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Se acuerdan que les dije que grabe algo con Ubisoft? Aqui esta el primer episodio, apreciaria mucho su apoyo amigos!.

Ubisoft+ is coming to PlayStation on May 24th. Ubisoft+ Classics will launch bundled with the PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Premium subscription tiers.

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@Ubisoft PlayStation needs to buy Ubisoft and make a new Splinter Cell next.

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I really feel that my tweet yesterday was at the right time lol 😂 It was like they heard me and today B O O M 💥💥💥🔥 #PlayStation #Ubisoft.

Marketing well done. Simple, done. Bravo.

@MiguelL29317706 Podemos decir que Ryan se saca el sable no ??, por cierto, Ubisoft siempre fue mi preferida!!!!😏😏😏.

Update Ubisoft + classics will be in the all new ps+ subscription but Ubisoft + it’s self is coming to xbox & PS later here a line up of what hames going to be in the PS +.

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Ek olarak 24 Mayıs itibariyle Ubisoft+ da sisteme dahil olacak. Sistemden 27 oyun listeye eklenecekmiş. Nays..

Ubisoft+ in arrivo su PS4 e PS5, il pacchetto Classic sarà incluso in PlayStation Plus.

Ubisoft+ Classics will launch bundled with the PlayStation Plus Extra or PlayStation Plus Premium subscription tiers.

Okay so this cool too! The Ubisoft+ classics though, will that be included in the new PS+ sub service?.

@daddy_final @Wario64 Ubisoft+ isn’t on the service it’s coming to PlayStation. Ubi+ classics are coming to the service.

Ubisoft+Subscription service coming to Playstation as well as Xbox But but Ponies hate Subscription services they said Subscription service is bad for developers.

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@its_menieb @Ubisoft Mohamed Enbieb needs to get a gym membership and go to the gym immediately.

Ubisoft+ se une al nuevo PS Plus con una suscripción que incluirá más de 100 juegos: estos son los primeros.

@Ubisoft @shinobi602 Oh, so this is why Ubisoft+ did not join Xbox Game Pass. They made a deal with PlayStation. I’m surprised to be honest. Seems like the Game Pass audience is much more welcoming of great deals like this. Maybe Ubisoft+ will also join GP?.

Wait. I was told this was gonna be a Xbox gamepass deal? Man insiders were wrong again..

Well I think #Playstation plus might actually be something worth checking out. Ubisoft + brings 24 games and actual Playstation first party games like ghost of tsushima might be enough of a value for me to recommend people check it out..

Lista de juegos PlayStation Plus Extra y Deluxe + Ubisoft+ Classics | | 173°.

Em adição a isso, o Ubisoft+ está chegando ao PlayStation no futuro:.

Ubisoft+ lanseerataan tulevaisuudessa PlayStationille ja Xboxille. Ubisoft+ Classics kuuluu jatkossa PlayStation Plus Extran ja Premiumin paketteihin..

Ubisoft plus llegara play station y tambien tendra un apartado de juegos clasicos.

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@_Tom_Henderson_ Please read carefully. Its ubisoft classics Xbox will add a different service from ubisoft..

@Ubisoft Cool list. Question @Ubisoft - will my PS5 disc saved game of AC Valhalla transfer to the digital version if I download that?.

@tchitchikov59 Je mate la vidéo la, donc en supplément du Ubisoft +, payant, tu as quelques jeux offerts dans la version ultime du playstation + ?.

@PureDeadGaming You also forgot Ubisoft+ is coming also. Now nothing is said if it’s included with the premium tier 😱 or a separate subscription.

@GermanStrands Definitely a WIN with the inclusion of Ubisoft+ Classics with Extra and Premium tiers at no extra cost. Starting with 27 titles at launch and increasing to 50 by years end..

@hoytehablode sony a llegado un acuewrdo con ubisoft para el ubisoft+ segun ubiosft de primeras llegaran 27 juegos del ubisoft+ al psplus, y mas tarde llegaran mas vamos que el ubisoft+ lo integran en el plus.

@Ceythian @LeandroAdjuto Não faz sentido ela ser completa. O que eles mostraram não tá nem perto dos 700 jogos que foram prometidos, mesmo se incluir nesse número os jogos do Ubisoft+. Agora se esses 700 for o número que eles esperam alcançar com o tempo, aí eu vou cometer um crime de ódio kkkk.

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