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The Jews are not loyal to the state. — Adolf Hitler Any Jew that votes Democrat is disloyal. — Donald Trump.

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I me and Jesus when Trump say he was the one and he pointed to the sky the one who thinks he is in control he he he.

They take everything Trump says, and twist it to fit their cry baby.

BREAKING: I’ve learned that the Trump administration is suspending virtually all asylum claims processing for the regions served by the Newark and Boston offices. There are over 40,000 cases pending in those offices..

Trump may get a lower dollar with rating downgrades after that deficit number -- tax cut seem were far from revenue neutral -- come on - some reasonable candidate in the middle show up and finish this off.

The front page of the NYT right now looks like one of those pre-election parodies about what a Trump administration would be like..

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Trump has no right to call anyone anti-semitic. He sleeps with a copy of Mein Kampf on his nightstand. Also he called any Jew that disagrees with him ‘disloyal.’.

The Case for a Payroll Tax Cut Right Now via @BarronsOnline.

@Watcher_Ven @OrlenysOV viste como son estos desgraciados un montaje mas de Trump.

I just published a series of tweets repurposed as a column on Trump and the KKK having a rally at the same time and location. Check it out on CNN!.

#PutinAtWar feeds off dupes like Macron & morons like Trump. If only there was a leader in the West with the courage & wisdom to invite Ukraine to the G7 instead of Russia. Neither country is a leading industrial nation. But defender Ukraine is Europe … invader Russia is not..

Trump annule sa visite au Danemark après le rejet de sa proposition sur le Groenland.

The Jews are not loyal to the state. — Adolf Hitler Any Jew that votes Democrat is disloyal. — Donald Trump.

CONGRATULATIONS @EricTrump and @LaraLeaTrump, on the birth of Carolina Dorothy Trump. So proud!.

The BS from Big Tech continues. #StopTheBias Facebook Bans ‘Women For Trump’ Ads..

During his entire Presidency, Barack Obama sent out 352 tweets. Trump is now at 43,600..

@Melski1 @Aliciastarr001 Well than listen and make sure you get out and vote vote Trump 2020.

Why is this double-Nazi fuck not in genpop or gitmo? Didn’t long for Trump to move from “coming for” other groups to “come for” the Jews..

Contrairement à ce que voudrait Trump ceux qui sont touchés le plus durement par les sanctions sont trop occupés à survivre pour se préoccuper de politique et mener un changement de régime, l’objectif des néoconservateurs à la manœuvre aux USA.

@richardmarx Point made, “Executive Talk” not a Trump strong point. But it’s not racist. Watch the entire speech “good ppl both sides” taken out of context to bash Trump. At his core he’s not a racist! HRC said “they all look alike” is she racist?.

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@deanbaquet Tou are a disputable person and the NYT doesn’t deserve the Constitutional protect you have. Also, this nation was divided by Obama not Trump. #shutupthepress.

@RegularResister No Trump stickers and crap usually on old pick up trucks with old white folks in them!

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump The truth is manufacturing has slowed under Donald Trump. Why do you have to lie?.

@jonathanvswan So in reality trump is a major underdog for the republican nomination.

Few month back I tweeted that trump is like unguided missile about whom no one can predict as when where it will proved it by giving false statement that modi asked me to b intermediator for j&k..

@realDonaldTrump I hope you resign and find medical help. Or build an institution and check yourself in!.

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