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UFC Japan
UFC Japan

「応援、ありがとうございました! ちょっと課題が残る試合になってしまいました。でも、なんとか、皆さんの応援のおかげで勝てました。また強くなって(戻ってきます)。また応援してくれたらうれしいです。押忍っ」 @tatsurotaira #平良達郎 #UFCVegas54.

UFC Japan
UFC Japan

平良達郎、デビュー戦はユナニマス判定で勝利👏 プレリムのライブ配信中📺👉 #平良達郎 #UFCVegas54.


Toughness was on display last night! 👊 Who do you match @JanBlachowicz up with next? 🤔 #UFCVegas54.

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by UFC,UFC on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo

Aleksandar Rakic issued a statement after suffering a devastating knee injury at #UFCVegas54.

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by MMAFighting.com,MMAFighting.com on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo

Get ready for #UFCVegas54 🥵 Coming to you LIVE on @ESPN ⤵️ 7:30pm ET 6:30pm CT 5:30pm MT 4:30pm PT.

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by UFC,UFC on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo

Perdeu algo do #UFCVegas54? Então se liga nesse resumo de todas as lutas do evento do último sábado ⤵.

[#UFCVegas54 🚨] Aleksandar Rakic demande la revanche face à Jan Blachowicz 🇵🇱 Rakic a relevé avoir combattu avec la même blessure qu’il y’a 3 semaines😬 J’ai fais un podcast dessus sur les combattants qui se battent et qui ne sont pas à 100% c’est très dangereux‼️.

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by MMA TIME 👊🏽,MMA TIME 👊🏽 on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo

Jan Blachowicz returned to winning form in the UFC, claiming a third TKO victory over up-and-comer Aleksandar Rakic in the third round of their light heavyweight main event at #UFCVegas54..

Confira o que disse o polonês @JanBlachowicz 🇵🇱 nos bastidores do #UFCVegas54 após sua vitória contra Aleksandar Rakic na luta principal!.

A już za kilka Walka wieczoru gali #UFCVegas54! 🔥👊 🇵🇱 @JanBlachowicz 🆚 @rakic_ufc 🇷🇸 Będzie się działo!!! 💥💪.

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by PolishArena,PolishArena on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo

Was ein Pech! Rakic zieht sich im größten Kampf seines Lebens eine schwere Knieverletzung zu. Wir wünschen gute Genesung und hoffen auf ein baldiges Comeback! 🙏🏻 #DAZNfightclub #UFCVegas54.

SUPERMAN SMASHES HULK! 🔥 ⚡️ @Superman_Spann avoids the kryptonite and gets the submission lightning fast! #UFCVegas54.

Looks like I’m on Ribas island again. Good luck to everyone except their Chook bets #UFCVegas54.

Michael Johnson against cans vs against All time greats #UFCVegas54.

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by WengerMMA,WengerMMA on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo
Dan Tom
Dan Tom

One mistake is all it took for Spann! Saw what Cutelaba was trying to capitalize on but you can’t throw yourself out of position against a guy like Spann early. Parlay misses, but props to Spann and his team for the win here. #UFCVegas54.

#UFCVegas54 Prize Picks, both 1u. Analysis will be in thread.

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by Butter,Butter on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo

Spann just deleted Cutelaba in the 1st round 😳😳. Who saw that coming? #UFCVegas54.

アマ・プロ負けなしで戦績10勝0敗、期待の超新星の平良達郎選手が、日本時間の15日8:30〜世界最高峰の格闘技団体UFCにデビューします。 YouTubeで無料で観られるので、世界最高峰の格闘技への日本人の挑戦、ぜひ光の速さでご覧くださいませ😎 第二試合です! #平良達郎 #UFCVegas54.

Chookagian’s incredible flexibility makes the control of Ribas all the more impressive #UFCVegas54.

Ryan Spann might be the most interesting contender in this division. Huge strengths, big flaws and now 7-3 DWCS & UFC combined #UFCVegas54.

What is going on?? #ufc @danawhite #UFCVegas54 click here---->>>.

Czy było to spektakularne zwycięstwo? Zdecydowanie nie, ale i tak niezwykłe cieszymy się z wygranej @JanBlachowicz 👊🔝 WIN = WIN #BlachowiczRakic | #UFCVegas54.

Watching todays main event… #UFCVegas54 Cruz hates being wrong on the mic and Bisping is hilarious responding to him. They were both right. Underhook, Overhook, they both work 😂.

平良達郎、国内トップどころの神龍・竿本・宇田あたりのレスリング/投げ強い系と実は相性悪いのでは?と思い始めた #UFCVegas54.

#UFCVegas54 Results: Look at all that green🤑 @TylerC_TEWIP - (+) @PMock_TEWIP - (+)🧢 6-0 on straight picks🔥💰.

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by The Early Weigh In Podcast,The Early Weigh In Podcast on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo

Low kick from Taira. And another. Taira shoots the single and gets stuffed. Tries the bodylock throw, and drags Candelario to a knee. Candelario up fast and Taira backs off. Right hand to body kick from Taira. #UFCVegas54.

Andre Petroski abre la cartelera de #UFCVegas54 con una victoria sobre Nick Maximov por la vía de la sumisión técnica (anaconda choke) en el primer round (1:16)..

#UFCVegas54 Photo,#UFCVegas54 Photo by MMA Fusion,MMA Fusion on twitter tweets #UFCVegas54 Photo

圧力をかけるカンデラリオ。左ミドルから組み付いて平良を金網におしつけるがうまく解除してケージ中央へ。 #UFCVegas54 #平良達郎.

If Alan Nascimento wins here everyone forgets about the weight cutting picture, if he meme #UFCVegas54.

DWCS Hype Train inbound. Nascimento a solid barometer to see how legit the kid could be. ML side seems to be Nascimento, no official bet on my ed. Prediction is Hadley, favorite bet is the OVER or FGTD. #UFCVegas54.

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