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SEVENTEEN’s Jun Makes An Unexpected Appearance In A Textbook.

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@unofficialmerve UNEXPECTED FRIENDSHIP TRAIN 🥺🥺 ağlayacağımmmmm ♥️♥️♥️.

this is was all so unexpected, i literally just woke up to long haired jungkook with tattoos on his hand.

how come little unexpected tbell onions have the mouthfeel of biting into a glass test tube.

Sehr gute Tipps für eigene #a11y Tests: Ich rate ja auch allen Kunden, ihre Seiten mal mobil im Park, ausserhalb der Stadt und im ÖPNV zu testen, nicht im Netzwerk der Firma. Farbtests mit dem Beamer sind allerdings auch pfiffig..

@IamKarenHoney I always like to do the unexpected. Dark and dreary isn’t my thing unless it’s a restaurant or club. A simple approach. If u putting needles in me I need to see white floors & walls. I need 2 know there R no blood stains. I need to see sterile sexiness. Lol..

Tough night at the office. Unexpected adversity, but we always prepare for anything and everything. Plan A went out the window, good job we prepared for a plan B. 9 rounds with one eye. Done what had to do and got the W..

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The most unexpected outcome of it chap 2 has been me developing a crush on bill Hader.

Black Hole Imaging Scientists Win 2020 Breakthrough Prize Making a monumental scientific breakthrough is really kind of its own reward. Even so, it’s always nice to get extra recognition in the form of unexpected money. For the 347 scientists around the….

@felon_fred @AndrewYang That is honestly a beautiful thoughtful gesture. However the spouse of politicians do not choose public life and may not want the unexpected attention and scrutiny, particularly alone with two young children. Ijs check with her first, out of respect..

#Bigil Team is Working 24×7 to Make the Grand #BigilAudioLaunch Function a Memorable One for Thalapathy Vijay Fans @BigilOfficial 🔥 EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED 💥.

@patrickcarr_ it’s so unexpected and there’s so much packed into it, best vine ever.

The courts exist for bitter women and their families 🤷🏾‍♀️ #Unexpected.

@AmberIsAQT I am so sorry that you are going through this. I do home that their love for you is unconditional as I have seen from many unexpected places. You have so many people here to help, know that. And we can help point your mom to healthier reading material..

Often we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time..

This show stresses me out and scares me at the same time because We are raising a daughter too one day she will grow up and no matter what type of parent i’am this could be a real reality for my own child one day what in the hell 🥴😩 mind blown #Unexpected.

Kanna looked her mum, @noblesenpai2, and asked an unexpected question, Mum, where do babies come from? Tohru and Kobyashi decided that she should live with someone who could be like a mother Kanna-Chan, so here she is now..

@down45stairs @Kirk_925 and sad, but not unexpected. He is the product of a liberal culture that celebrates and fosters disrespect to authority. He is the child of liberal govt. Get used to him, there are probably thousands more just like him. They will be with us for a very long time.

Rilah’s mom didn’t have to dog that boy’s mama like that in front of him. That was wrong #unexpected.

UNEXPECTED Animal ATTACKS! | AFVs Wildest Animal Moments @YouTubeさんから 予期せぬ動物の反撃.

Honestly don’t know if I’m gonna make it to the end of #PillowTalk. It’s so late & I’m old lol. Just put it on after #90DayFiance cuz we’re not watching Unexpected. This didn’t work w/ sMothered, so get the hint, TLC!.

@NishaFenty That’s the if you wanna show us you can be just as good as drew then you gotta show up in tough unexpected moments like this. This the second game of the season & he gets an opportunity and did not take advantage of it..

Unexpected should be on a different night. There should be 2 back to back episodes of the same episode of #90DayFianceBeforethe90days before they show #90DayFiancePillowTalk.

LastPass could leak the last used credentials due to a cache not being updated. This was because you can bypass the tab credential cache being populated by including the login form in an unexpected way!.

Scathing commentary by @MalickViews on the state of affairs. My question for our well-known analysts: is this an unexpected development or were they really taken by surprise?.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun Makes An Unexpected Appearance In A Textbook.

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