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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 07:56 PM IST

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⚠️ With the Trudeau Liberals it’s more of your tax dollars 💸 going to Liberal insiders 🤝 before an election. 🗳 It’s time to end the corruption in Ottawa.

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@NpNprentice @sunlorrie Will Amos parading about naked and taking a whiz in a cup is perfectly normal for Liberals. The bar is set very low to be a Trudeau Liberal.

I just realizes the Laurentian Elites in Ottawa make up the Male Grievance Brigade! These are the Blue Liberals that despise Justin Trudeau Because Trudeau put an end to the Laurentian Elites in Ottawa running the Liberal show Which is why they DESPISE Trudeau #cdnpoli

@MrStache9 So true and sad that opposition party leaders can be bought. Jag especially. He takes Trudeau’s offers behind the scenes, propping the liberals up, and then he is out in front of cameras badmouthing liberal polices. He is compromised imo. As for the Bloc, equally compromised.

@RobertFife So doesn’t this seem like a partisan stunt by the Liberals to appear to be doing something. IMO-this once again that the Trudeau Libs don’t work well with others, that’s why Trudeau wants an election to get a majority to be able to do what he wants without having to seek support.

🤣🤣🤣 Trudeau and the Liberals are the most divisive Government this country has ever seen

@patgagnon_75 @erinotoole Doesn’t change the multitude of scandals of the Trudeau Liberals

@jimtecumseh @tylerwatt90 More like Trudeau and the Liberals.

People have become even stupider. But don’t worry. Trudeau liberals will bring in 400,000 migrants next year and with his rise in taxes, there will no longer be open spaces, all low income families without children and single people will be living in tents.

Star candidate Mark Carney not running for the Liberals, will instead fight climate change out of government. My guess is Carney had some demands around climate, or he wouldnt run for the Liberals. Now he wont run for the Liberals. Defeat Trudeau, fight climate. #canpoli #NDP

More pre-election pandering from the Liberals!! Not a fu#king word about the 40 church burnings though, hey Trudeau!! Feds host Islamophobia summit after series of deadly attacks across Canada

@PSPW2021 @JusticeCanadaEN Dirty Trudeau Liberals build fire-walls to insulate questionable appointed judges. Canada is a cesspool of corruption, debauchery & fake smiles.

@TorontoStar @OliviaBowden__ I am not sure why racialized and immigrant groups in the title are needed. Everyone who is elderly is getting hit hard. How about you call out Trudeau and the liberals for allowing international flights from hotspots come to Canada and infect the elderly in general?

@kinsellawarren So many incompetent Ministers. But you only get fired if you say no to the PM. If you can’t do your job? That’s ok. Another reason why the Trudeau Liberals have been a failure…

@globalnews Trudeau does not have a decent relationship w premiers. He hasn’t done enough to work well/lead w provinces thru this entire pandemic. He played politics & games too & couldn’t get the job done. I say he’s the bigger prob bc he’s supposed to be leading all 🇨🇦 not just liberals.

⚠️ With the Trudeau Liberals it’s more of your tax dollars 💸 going to Liberal insiders 🤝 before an election. 🗳 It’s time to end the corruption in Ottawa.

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