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History Lesson: Forget about the Civil War, the North vs the what about the East vs the West. (Courtesy of Twitter) #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

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Yuriofwind ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons Welcome to, Watching Kamen Rider 101, step one, watch Kamen Rider. Just, do it. Fuck.

ChopperJohn ()

@dr_cheeky 18 hour round trip to Boulogne to “learn” french in 30mins #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

Allen Bentley ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons What is the next phase of our APOCALYPSE? APES, SKYNET, SOYLENT GREEN OR MADNESS?

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Frank Sullivan ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons Culinary arts as MOM understands them: Long ago people came to understand that bacon simply HAD TO go with eggs.

G. Behn ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons How to make breakfast, do the dishes and watch game shows with Mommy but not tell anyone!

G. Behn ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons The reasons you are not home-schooled on a regular basis

G. Behn ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons The right way to do arithmetic, not the stupid Common Core way!

G. Behn ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons Be good and do your school work or your parents will sell you to liberal Hollywood pedophile perverts

Jeff Barbose 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Martinis done right: why Bond was a wimp and a philistine. #GinAndStirred #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

McBiff ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons OJ explains how to kill with a pizza knife, if he did it.

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Luella chavez ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons How to drink cocktails while working out

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MJM ()

#unlikelyhomeschoollessons Never EVER EVER EVER get

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McBiff ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons How to dump your wife for a Fox News tart. #MAGAdon

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A_hoop_coach ()

Electricity: cause and effect of sticking things into light sockets #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

Rube Bait ()

Redbull Vodka Emergen-C Mixing a #Quarnatini #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

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McBiff ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons Filling in Chuck Todd’s bald spots.

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Asia Frye ()

If for English “class” you plug Roald Dahl’s “The Pig” into Google Translate, and your kids think Luxembourgish looks funny, you will get to unexpectedly read “cock” and now you have won at homeschool #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

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Mr E ()

Using pepper, water and detergent to show the importance of washing hands in a #COVID19 world -> #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

Toni Anjelica ()

Daddy bought 5 packs of toilet paper containing 12 in each pack but mommy strangled him with one pack and traded 3 rolls for some hand sanitizer. How much toilet papers rolls are left? #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

Big Dadda ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons Pete grabs a small handful of 20 marshmallows. 4 of these jumbo-size marshmallows fall on the floor. How many marshmallows does Pete end up eating?

Bobby Harris ()

Im gonna have to fight my kid one day. This mf tries to be a smartass #unlikelyhomeschoollessons

Megan Devito ()

@NicholasFerroni Use this Dremel to take the polish off my nails then fill them for me. Shop class meets cosmetology. #unlikelyhomeschoollessons

Bare Beauty Bodypainting ()

Teach your kids that Atlantis is real and is in the Sahara desert. The Richat Structure aka the Eye of the Sahara. #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

Ryland Zane ()

#UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons How To Pace Yourself at Mardi Gras.

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Satoko ()

#UnlikelyHomeschoolLessons Making every 26 alphabet each with your body except YMCA. Here are some ideas 🤣🤣

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Knobcottage ()

Boris Johnson guide to appearing trustworthy and sensible. #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

Nicholas Ferroni ()

History Lesson: Forget about the Civil War, the North vs the what about the East vs the West. (Courtesy of Twitter) #UnlikelyHomeSchoolLessons

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