()

lmao a year ago biden could’ve retired and the image of him in most peoples’ minds would’ve simply been “adorable meme” but now it’s forever gonna be “violent rapist, segregationist, slaughterer of iraqi children, fondler of american children”, and rightfully so bang-up job, dnc

Barbiebozella ()

@khloekardashian Sis you lost. How are you gonna forgive Tristan and still act like jordyn is the enemy 🙄

Xoji.ll ()

@DarylMotte @khloekardashian we don’t like him. Or Khloe. she forgave a man who cheated on her while she was pregnant, then treated Jordyn like hell for so many months, but yet she forgave Tristan. It just doesn’t add up.

Mikael Cotia ()

Why the fuck are the Kardashians eating dinner with Tristan Thompson?! wtf so unfair to Kylie who lost her best friend unwillingly. Fuck outta here!

All Around The World For The Funk ()

@aileenasclaudia she probably has him chained to the couch. Tristan blink twice if you need an escape plan.

MOM ()

i don’t understand how the kardashians wanna except tristan back into the family but not jordan? baby dadd or not it would still be fuck him

ØliviaxX༙xLunå ()

See last two posts. I don’t like asking for help but if anyone is in a position where they have extra resources, please think of the ones who have lost their income. Think of all of our people that are suffering the most through this. It’s so so sad. #coronavirus #COVID2019

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Scarlett Peb ()

@fleetwooddsnack The first reply under that Tristan is only there cause of his wasnt interested in khloe when the were fucking

E-Radio.US ()

#e_RadioUS ‘KUWTK’: Khloe Fears She’s ‘Blurring Lines’ With Tristan After They Reunite For 1st Dinner Without True

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UnwrittenRules ()

This Cavs team had no business being in the Finals against that Warriors team. Tristan Thompson post ups is an actual action they run.

Kim Kardashian West ()

I actually LOVE Tristan now like a brother FR! We totally bonded and worked through our issues and love him

RC Deportivo ()

Roubo de Fran, truco de maxia de Valerón, toque sinxelo de Víctor e máis maxia canaria para poñer en bandexa a Tristán, anticipándose a Salgado, o máis importante dos 110 goles do máximo artilleiro d #ANOSAHISTORIA na #FinalCopaDelRey2002! OÉOÉOÉOÉ, DIIEEGOO, DIIEEGOO!

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☚ #Coronavirustruth Backstreet Boys ☛
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