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  • It’s baffling that the president of the United States would tweet Marine Core instead of Marine Corps but that’s like the 20th most shocking thing that’s happened today..

  • All across this nation, we pray for our country and we THANK GOD for our United States Marines! Thank you. God Bless You. And God Bless America!

  • ANDREW MCCABE, thank you for your 21 years of faithful service to the United States of America. I hope all within reach of this tweet will donate what they can and fund this patriots deserved pension. You have to be a 7th degree stupid belt to believe this isn’t political..

  • To the People of Canada: We are ashamed of the pathological liar now occupying the White House. Please know that Trump’s dishonesty does not reflect the values of the vast majority of Americans. Try to be patient with us. We the People of the United States.

  • The United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world. If you remove 1) Chicago 2) Detroit 3) Washington DC 4) St Louis 5) New Orleans the United States is then 189th out of 193 countries in the entire world. Also, all 5 cities have STRICT Gun Control Laws..

  • Prime Minister of United Kingdom publicly accuses Russia of attempted assassination by nerve agent on NATO soil. What will the president of the United States say & do?.

  • Thank you to the young people throughout this country who are walking out today and who have the courage to do what the United States Congress is not doing: lead us forward to stop the slaughter that we have seen from coast to coast due to gun violence. #NationalWalkoutDay

  • This is borderline secret police corruption. You expected this stuff in East Germany during the Cold War. This behavior has no place in the United States of America.

  • You’re allegedly a journalist and you’re quoting some falling down drunk spewing tales of the President of the United States impeding the rights of black people? It is a total lie, you know it is a lie, and yet you are perpetuating it. Have you no shame? #FakeJakeTapper #CNNLiar

  • Breaking Wind from CNN! Andy McCabe offered deal for lying to FBI and won’t get pension but will get passage in overhead bin on United flight to Oakland to work for scofflaw mayor..

  • From @axios: "The Office of the United States Trade Representative says the United States has a trade surplus with Canada."

  • So in the past 12 month United has bloodied a passenger, banned girls from flying for wearing leggings, falsely accused a father of molesting his son and killed a dog.

  • This vile person was just named as a senior adviser to the the President of the United States for his re-election campaign.

  • Students launch walkout against gun violence in United States

  • [#Stat📊] Ben Yedder est le 1er Français à s’offrir un doublé face à Manchester United

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  • On Monday, United Airlines stored a dog in an overhead bin. It died. Tragic -Understandably, we’re all upset Planned Parenthood murders 900 babies every single day. Tragic -Yet not everyone is upset 🤔 I wish everyone cared as much about babies as they do about puppies..

  • WICKET! Faheem Ashraf strikes, Kevin Pietersen gone after scoring 7 runs QG 41/3 7 ov #PSL2018 #QGvIU Live Updates: Live scorecard:

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  • Am for United ❤️.

  • Hvor er det godt for fodbolden, at Mourinhos United ryger ud. Passivt, ugideligt og komplet ligegyldigt fodboldhold. #cldk #musev.

  • Listen To This Podcast On The Troubles In The United Kingdom On Freedom Of Speech, First Hour We Cover The Attack On Our International HQ Twitter Account #FreeSpeech.

  • @gyancita FIRE CEO #OscarMunoz as #United @United now the number1 in animal deaths. This is despicable and the owner for doing it!

  • [email protected]: @ManUtd players were ‘hiding’ against @SevillaFC_ENG, claims @RomeluLukaku9 @mufcfans @premierleague @Alexis_Sanchez @D_DeGea @paulpogba

  • ICYMI: Ronchi, Hales make merry as Islamabad secure playoff spot

  • @Hollowitsch It’s sad how many people’s animals have died with united airlines, clearly they aren’t taking proper precautions nor do they give a crap I’m sure.

  • United Airlines facing BIG damages over dead dog: (via @TMZ).

  • WTG again United

  • @Lukas376 Compreendi, estavam cravando que foram policiais mas pelo visto é somente suspeita..

  • Animal activists incensed after @United kills a puppy. #flying #aviation

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  • “I will be coming to Pakistan with the United squad for the playoffs if needed and the final in Karachi if we reach it.” JP Duminy Love you @jpduminy21 ❤ #PSLKaSamaa #PSLFinal

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  • @ChampionsLeague ben yedder destroying United.

  • @sdcassel @theDanNixon @DickeRobin @twatty_ @Awith2ls @Lewis57821504 @Gemily83 @skh786kk @KentheFox @7737_44 @smiggyutd @special_zee @GallagherBeng @_gloryglory1 @Unitedroad81 @gaddey87 @BigSte36 @united_fc_1999 😂😂😂.

  • @AsTrayZ13 @MilanAesthetic @MisterHentai77 @TokiRyu_United @ironmcfly @DoujinsApp @hentai_3cchi @BunnyGirlHana @HentaiAdvisor @EcchiEcstasy

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