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But #TrudeauMustResign and #TrudeauMustGoToJail are. 😃.

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This is effing unbelievable The “ETHICS” Commissioner who is a judge under the Conflicts Act - found unreservedly and with great condemnation that #TrudeauMustResign acted UNETHICALLY and laid Cade fit Criminal #ObstructionOfJustice Liberals = liars..

#TrudeauMustResign is a pathological narcissist liar - As is will all sociopaths he is unable to understand ethics and good conduct- except when lecturing others..

@YianniMacris I would like to know what kind of a bonus we paid to the these Bafoons for them to turn their backs on Canadians for one Corrupt, Crazy, Criminal #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustResign.

#TrudeauMustResign EDITORIAL: Stain only an election will wash away.

Brilliant bias #FakeNewsMedia reporting on #TrudeauMustResign not apologizing Turing a criminal act into an apology - diminishes criminal act. I don’t care if he or any other criminal apologizes. I want due proces: -Investigation -Charges -Trial.

@Bill_Morneau @RyersonU Any and all self described “successes” are hereby tainted with lies, deception, corruption, ineptness and self has been and remains a giant sham and stain on our country. #TrudeauMustResign.

@LeonardRoxon This dude needs some serious help!!!! He should not be running a country. Drunk on power. #TrudeauMustResign.

The former President of the Liberal Party of Canada!! #TrudeauMustResign #TrudeauMustGo.

A really sad reality: Justin Trudeau would rather give absolute power to Andrew Scheer than share power with Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh #trudeaumustresign #IStandWithTrudeau.

A really sad reality: Justin Trudeau would rather give absolute power to Andrew Scheer than share power with Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh #trudeaumustresign #IStandWithTrudeau.

Guilty 1. Groping a woman ✅ 2. Assault a woman ✅ 3. Verbal Abuse of woman ✅ 4. Taking $200K free vacations ✅ 5. Taking gifts ✅ 6. Not recusing on lobbyist ✅ 7. Firing Attorney General ✅ 8. Obstruction of justice ✅ 9. Obstructing ethics commission✅ #TrudeauMustResign.

But #TrudeauMustResign and #TrudeauMustGoToJail are. 😃.

Will he experience it differently? #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustResign.

@JustinTrudeau Fuck, dude, you’re a lying criminal. Move on! Why take the nation any lowet. Buff that snowboard and trim those eyebrows and go tutor potheads how to snowboard in an avalanche! #TrudeauMustGo #TrudeauMustResign.

He makes my stomach turn. #TrudeauMustResign #TrudeauMustGo.

Trudeau in high school ethics class Teacher: you’re failing miserably Trudeau slides a $20 bill across the desk, “How about now” ? #Trudeaumustresign.

Yep - that excuse was proven to be BS months ago but the Liberal sheep ignore. #TrudeauMustGo #Trudeaumustresign.

EDITORIAL: Stain only an election will wash away | Toronto Sun #TrudeauMustGo #Trudeaumustresign No ethics, no morals, Trudeau must go!.

@JustinTrudeau How arrogant can you get? Your actions are the problem not the system. The former AG has been completely vindicated by todays report. You have mislead & lost the trust of Canadians. You should do the honourable thing & leave politics. And take Butts with you. #TrudeauMustResign.

@aballinga The fact that you used the word rule instead of law is why you have zero credibility. #Fakenews #Trudeaumustresign.

@JustinTrudeau What about all the Alberta jobs ? Just SNC jobs need protecting ? #TrudeauMustResign #TrudeauMustGo.

@VassyKapelos Maybe when pigs fly and then Castro jr will take responsibility #TrudeauMustResign #TrudeauMustGo.

@stocat1 This has always been Trudeau’s problem. He has no moral compass to guide him. #TrudeauMustResign #TrudeauMustGo.

#trudeaumustresign No more lies. No more cover ups No more manupliation. No more #TrudeauMustGo.

#trudeauMustResign argh. I want to reach into the tv and strangle him. How long until he blames Harper!.

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