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the husband of a top WH aide is trying, with increasing urgency, to tell the nation that President Trump is mentally ill.

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MASSIVE: Trump proposes to end funding for taxpayer funded NPR - our dollars should not go to subsidize left wing political commentary! Make them raise their own money like the rest of media outlets have to!.

Exclusive: Trump Pulled Ambassador Nomination of State Department Official Who Communicated With Steele and Ohr (before/after 2016 election) via @SaraCarterDC.

The coup was a lot bigger than it even appeared. It wasn’t just bureaucrat lawyers at the FBI thinking they got elected. This is a disgrace to everything America stood for since its inception. Meadows: US ambassadors conspired with DOJ to take down Trump.

Bolsonaro nega ligação com milícia e defende muro de Trump para TV dos EUA.

Twitter Wits Remind Trump Why It’s A Bad Idea To Mock Biden’s Slip Of The Tongue.

Good Economy, Bad Debt: With Trump using the American Credit Card to finance his Tax Breaks and Military build up, is it any wonder Trump gets good marks on the Economy, but bad marks on handling the debt?.

@jairbolsonaro Bom presidente,boa sorte com o Trump e que venham coisas boas para nós..

Christchurch Shooter Praises Communist China, Condemns Conservatism and Capitalism: Media Call Him a Trump Supporter.

John Legend slammed Donald Trump for demonizing Muslims. via @HuffPostEnt.

Does Tom Ford actually think Melania Trump cares whether he dresses her in his crappy clothing? 😂😂.

@kenolin1 @realDonaldTrump Eisenhower owes us as does Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, forward Khama Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush junior, and a Obama. Presidents like to play golf. This one owns his own golf course. Answer by recollection only Kennedy and trump return their salary for being our president.

remember that time trump was 100% guilty of a crime, and also that other time, and the time before that, and the time before that, and nothing happened to im.

The same @realDonaldTrump haters would love him if he came out & said he was approving Medicare for all, $15 minimum wage & government provided childcare. It’s not easy being President Trump but someone has to #KAG. Keep up the good work #POTUS.

@TomiLahren @realDonaldTrump Trump is still making money from his businesses so donating his government paycheck doesn’t count. 2 AOC’s plan does not tax all Americans 70% so quit that lie.

@realDonaldTrump Do this and the Dems will stand no chance in 2020!!! Please Trump in the name of Jesus Christ, I’m asking you to listen to this!.

[] Q Brief: Latest Censorship / Trump Retweet / New Zealand / via @YouTube.

White House Plays Clean-Up On Donald Trump’s White Nationalism Comments | Deadline | MSNBC – Politics Video.

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I get that people are upset or uncomfortable by Eunwoo posting pics in front of trump tower but he saw that and deleted the pictures respectfully but the fact that people are trying to cancel him for something as small as this after he made it better is ridiculous tbh.

@brianstelter @AnaCabrera YOU LIE. trump did condemn the attacks. more #FakeNewsCNN.

@charlieg1962 Unbelievable, right? And then you see that creepy Steve Bannon smiling like a kid in a candy store! These people are delusional. Who in their right mind would actually admit to wanting a dictator to run their country much less one as ignorant as trump?????.

@dmboggs74 @reesetheone1 She went to coal country and told them the hard truth, but that she had a plan to help them transition to clean energy jobs in the 21st century economy. They did everything but spit on her. Trump rolled into town, blew smoke up their asses, they bought it and now they’re screwed..

“Mr. Trump told Deutsche Bank his net worth was about $3 billion, but when bank employees reviewed his finances, they concluded he was worth about $788 million, according to documents produced during a lawsuit” via ⁦@nytimes⁩.

Breaking: Donald Trump just donated his $100,000 salary to the Department of Homeland Security to help secure our border.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: How about this proposal: take your 400k salary, but stop fleecing taxpayers to the tune of $91 million by going to Trump properties? The proposal also has the benefit of following the regulation that says you cannot use your public office for private gain..

the husband of a top WH aide is trying, with increasing urgency, to tell the nation that President Trump is mentally ill.

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